Chapter 3897: Final Defense

The wall became tougher with the help of the chants and cultivators channeling their energy for fuel.

It served to separate the continent from Black Tides - the first line of defense against the approaching monsters.

Rumor has it that it was built by Buddha Dao Lord. Of course, there were theories of it existing way before that. It just wasn’t as grand versus its current form. During the era of Buddha Dao Lord, he decided to rebuild and add more sections to deal with Black Tides.

Only someone as powerful as him could create such a colossal architecture. This majestic contribution was nothing short of a miracle.

Later on, Dhyana, Vajra, and even Righteous Dao Lord blessed the wall. Other top masters in history did the same. The wall would have crumbled long ago without their effort. After all, it had faced relentless assaults from the creatures before.

Though it was not in its peak state, it still served as a capable defense for Black Wood Cliff.

“Rumble!” Adventurers have hastily returned with skeletons right behind them.

“Hurry, Black Wood is up ahead!” They became ecstatic after seeing the Buddhist wall.

“Ahh!” Alas, not all made it since the skeletons caught up and devoured them.

“We did it…” The lucky survivors got close enough.

“Enter the main entrance, now!” An expert from the Biandu in charge of this area shouted.

There was a large gate, perhaps the toughest spot in the wall. Supreme runes and a Buddha could be seen on the surface. 

The Biandu Clan personally presided over the gate. They sent their strongest elders along with more than a thousand elites. This has been their responsibility ever since the era of Buddha Dao Lord. Thus, their clan had another name - the gate guardians.

“Open the gate!” The clan master ordered after seeing the survivors. The gate opened.

They hurriedly ran inside. Some monsters took note of this and wanted to follow them.

However, the closest platform had a cannon fortress under the control of the Praetor and his generals.

“Open fire!” The Praetor commanded.

Eastern soldiers have already channeled energy into the cannon. Thus, it was already activated.

“Boom!” A bright flash detonated as a ball of pure energy flew towards the monsters.

“Boom! Boom! Boom!” The other fortresses in the area fired as well.

“Rumble!” Massive skeletons fell to the ground; their bones scattered everywhere.

“Click, clack!” Unsurprisingly, these bones assembled again and the skeletons got up.

“What the hell are these things?!” The experts on the wall took a deep breath.

“Are they unkillable?” One of them shouted.

“No, it's just hard to take them down.” The Biandu Clan Master personally manned a cannon and said: “Find their main bone and devil flame!”

“Boom!” His cannon struck a skeleton, causing it to fall. Red strings appeared for the reconstruction.

“Fire the beam!” He roared and the fortress floating above their clan began firing.

This was the largest fortress in all of Black Wood. It instantly shot out a beam consisting of thousands and thousands of little energy pulses.

The targets were the scattered bones and the red strings on the ground. With the red strings gone, the bones became useless and were no longer a threat.

“The Biandu has rich experiences dealing with these monsters. The clan is their nemesis.” One expert commented after seeing the effective beam.

However, it required an enormous cost to fire the beam each time. The clan disciples needed to swap due to their energy being depleted.

“Rumble!” More monsters made it to the shore and began attacking the wall.

“Fire!” The sounds of war began with cannons detonating everywhere.

“Return to the gate now and get inside before the monsters come. We will not open it again!” The clan master loudly warned those still stuck in Black Tides.

“Shit, go go go!” Survivors did everything they could to make it back to Black Wood.

Without the gate, they would be stuck outside with these monsters.

Waves of survivors could be seen in the distance. Sure enough, they were being pursued as well.

“Fire!” Cannons and the beam fortress launched multiple barrages at the monsters. This firepower made it impossible for the skeletons to break down the wall.

However, this was only the beginning. Earthquakes and dreadful footsteps could be heard on the horizon.

Colossal skeletons began pushing for the Black Wood along with an army of smaller monsters. It wouldn’t take long before they made it to the wall.

The experts on the wall became nervous. Though they had taken care of the first wave, they knew that this was only the calm before the storm.

The area in front of the gate was completely empty at this point. Most survivors have returned by now.

A while later, the guards saw four people slowly walking closer. They looked completely carefree compared to the running survivors earlier.

“Who are they?” One guard asked.

“That’s Li Qiye and his group.” Many recognized the four right away.

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