Chapter 3913: Omnipresent Flute

The monsters in the horde leaped into Black Wood Cliff. The scene of the invasion would terrorize the bravest men.

A tsunami of mighty creatures struck the area, seemingly capable of crushing the whole thing. Pavilions and houses were trampled by the large skeletons.

This locust blotted out the sky, robbing others of the sun. Apocalyptic would be the right word to describe this. Nonetheless, people have evacuated from the city so the monsters didn’t find a single victim.

A particular skeleton looked like it was sniffing. It noticed something and stared in the direction of the army camp.

“Zzz-” It made a strange noise and started walking towards it.

“Rumble!” The monstrous horde changed its direction as well, trampling everything in its path.

“Shit, they’re coming!” The spectators in the camp turned pale from fear, dropping to the ground.

“This is it, they found us.” Others panicked and shouted.

“Boom!” The first wave of monsters slammed into the Buddhist barrier. The ground outside had cracks everywhere.

“There’s nothing we can do…” Despair took over. Some cried while closing their eyes and covering their ears, simply waiting for death.

The horde could easily destroy both the camp and everyone inside, turning them into mincemeat.

However, seconds passed and they found that they were still alive. In fact, not a single thing happened to them.

They opened their eyes and saw that the barrier emitted from the great statue successfully stopped the monsters.

Nonetheless, a great feast was right in front of them. There was no way they would give up so the relentless assault continued.

Some started crawling on top of the barrier. It didn’t take long before layers of monsters were on top.

The spectators looked up and saw nothing but skeletons slamming into their last hope. This bizarre and dreadful scene was one of a kind.

They became buried in an ocean of bones. Worst of all, the monsters looked hungry as well, opening their jawbones.

Just thinking about being eaten by these monsters left cultivators in shambles. They wanted nothing more than to escape this nightmare.

“We’re completely trapped…” An ancestor wavered.

“Will anyone save us? We’re gonna die here!” Miserable cries could be heard everywhere. 

Alas, the cries weren’t as loud as the explosions and bangs from the monsters trying to get in.

Eventually, cracks appeared on the barrier. It wouldn’t last much longer. By this point, even the powerful ancestors and big shots turned pale.

An old master analyzed the cracks and said: “This barrier is weaker than the Buddhist wall, it won’t hold.” 

“Then what the hell are we going to do? Just wait for them to devour us?!” An expert cried due to a lack of countermeasure.

“Rumble!” The cracks gradually became larger. The crowd trembled as a result.

“Just give up, this is the end.” Many lost courage during these last moments.

Suddenly, a flute temporarily woke them up from fear. They clearly heard it despite the deafening cacophonies. The notes were sharp and pricked their eardrums. It immediately took over as if it was the only sound left in this world.

The monsters slamming into the barrier suddenly stopped as if they heard the flute as well. They then moved away from the barrier.

Those trapped inside could see the sun again and heaved a sigh of relief despite not being aware of the situation.

“It’s Li, no, His Excellency!” One soul regained his wits and followed the direction of the flute.

Everyone looked over and saw Li Qiye standing on top of the Biandu’s ancestral peak and playing a flute carved out of bones.

Though this peak was extremely far away from the camp, both humans and monsters heard the tunes.

“What is going on?” Spectators expressed their confusion.

“Is the Sacred Lord controlling them with a peerless flute?” A master from the holy ground speculated.

“Raa!” This was proven incorrect because a massive skeleton roared loudly. Its mouth was filled with flames.

After this loud roar, monsters started rushing towards Li Qiye like angry bulls.

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