Chapter 3906: Inferior To Beasts?

Black was brutal, looking outwardly harmless yet having plenty of nefarious thoughts within. It was different from the prideful Yellow. Once it decided to fight, it wouldn’t mind resorting to despicable means.

Thus, while the Praetor was speaking, it already snuck behind and began.

Agonizing cries echoed across Black Wood as soldiers from the east died in gruesome manners.

The feeble-looking boar showed no mercy after receiving Li Qiye’s command. In fact, people should be more afraid of it than the incoming horde of monsters from Black Tides.

The gales alone inflicted untold damage. Some also died from being pierced directly by the boar’s fangs.

These veterans weren’t weak at all, having seen more than a fair share of battlefields. Alas, Black ravaged the area like a tornado and killed thousands in the blink of an eye.

“Defensive formations, Moon!” The Praetor regained his wits and roared.

The coalition army was well-trained. Even though the ambush took them by surprise, the remaining soldiers formed a formation in no time at all.

“Clank! Clank! Clank!” They assumed a crescent formation consisting of numerous layers of raised shields. 

They then roared and added their energy to this metal wall. Their shields became resplendent with dao laws activated. The complete formation looked like a mountain of steel, seemingly impregnable.

“The Moon Formation is probably their best defensive stance.” A big shot from the east said.

“Boom!” Gales and clouds gathered above the formation and turned into an enormous maelstrom. There seemed to be a palm in there pressing down.

Upon closer inspection, it was actually a beast hoof pulsing with a black light and incredible energy. It looked like a beast king was trying to trample the land, destroying mountains and rivers.

Given the magnificent spectacle, people thought that the formation was finished. Sure enough, cracks appeared from the pressure.

Though a hundred thousand soldiers or so were roaring and channeling their vitality and energy into the formation, it was far from enough to stop the stomp.

“Boom!” The cracks proved to be too much so the formation collapsed.

“Ahh! Ahh!” Screams, bone-cracking sounds, and blood splashing took over the area.

The soldiers within the formation were annihilated by the stomp. Not a single one survived.

“It’s a massacre…” One spectator got goosebumps all over. The rest felt the same way.

“You’re finished!” The maddened Praetor’s spear thrust through the air like a soaring dragon. 

The boar retaliated by swinging its tail to stop the thrust.

“Boom!” Sparks splattered everywhere, looking like the eruptions of numerous volcanoes.

The Praetor staggered backward from the pushback. Once he stabilized, his chest was heaving up and down; his expression changed greatly.

No one expected this result either. The coalition army had suffered untold losses, losing more than half of its soldiers. How could this wild boar be so powerful?

Some had seen the two animals following Li Qiye before. A few even made fun of him since they didn’t look cool at all.

No one expected that these sickly animals with one paw in the grave were so frighteningly strong.

“My god, I actually mocked them before.” A Duality student’s knees buckled repeatedly. He dropped to the ground from fear.

Back at the academy, Yellow and Black had eaten some students’ mounts before. They were furious and came to Li Qiye, demanding an answer and retribution. A few even wanted to slaughter the two animals.

Now, they recalled the past and broke out in cold sweat. Fortunately, they didn’t successfully provoke these two or they would have died just like these soldiers.

Some youths turned pale and vomited; they have never seen such a gruesome massacre before.

“It’s strong.” Yang Ling murmured to herself. She and Fan Bai knew that Yellow and Black were extremely strong despite being Li Qiye’s pets, just not to which extent.

Now, a coalition army was as feeble as paper before Black. This still surprised her.

The old man already knew that they were strong during the first meeting. That’s why they were qualified to leave Myriad Beasts Mountain with Li Qiye.

“What are they?” An expert took a closer look at Black. It just looked like a normal boar.

“Gao!” Yellow barked. It wasn’t taunting its enemy but at Black, seemingly telling that boar that it’s nothing special.

Black looked back at it with an arrogant stare in response. The two were evenly-matched rivals, always competing with each other.

“Gao!” Yellow wasn’t happy with this and raised its paw at Sword Hero, seemingly telling the genius to come here and accept his death.

Though its opponent was Sword Hero, Yellow kept on glaring at Black as if telling the boar to watch how it would deal with these weaklings.

Black grumbled and ignored Yellow. It raised its chin in a haughty manner at the Praetor, acting as if it could take him down in two or three moves.

Both the Praetor and Sword Hero nearly vomited blood from anger. Sword Hero always looked down on others due to his talent and power. Now, this old dog dared to be so contemptuous?

This was the case for the Praetor as well. As the high commander of the eastern forces, he was in charge of numerous soldiers. The boar’s attitude was unacceptable.

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