Chapter 3903: Withdraw

The imperious ancestors from the holy ground were subservient to someone for once. Their juniors did the same.

Their land had countless sects and kingdoms. Normally, these individual powers did whatever they wanted. Even Vajra who was in charge couldn’t directly interfere.

Nonetheless, they still knew that ultimately, the holy ground still belonged to Sacred Mountain. It had complete control and could decide the direction of the land.

It normally didn’t interfere in mundane and administrative matters. Its disciples and the mountain itself were rarely seen. Because of this, it felt like it didn’t exist to some. This would change the moment it showed up again, proving its dominion.

This was especially true for its Sacred Lord. All members of the holy ground had to get on their knees.

There have been numerous Sacred Lords in history yet none disappointed. They conducted themselves honorably and powerfully.

The previous lord was Buddha Supreme - a cultivator famous not just in West King but all of Eight Desolaces. Some would put him on the same level as Eight Stallion Dao Lord.

Plus, due to his valiant effort at Black Wood against the previous invasion, his prestige reached an untouchable height.

Today, the revelation of their new lord shocked the members of the holy ground. Not a single soul predicted this.

Of course, they didn’t dare to question his status either. First, the paragon of the Biandu had met Buddha Supreme before. There was a chance he had been invited to Sacred Mountain and knew more about its rules, hence his ability to recognize Li Qiye’s position.

Most importantly, Heavenly Dragon Temple recognized Li Qiye as well. They were the most loyal supporters of Sacred Mountain and maintained a communication line. Therefore, Li Qiye was clearly the real thing.

This didn’t stop people from finding it strange. Why did Sacred Mountain not announce their new lord?

A sudden change in leadership wasn’t unprecedented; the lack of announcement was.

The next question became - what happened to Buddha Supreme? Are the rumors true?

Many thought about him potentially passing away in Sacred Mountain from his injuries in battle.

“No wonder why everything comes easy and miraculously. He’s the Sacred Lord.” One ancestor murmured: “The lord is peerless and godlike, it all makes sense now.”

Why would it be surprising for the lord of Sacred Mountain to be an unfathomable and omnipotent being?

Some found comfort in having certain questions explained, no longer jealous of Li Qiye’s sorcery and luck.

There was no lack of people sweating either. They trembled while kneeling on the ground because they looked down on Li Qiye earlier, going as far as scheming against him.

What would be the punishing of offending, insulting, and going as far as scheming nefariously against the Sacred Lord? This could be construed as treason and sacrilegious. 

If Li Qiye pursued this matter, death would absolutely be the penalty. They might drag their clan and sect down with them as well. All Li Qiye needed to do was give the command and numerous powers would toil for him.

“Rise.” Li Qiye waved his hand and told the kneeling crowd.

Yang Ling was standing next to him. She knew that the young master was special but not to this level. How could someone so young be the Sacred Lord? Other Sacred Lords in history were far older.

The crowd stood up after receiving permission.

“Evacuate citizens to your camp.” He then ordered Wei Qianqing.

“Affirmative.” Wei Qianqing accepted the command then told her subordinates to carry out the order.

“Remove the wall.” He then told the monks and the paragon of the Biandu.

“What?!” Astonishment struck the listeners.

Everyone knew that this Buddhist wall served as the first line of defense - perhaps the most effective one too. Black Wood Cliff would be exposed without it and would fall to the monsters right away.

“Sacred Lord, Black Wood will fall without the wall. Billions of cultivators and mortals will die.” The Biandu Paragon said anxiously. If Black Wood were to fall, so would his clan.

“Hence the evaluation to the Guardian Legion’s camp.” Li Qiye said flatly.

The crowd exchanged glances, not knowing what to say. Was this a decision to abandon Black Wood Cliff instead of fighting?

“What is this plan? It’s too risky.” An expert from the holy ground whispered.

The high monk of the Heavenly Dragon was startled as well. He placed his palms together and respectfully spoke: “Sacred Lord, I don’t think we can hold this area without the wall. The supreme back then relied on it to keep the monsters at bay.” 

“I have a plan, follow the orders.” Li Qiye instructed.

“How illogical and sloppy. I can’t believe we’re running away instead of defending Black Wood.” An old cultivator from Black Wood muttered beneath his breath.


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