Chapter 3914: It’s Time

The previous rampage towards the camp was frightening enough. Now, the movement was crazy and loud. The monsters actually roared at Li Qiye. They looked furious and wanted nothing more than to take Li Qiye down.

The spectators had no idea what was going on, still feeling intimidated by the loud roars and rumbles. This frantic tsunami could crush Black Wood Cliff right away.

At the start, some thought that Li Qiye could control the monsters with the flute. This didn’t seem to be the case. The sharp tunes only served to anger them. The ancestral peak of the Biandu had no chance of outlasting the horde.

“Will the Sacred Lord be able to stop them alone?” Experts became worried for their leader.

Of course, they thought that he was unfathomable but the circumstances didn’t look favorable. There were too many monsters while he was alone.

“It should be fine.” A big shot hesitated for a moment before adding: “His Excellency’s abilities and power are above our imagination.”

Though he said this, he wasn’t actually that confident. No one should be considering the number of those terrible monsters.

“I’m sure you’re right, the Sacred Lord will be triumphant.” A different expert from the holy ground raised his fist in the air, trying to make himself feel better as well.

“Buddha Supreme barely made it back then.” An ancestor from the east said softly.

He wasn’t trying to mock or look down on Li Qiye. In fact, he was hoping for Li Qiye to win. After all, a defeat would mean death to all of them.

Alas, the mighty supreme that could contend against dao lords had such a hard time against the horde. Li Qiye’s age made the situation look worse.

While everyone felt nervous, the horde suddenly stopped when they made it to the base of the peak. This was akin to a galloping cavalry stopping out of nowhere before attacking their foes, leaving behind deep trails on the mud.

From the top of the ancestral peak looking down, the world turned into a terrifying realm of skeletal monsters.

For some strange reason, none dared to take half a step further. They stared at Li Qiye, still as furious as before.

Li Qiye ignored them and continued playing the flute. The sharp noises reached the depths of Black Tides.

This naturally astounded the spectators. Everyone could see that the skeletons wanted nothing more than to take Li Qiye down. Why did they stop?

“What, what’s going on?” No one had an answer.

“Why aren’t they attacking?” A powerful ancestor became confused.

“Do you know why?” An amazing cultivator asked the paragon of the Biandu.

The latter waved his hand helplessly and responded: “I’m afraid I do not. This is rather unprecedented.”

“It hasn’t happened before, at least not recorded on any scroll.” Another ancestor familiar with Black Tides added.

“It’s because His Excellency is invincible in this world. They’re afraid of his might.” An expert from the holy ground suggested.

The big shots didn’t buy it. First, these skeletons didn’t look intimidated by Li Qiye at all. They were glaring and roaring at him.

“Perhaps His Excellency is in possession of an eternal artifact, powerful enough to deter these creatures.” One ancestor remarked.

Many found this to be reasonable judging by the current situation. 

“What item can frighten these monsters?” A high elder asked.

In the past, the courageous trio fought against these monsters in person. They brought top dao lord weapons which weren’t enough to suppress their foes.

Could it be that Li Qiye actually had something far stronger than dao lord weapons?

“That black metal, perhaps?” Someone speculated.

The majority nodded in agreement. An important character of the court replied: “There’s a high possibility for this. It came from the abyss as well, perhaps it is the core of Black Tides.”

“If what you say is correct, then it is priceless, far more valuable than any dao lord weapon.” An old official from another kingdom said solemnly.

This became widely accepted by the big shots. The metal from the abyss checked all the boxes.

“Rumble!” Suddenly, tremors came from the horizon.

Everyone looked over and saw another massive horde of skeletal monsters heading for Black Wood Cliff.

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