Chapter 3895: Bizarre

Li Qiye naturally wouldn’t let the red ball of light escape. He raised his hand and sealed the area, instantly trapping the ball.

“Boom!” It erupted with incredible power and sent out flames to destroy everything.

“So this is the force driving the skeleton.” Yang Ling shouted. The flames here looked the same as the one spewed out by the skeleton earlier. It massacred numerous experts and ancestors.

“Boom!” It continued to destroy the spatial containment in order to escape. 

Though Li Qiye looked relaxed while creating the containment, the old man could see that everything beneath his palm was utterly trapped. Even something as strong as the ball couldn’t get away.

It didn’t give up and kept on trying repeatedly. Alas, he could seal heaven and earth beneath his palm. 

“What a shame, no big fish this time.” Li Qiye shook his head after seeing a lack of development.

He then closed his fingers and space also shrank. The ball became suppressed afterward. It couldn’t send out flames anymore. He added a bit more force every time it tried to resist.

At this point, it was floating above his palm, completely stuck.

“Poof!” He summoned a dao flame. It lacked brightness and heat but had absolute purity.

The ball became afraid, aware of how frightening this flame was. It issued an unpleasant squeak, similar to a mouse running for its life.

The group was surprised. This ball looked more and more alive with its actions.

The dao flame started burning the ball, causing it to squeak louder. Li Qiye ignored its cries and increased the flame’s intensity.

“Ahh!” The final scream sounded like a man being burned alive. “Pop!” Eventually, nothing was left of the ball.

The bones scattered on the ground actually turned into ashes. A gust of wind blew them away.

“What happened?” Yang Ling became curious.

“They were just bones, the thing that mattered was the red ball of light.” The old man explained: “The skeleton was being used as a medium. With the ball gone, so will the bones.”

“What is that light then?” She asked, unaware of anything similar before.

The old man pondered before shaking his head. He didn’t have a certain answer. 

Top dao lords and sovereigns have researched this topic before, unable to come up with a definite conclusion.

“Threads controlling a puppet, that’s all.” Li Qiye said while staring at the bone in his other hand.

All of the other bones have turned to ashes after the destruction of the light ball. However, this one was perfectly intact. It was white in comparison, looking as if it was polished before.

The others seemed to be randomly chosen. This one? There were signs of refinement.

“Why is that bone still around?” Yang Ling curiously asked.

“It’s the leading medium that has been refined before.” Li Qiye said before raising his hand towards the old man: “Saber.”

The old man handed his saber to Li Qiye. He personally crafted this saber in the past.

Few in this world were qualified to demand or borrow it from him. Alas, he didn’t have a choice here.

“Who refined this bone?” Fan Bai asked.

“Hmm, someone might be looking for rebirth.” The old man boldly speculated with narrowed eyes.

The biggest clue to this statement was the skeleton trying to devour flesh and blood.

“Rebirth is impossible for the truly dead. Even an immortal can’t do so, it’ll only be living a borrowed life.” Li Qiye chuckled.

Li Qiye’s responses always carried a certain implication and new information. The old man realized a few things after listening.

Meanwhile, Li Qiye started carving the bone using the old man’s saber. The blade was heavy and long yet this wasn’t a problem for Li Qiye. The cutting was accurate as if it was a carving knife. The saber danced under his control, ready to turn this bone into a work of art.

“What are you doing, Young Master?” Yang Ling wondered.

“Just making a flute on this fine day.” Li Qiye smiled.

“...” Yang Ling had no response. How fine could a day be with all of these monsters coming out?

She was right. Currently, numerous monsters have been spotted in Black Tides. Chaos ensued in the region.

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