Chapter 3898: The Gate Won’t Open

The appearance of the four garnered everyone’s attention.

“This brat got the black metal.” Someone brought this up. Greed immediately flashed in many cultivators’ eyes.

“He’s still alive, the metal must be on him right now.” A big shot murmured. Even top characters couldn’t hide their desire.

First, this metal played a pivotal part in the ascension of the previous dao lord. Putting that aside, what it has shown so far while being in Li Qiye’s possession was enough to tempt anyone.

Three Slashes and the wild child were virtually peerless among the young generation of the southern West King. Both were dead now, killed by a weak cultivator due to the metal.

It appeared that possessing this frightening treasure would allow one to dominate Eight Desolaces. Plus, it contained supreme grand dao as well, meaning that it would be immensely beneficial for a clan or sect - the same as possessing a top scripture.

“If I can get it…” A big shot still in stealth muttered under his breath.

All in all, those in the know thought that their life would soar to the apex after seizing the metal from Li Qiye.

“Close the gate!” The Biandu Clan Master commanded.

The disciples from the clan were surprised for a bit before following his order.

“Bam!” The Buddhist gate shut tightly.

Those nearby exchanged glances after seeing this development and understood the reason. Three Slashes was killed by Li Qiye at Dark Abyss. This was an irreconcilable feud; the clan naturally wanted revenge. 

This was one way to do it, not allowing Li Qiye’s group to seek safety in Black Wood Cliff from the monsters.

The guy wouldn’t be able to handle the hellish horde regardless of his devilish abilities. All of them would be decimated soon enough.

Remember, even Buddha Supreme and his peers had a tough time, let alone Li Qiye’s group. Thus, everyone assumed the worst for them.

“The result of opposing the Biandu.” Someone from the last generation murmured.

This was the reason why the big shots didn’t want to mess with the Biandu in Black Wood Cliff. They have been the local tyrant for generations now and had plenty of methods to deal with enemies.

A young expert snorted and said: “He brought this upon himself since the Biandu wouldn’t show mercy. Numerous stronger beings than him were killed by them. His treasures don’t matter anymore.”

“Amitabha.” A high monk from heavenly Dragon Temple placed his palms together and said: “Clan Master, this place exists to protect the people. This is the will of the dao lords and wise sages. Now, you’re purposely keeping someone out with malice, it is going against their will.”

All eyes turned towards the clan master. After all, the temple had a pivotal position in the holy ground. No one would dare to underestimate them.

In fact, one could argue that the temple had more influence than the current leader - Vajra Dynasty.

“It’s too late.” The clan master seriously responded: “The horde is almost here. If we don’t close the gate early, we’re putting all of Black Wood at risk, no, all of Buddha Holy Ground and West King, Eight Desolaces too.”

This was clearly an excuse because people could see that the monsters were still far away. There was plenty of time to let Li Qiye’s group in but he wanted to avenge his son.

“There’s still enough time.” One big shot said: “Let them in.”

“Indeed, the army isn’t here yet.” Another ancestor added.

“We can spare this much time to save him.” Others started chiming in.

These powerful beings urged the clan master to help Li Qiye. Of course, this had nothing to do with benevolence and compassion. 

As long as Li Qiye came in, anything was possible later. This included their chance to seize the metal from him.

“One man’s life can’t compare to the safety of the world.” The Praetor spoke: “We can’t jeopardize Black Wood’s safety. Plus, it is his fault for not returning fast enough after hearing the warnings. The clan master has nothing to do with him being killed by the monsters.”

This was another man whose son was killed by Li Qiye. He shared the same goal as the Biandu Clan Master - wanting to see Li Qiye being trampled by the army. In fact, he was gritting his teeth as he spoke.

“Yes, think of the bigger picture.” The clan master said firmly: “Anyone who tries to open the gate will be our enemy.”

His aggression shut everyone up. His clan was in charge of the gate and others didn’t want a direct confrontation right now.

By this point, Li Qiye’s group made it to the front of the gate. He smiled after seeing this scene.

“Open the gate, let us in.” Yang Ling knocked on the gate.

“The monstrous horde is coming so the gate is sealed, you are on your own.” The Biandu Clan Master coldly uttered.

“They’re not here.” Yang Ling looked back. It was obvious that this army still had a way to go before reaching the shore.

“This gate will not open.” The clan master asserted - his goal became clearer and clearer.

“Can’t you see?” Li Qiye smiled and told Yang Ling: “He wants to keep us outside of the wall so that the monsters can trample us. This is to avenge their son.” 

“It is karma.” The clan master sneered: “I’m not the one pushing you off the edge, it is your greed for only caring about treasures and not returning on time. We’re not to be blamed for this.”

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