Chapter 3894: The Old Servant In Action

The monster roared after being stopped by the saber. Cultivators on the run were frightened stiff. They didn’t dare to slow down for a second.

“Ooo!” Its other claw smashed down at the old servant with enough force to crush the radius of one hundred thousand miles.

“Clank!” The old man unsheathed his saber. Its light illuminated the realms. Its prosperity meant wealth for all; its downfall signaled destruction.

He raised it before slashing vertically, destroying all laws in its path. Worlds felt tiny versus its might.

The slash contained a wild and unrestrained intent. It moved in accordance with his whim. Teaming up with his saber turned the clock back for him. He became spirited once more, resembling a saber god looking down on all creation.

“Mad First Slash!” Yang Ling shouted despite not seeing the move clearly due to the blinding radiance. 

Nonetheless, she still uttered these words. Though she never saw the actual eight variations before, she saw the wild child using the first slash earlier.

In spite of certain similarities, his slash looked like a child playing with a saber compared to the old servant's slash. It was long-winded and needlessly flash, undeserving of using the technique’s title.

He needed time to gather power before the swing. On the other hand, the old man freely slashed while adding all of his emotions and focus within. There was joy in being unrestrained and mad - this was the style of Mad Blade.

She thought that if this slash wasn’t a part of the eight variations, none other would be a closer match. 

“Boom!” The slash actually cut through the skeleton, separating it into two halves.

Previously, ancestors have used their best treasures against this monster. They eventually learned that it was virtually impervious to attack. Now, the old servant could cut through the bones without too much trouble.

“Bam!” The bones crumbled and fell to the ground.

The two girls heaved a sigh of relief after seeing this. The powerful monster was still no match for their friend.

Unfortunately, they heard snapping and cracking noises. The bones scattered all over the ground suddenly moved as if they were alive.

“That’s creepy…” Yang Ling turned pale since she hadn’t seen anything like this before.

“Watch carefully, there’s a force controlling them.” Li Qiye said.

For some reason, his nonchalant tone calmed her down. As long as he was around, nothing could ever put them in danger.

They observed the bones and saw tiny red strings around them, numerous times smaller than a strand of hair. Upon closer inspection, they found that these strings were actually rays.

The bones flew upward and assembled again. The two girls noted that the rays then came together to form a circular radiance.

It was faint and inconspicuous. Nonetheless, it seemed to be fueling the skeleton.

“So what is that thing?” Yang Ling asked.

The monster was strong enough to slay ancestors. However, this tiny ball of light was the mastermind behind it all? How could it contain so much power?

“Ooo-” The restored skeleton roared again.

Yang Ling noted that it looked relatively the same. However, the bones that were cut earlier have now been placed in different places. There seemed to be a particular structure for the assembly. She just couldn’t see the patterns right away.

It looked as strong as before, eager to fight the old man again.

The latter put on a serious expression and said: “No wonder why Buddha Supreme had a hard time dealing with this. They’re hard to kill.”

The supreme nearly lost his life fighting against the invading monsters. The same disaster might repeat itself.

The old man wasn’t afraid of this skeleton but not being able to kill it was problematic.

“Ooo-” It raised its hand up for another smash.

His eyes pulsed with frightening saber intent. However, a shadow rushed forward with lightning speed before he could attack. It was none other than Li Qiye.

“Crack!” He pulled a bone out of the skeleton, looking around the length of an arm but wasn’t as thick.

“Rumble!” The skeleton suddenly collapsed again.

The scattered bones moved once more in order to reconstruct the monster. However, Li Qiye strengthened his grip on the bone in his hand. The floating bones fell to the ground once more.

They kept on trying to resist, resulting in creepy clacks. The bone in his hand was shaking, wanting to fly away.

Of course, this was proven to be impossible. Li Qiye had total control. This was akin to him grabbing something by the throat. He could immobilize and weaken it just by adding force.

“Buzz.” The individual rays gathered together to form the ball. Instead of attacking Li Qiye, it decided to run away. It seemed to know that messing with him was the wrong choice.

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