Chapter 3910: Lil’ Black’s True Identity

Just Lil’ Yellow’s barrage of hair alone could instantly destroy a kingdom. The crowd’s shock and fear were warranted.

After seeing the sheer immensity of the arrows blotting out the sun, they thought that it should be able to break the sword citadel.

Loud explosions detonated after the first wave of impact. The citadel became filled with holes but still remained standing.

“What a tough fortress, impregnable is the right word.” Many experts were amazed to see this.

“Sword Hero is a capable cultivator. This project of his is impressive. His claim of being able to contend against a dao lord’s merit law in the future seems rather plausible.” One ancestor said.

Others found relief in that he could withstand one move from the dog.

“Heavenslay!” Sword Hero roared thunderously. His words seemed to be the decree from a king above the firmaments.

Spectators felt the urge to gasp in admiration and kneel before him.

“Clank!” The swords in the ocean fused together for a single cut sweeping through Eight Desolaces.

They couldn’t believe the might of the slash and were scared out of their wits. 

“Buzz.” Lil’ Yellow became shrouded in a golden light. It opened its mouth and spewed out three thousand laws soaring towards the horizon. Their momentum resembled an invisible hand lifting up the earth.

The slash named Heavenslay struck the three thousand laws, cutting through the earth and causing debris and dust to blind the spectators.

“What’s the result?” They were interested despite not being able to see.

“Is the dog dead?” Someone murmured.

Right now, the members of the holy ground had conflicting feelings about the outcome.


“Boom!” On the other side, the Praetor wanted to deliver a fatal blow using his arrows against Lil’ Black.

Lil’ Black also howled and shot out a pulsing dao, splitting the ground into two halves. 

The Praetor channeled his energy to create a celestial wall. The pulse still pierced through it, causing the commander to stagger backward. The arrow formation trembled as well.

“Ooo-” Lil’ Black took this time to grow again. In the next second, it became as big as a mountain.

The hot air coming out of its nostrils looked like two waterfalls. Its fangs resembled two curved blades. Though one was broken, it was still as frightening and effective as before. Its mane draped down in a majestic manner, completely engulfed in chaos energy.

It had revealed its true form. The spots on its body were actually moving continuously. Once the speed reached a certain level, the spots exuded a black light.

Lil’ Black’s true form was grander than Lil’ Yellow’s. Its muscles brimmed with power. The spectators thought that this beast could easily destroy the region with just brute force.

They held their breath after seeing the enormous creature, still lost in shock.

“I, I know what it is!” The old ancestor’s mouth was wide open as he spoke: “That’s a stygian king, the mortal enemy of the earthbreaker bi’an!” 

The revelation took the crowd by surprise. Both creatures were violent and destructive yet they could live together as Li Qiye’s pets?

“The Sacred Lord is insane, his cultivation must actually be unfathomable, we just can’t see it.” Many big shots regained their wits and said.

Forcing mortal enemies to live peacefully together required ultimate power. The ancestors here had no chance of subduing one, let alone both in this manner.

“The lord of our holy ground is wondrous.” The experts of the holy ground began praising Li Qiye.

Due to Li Qiye’s new status, his followers thought that anything was possible for him. Capturing these two beasts wasn’t a big deal for someone with his abilities.

“Lil’ Black and Lil’ Yellow hate each other?” Yang Ling was surprised to hear this.

She saw that the two didn’t get along and always competed. However, there was no big conflict and they lived together just fine under Li Qiye’s roof.

The old servant remained nonchalant. He already knew the two’s identities at the start.

“Die!” The Praetor shot another barrage of arrows towards Lil’ Black. Millions of celestial arrows damaged the fabrics of reality and created black holes. 

The dao spots on Lil’ Black retaliated by boosting its light production. Thousands of black holes emerged and fully absorbed the arrows.


“Rumble!” Once the dust cleared, the spectators saw a crater with a huge beast inside.

Lil’ Yellow was covered in dirt but the slash earlier didn’t harm it at all. It shook back and forth to remove the dirt.

“Clank!” Sharp noises echoed as the dog readied its golden claws. It leaped to the sky and went on the offensive.

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