Chapter 3896: Assault

“Rumble!” Numerous colossal creatures emerged from unknown depths and gathered into an army.

At first, only a few came out of the valleys and gorges. Now, more and more emerged from the seafloor itself.

They have been buried for who knows how many years. The bones were decaying but this didn’t affect them in the slightest. As a whole, they were still powerful and fast.

“Crack! Crack! Crack!” A few monsters decided to pick up random bones on the ground and attached them to the missing spots on their body. It seemed that the bones here were interchangeable and didn’t have a negative impact.

The monsters had diverse forms. Some were tall and resembled a giant human skeleton. Another looked like a primal beast with four legs. The bone spurs on its spine pierced upward, looking extremely sharp. One more was tiny like a praying mantis. However, it could cut someone’s throat before they got a clue…

They all shared the same chaotic arrangements for bones. For example, one had an ox skull, tiger tail, elephant body, and eagle wings. A different one had a human body and a snake skull. 

From a distance, this army of monsters instilled fear into the spectators. They seemed to be the harbingers of death and destruction.

“Ah! Ah!” Some treasure hunters were caught off guard by their appearance and became delicious food.

“Crunch!” The larger skeletons were able to capture cultivators by the thousands. Agonizing screams came from their mouth during the chewing process.

It didn’t take long before Black Tides turned into hell.

“Just run, the monsters are here!” Many ran for their lives while stricken by fear.

Some ancestors tried to ambush these creatures, utilizing their strongest merit laws and treasures.

“Rumble!” However, the majority of the skeletons had no problem withstanding the offenses. Some had broken bones but the pieces eventually came together again.

The ancestors eventually found that the creatures were unkillable. Unfortunately, the same couldn’t be said for them. Numerous ancestors started falling.

“Run back to Black Wood!” The top ancestors realized how futile it was and sent this message to the rest.

Meanwhile, the sounds of gongs echoed across Black Wood Cliff. Its inhabitants began panicking.

“Recall everyone right now, the monsters are out!” This was the command from the upper echelons.

The Biandu and the Guardian Legion blew their war horns. These special horns could be heard not only in Black Tides but also in the holy ground.

They served to tell adventurers to pull back as well as asking the holy ground for reinforcement against the invading monsters.

“Monsters are about to reach the shore, we need all capable men to help.” The Biandu Clan Master’s words echoed. 

“Boom!” A beam soared upward from the clan and spread out to form a mighty barrier. A platform in the clan also rose up and on top was a gigantic fort.

The platform had numerous chaos true stones engraved everywhere. However, many were dimmed and had no energy left.

“Replace the depleted stones, do it well!” The clan master ordered.

Meanwhile, by the shore, explosions could be heard as Buddhist light materialized and formed a gigantic wall. This wall separated the cliff from Black Tides.

The surface was covered with Buddhist runes. They formed complete characters - all part of a top defensive scripture.

Images of high monks and dao lords could be seen. They started chanting the characters found on the wall. This resulted in an impressive Buddhist affinity serving as fuel for the wall.

Alas, this wall was too old and had experienced too many battles before. Many places lacked runes and empowerment with clear flaws. Fortunately, dao platforms and even forts were built in these weakened parts.

“Empower the platforms to help the wall!” A high monk from Heavenly Dragon Temple ordered.

“Amitabha.” Monks began heading for the various platforms and forts. They poured their energy and vitality into these creations.

“Buzz.” The buildings lit up, the same with the embedded chaos stones.

“Children of the east, prepare for battle!” The Praetor also commanded the alliance to help cover the weakened portions of the wall.

Due to the massive size of the shore, there were thousands and thousands of platforms. This required the help of numerous cultivators.

“Don’t rest now, if the wall falls, the monsters will break in like a tsunami.” The Biandu Clan Master told everyone.

No one had time to relax right now. They searched for unmanned dao platforms in order to do their part.

“Buzz…” As time passed, more dao platforms became activated. This made the Buddhist wall brighter as well.

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