Chapter 3911: Too Weak

It simply relied on the sharpness of its claws, no need to pretend to be mysterious with complicated movements.

“Boom!” The claws struck the wall of the citadel and easily crushed it. The whole thing started crumbling.

A while ago, everyone found this citadel technique to be unbreakable. Lil’ Yellow proved this to be a silly notion.

“So sharp!” An ancestor didn’t know what else to say. Those claws didn’t need power and merit laws. Their sharpness alone was more than enough to deal with anything.

Some cultivators thought that the claws were the sharpest things they have ever seen. Just a slight brush could lacerate them.

“Kill it!” Sword Hero and his three thousand men became visible again after the destruction of the sword citadel.

He had no other choice but to keep on fighting. His men channeled their vitality into his divine sword. He then fused his sword dao into the treasure box.

The combined effort and sacrifice of the group created a bloody sword. Three thousand dao laws circled around it. The profundities and powers of the individual sword dao all gathered into a single entity.

“Clank!” Sword Hero seemed to be standing at the apex of the sword dao, acting as the ultimate authority of this path.

“Three-thousand Dao Slash!” He mustered everything he had for this slash.

It didn’t let him down. The affinities that made up the world faltered in its path.

“Clank!” Lil’ Yellow raised its front legs, revealing ten sharp claws. Their flashes alone tore apart the sky as they became divine swords. Sword energies rampaged all directions; stopping them was impossible.

The crowd became astounded. No one expected that a beast would be so versed in the sword dao as well.

“Boom!” It became a contest between ten swords versus the single slash encompassing three thousand sword dao.

The former easily parried the attack and kept moving forwward. “Crack!” 

“Crack!” The three thousand dao crumbled and the losing side became exposed again.

“Pluff!” The ten claws had the same glint as a reaper’s scythe, ready to devour all lives. Heads started flying in the air and blood gushed out from the neck like a spring.

Sword Hero was included in this long list of victims. He saw his legs then his ankles. 

“Boom!” He watched his body fall to the ground. He opened his mouth to scream but no words came out. Eventually, his true fate extinguished and he closed his eyes, bidding goodbye to the world.

The prideful and arrogant genius who thought that he was destined for greatness met his end to the claws of an earthbreaker bi’an.

All three thousand loyal soldiers died as well. None could escape the ten slashes.


“Boom!” The spectators paying attention to the second battle couldn’t keep their eyes open. They had to resort to using their heavenly gazes instead.

The vitality, chaos energy, and grand dao power of the Praetor and several hundred thousand troops have gathered in one place, culminating into a matchless celestial arrow.

The arrow’s size was beyond words. It should be enough to reach the high heaven itself. 

“Whoosh!” The largest arrow in the world flew out with extreme speed.

What would be the result of something so large flying unhindered? Definitely capable of destroying all of Black Wood and leaving a huge hole in the holy ground.

The spectators bellowed in horror after seeing this horrific attack.

“Ooo-” Lil’ Black’s fangs started glowing with a black light.

“Rumble!” It ran crazily forward, going faster than the arrow. Its fangs looked like spears now, looking like two beams due to the speed.

Once these two forces collided, the deafening blast temporarily robbed the crowd of their hearing.

“Crack!” The unimaginably large arrow created from the formation was pulverized.

Screams came next but of course, the crowd couldn’t hear them yet.

Blood started dripping onto the ground. The spectators saw the fangs skewering countless bodies.  The one at the top was the Praetor.

Someone as mighty as him still couldn’t react in time. The fang pierced through his chest, instantly delivering him to the other side. He never expected to die in this manner; his eyes were wide open. It looked like he had become a piece of meat on a skewer.

The survivors of the coalition army were frozen. Some soldiers soiled their pants from fear.

“Earthbreaker bi’an and stygian king… these king-level chaos primal beasts are too strong…” A top master from the court shuddered while murmuring.

Two famous characters and their men have fallen today. The fights didn’t look fair in the slightest.

“Run for your life!” The survivors from the east started fleeing away from Black Wood, forcing their shaking legs to obey them.

Lil’ Black didn’t bother pursuing these soldiers. It shook its body and gradually became smaller until its original size. Lil’ Yellow did the same on the other side.

The two looked like regular animals again. Lil’ Black growled and stared at its rival with one eye, telling the dog that it had killed countless more enemies.

“Gao.” Lil’ Yellow responded with a disdainful bark.

The crowd thought that the rumor about these two being enemies was true. However, they showed restraint when Li Qiye was around.

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