Chapter 3899: About To Start

“Despicable!” Yang Ling angrily shouted before forming a mudra to attack the wall.

“Boom!” She obviously had zero chance of breaking this wall.

She summoned a treasure for another direct attack. It didn’t leave a single mark.

“Hah, stop daydreaming.” The Praetor said: “Just sit back and wait, you’ll be nothing more than food for the monsters soon enough.”

His tone contained nothing but hate as if he wanted to tear the group to pieces and devour them too. He most likely found it a shame that he couldn’t personally take down Li Qiye.

“Think about how to make your last moments more pleasant now. Don’t bother trying.” The clan master had a sinister smile.

“They have no chance if the gate doesn’t open.” One expert said.

The wall has lasted for eras against the relentless onslaught of the monsters. In fact, it played a large part in the successful defense in the last generation. Buddha Supreme alone wouldn’t have been able to stop the horde.

Eventually, the wall did fall down. Nonetheless, it bought enough time for Righteous Supreme and Eight Stallion Dao Lord to come. The trio lasted long enough for the water to come back.

Thus, since Li Qiye’s group couldn’t make it past the wall, the only thing left for them was to wait for death.

“I’ve been known to hold a grudge.” Li Qiye glanced at the gloating enemies and said: “Hmm, should I destroy your clan after coming back in?”

“You’ll never set one foot past the wall, just think about how you want to die.” The clan master laughed before glaring at Li Qiye.

“Dying to those monsters is your fortune. If it was up to me, I would let you suffer a fate worse than death.” The Praetor’s eyes gleamed murderously.

“Come inside and I’ll be the first to kill you.” A cold voice came from a platform nearby. It was none other than Sword Hero who was in charge of Vajra’s army.

“A loser should stop barking. Know your place. “Li Qiye glanced at him and said.

Sword Hero’s face became as red as a monkey’s butt. He trembled with rage.

People who have heard of this event exchanged glances. Back in Duality Academy, Sword Hero was blown away by one hammer smash - truly a humiliating defeat.

“Bastard, you relied on trickery for that fight!” He roared in response: “Show me what you can really do! Fight with your own power instead!” 

“Your stupidity is the reason why you’re not the king. The current one is a hundred times more capable than you.” Li Qiye shook his head.

“If you somehow survive this, I’ll cut you to pieces!” He shouted. Li Qiye’s words hit a sore spot. This was his life’s biggest failure.

He had incredible talents and pride, thinking that the throne was his for the taking. He didn’t expect to lose to the incapable Archaic Sun King and become a laughingstock. His face became twisted with rage, no longer looking like a swordmaster.

“Brother, no need to be angry, he’ll become food soon enough.” The Biandu Clan Master said.

Sword Hero still had a hard time restraining his rage after hearing this.

“I pity the fools who mistake my mercy for weakness. That’s fine, I’ll cut off your dog heads in just a bit.”

“The horde is approaching, the only thing you’ll do is scream in pain.” The clan master retorted while staring at the horizon.

“Can’t wait to see you squirm in their jaws.” The Praetor had a cruel grimace and couldn’t wait to see Li Qiye’s demise.

The trio started laughing after fantasizing about this.

“Our young master will be avenged.” A disciple from the Biandu said. His fellow clan members agreed.

“Opposing the Biandu is courting death.” Other experts sneered since they found Li Qiye’s perpetual arrogance off-putting.

“His haughtiness is his downfall, nothing more than food in the end.” One genius snorted.

The geniuses here wanted Li Qiye to die so that they would have one less competitor later on.

“How amusing, foolish enough to think that this wall can stop me. I’ll have zero problems bypassing it.” Li Qiye chuckled.

Those who were laughing at him stopped right away.

“Is he serious?” They started wondering because no one really doubted Li Qiye by this point. He had performed too many crazy feats before.

He could do the impossible while putting in zero effort at all. He was Li Qiye, the son of miracles.

“No way, the Buddhist Wall is too tough. He can’t break it down.” One expert said.

“It is unprecedented, at least for one man to do so.” A big shot pondered.

Even someone from the central region doubted him: “Right, the wall was created by Buddha Dao Lord and blessed by other sages. Can Li Qiye do it?”

The majority remained skeptical of Li Qiye’s claim.

“There’s no way he is that strong.” One youth said. Li Qiye was just too much of a threat right now for the young generation.

“Who knows? Li Qiye’s sorcery can accomplish any task. Maybe this isn’t beyond him.” An ancestor remained neutral and said.

“Full power right now!” The Biandu Clan Master loudly commanded.

“Channel everything into the wall, keep it at peak state!” Sword Hero did the same.

The members of the Biandu, the coalition army from the east, and Vajra’s legion channeled their vitality and power into the various platforms.

“Boom!” Flames ignited on the surface while beams shot to the sky. It became tougher and brighter after receiving mass empowerment.

“Even a supreme can’t take down this wall. Li, drop this foolish notion and prepare to become food for the monster. Give us a good show now.” The Biandu Clan Master’s confidence increased. 

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