Chapter 3905: Just One Dog and Boar

“I don’t think this is right.” An expert of the holy ground said.

Though Li Qiye wasn’t the traditional Sacred Lord and his command was questionable, he was still in charge. Furthermore, the previous lord, Buddha Supreme, was rather unconventional as well and had his fair share of irregular deeds.

Sacred Mountain’s prestige remained in the holy ground. Thus, they didn’t think Sword Hero’s challenge was appropriate.

“Indeed.” A big shot with more information quietly replied: “I believe Sword Hero already dislikes Sacred Mountain. It might be more than just his hatred of the current Sacred Lord.”

The latter was well known - how Li Qiye sent him flying with one smash. This humiliation should be unbearable. Now, Li Qiye’s new status was fanning the flame.

In the past, Sword Hero had all the advantages back then versus the average Archaic Sun King. However, Vajra picked Archaic Sun King instead of the genius swordsman.

Thus, many found this strange - why didn’t Vajra pick the clearly better candidate? Rumor has it that this was due to Sacred Mountain’s involvement. It wanted Archaic Sun King instead.

Outsiders didn’t know whether this was true or not. Nonetheless, it wouldn’t be surprising for Sword Hero to dislike Sacred Mountain. Therefore, he had two reasons to challenge Li Qiye right now; this wasn’t driven by a sudden impulse.

“Is this enough?” An expert asked: “They’re going against the Sacred Lord.

Prior to this, the crowd would think that this force could easily crush Li Qiye who was virtually alone. But now, he became the leader of Sacred Mountain.

Their evaluation and opinion of him completely shifted. He became unfathomable despite his meager cultivation. They initially attributed his success to sheer luck. Now, they thought that he was the reason for the miracles.

“We’ll find out soon enough.” A big shot from Vajra responded: “I heard that ever since his setback, Sword Hero has been in isolated training. He learned a new sword technique and sword formation, confident in them enough to try and take the throne back.”

“Really?” Those nearby became emotional.

“It’ll be a good show.” The big shot responded.

“This is it?” Li Qiye wasn’t impressed by his opponents.

The Praetor, in particular, didn’t appreciate Li Qiye’s haughtiness. After all, his coalition army was truly impressive.

Conversely, the members of the holy ground accepted Li Qiye’s attitude. The Sacred Lord should act in this manner.

“We’ll cut you to pieces in just a moment.” The Praetor said murderously.

Sword Hero had an ugly expression as well: “I have created a sword technique capable of contending against anyone. Your life is mine!”

The veil of courtesy between the two of them has been ripped apart. Sword Hero had no reason to be afraid of Li Qiye’s status.

“I don’t fight people who have lost to me before.” Li Qiye chuckled and lazily stretched: “Lil’ Yellow, Lil’ Black, take care of this.”

The crowd had no idea who these people with the silly names were. During their curiosity, they saw a yellow dog and a wild boar running out of nowhere.

“Gao.” The dog barked at Sword Hero and gave him what seems to be a disdainful gaze.

“This is a thing?” Everyone was surprised to see the two animals. 

There was nothing special about them. The dog’s fur was an ashen yellow with empty spots. It was as thin as a stick, perhaps malnourished for a long time now.

The boar didn’t look any better either. It barely had any mane left - a sign of old age. One of its fangs was broken as well, maybe from fighting against another beast.

Li Qiye chose these two for battle? They were up against capable cultivators. The Praetor wasn’t weaker than Sword Hero, not to mention the coalition army.

“Is this a joke?” A spectator blurted out. The whole thing was ridiculous.

“I don’t know, how can these two animals take them on?” Someone from the holy ground still found this astonishing.

Yes, everyone thought that the Sacred Lord was unfathomable. The issue was - he wasn’t the one fighting this time.

The Praetor and his armies were livid. They were battle-hardened warriors yet he sent out two animals against them? This went beyond underestimating them - it was a blatant and deliberate insult.

Sword Hero didn’t fare any better, especially after seeing the dog’s disdainful gaze. 

It was one thing for Li Qiye to look down on him. After all, he’s the leader of the holy ground. But now, even a random dog dared to treat him in this manner?

“Hahaha!” The Praetor laughed from being too angry: “I can’t wait to see the hidden dragons and crouching tigers of the holy ground. They must be so great to look down on us like th-”

“Rumble!” He didn’t have time to finish because the area started shaking. Dust blinded everyone’s vision as if a massive dragon was attacking.

Lil’ Black somehow appeared behind the coalition army for an ambush. Its rapid dash created a frontal gale with the force of a mountain range.

“Ahhhh! Ahh!” Thousands of soldiers were sent to the air by the gale. They vomited blood after having their bones and internal organs crushed from the impact.

Those who survived the impact died after smashing into the ground due to their grievous injuries. Their blood stained the battlefield.

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