Chapter 3893: Dreadful Skeleton

Numerous powerful weapons attacked the skeleton, resulting in numerous explosions.

Alas, all they could do was leave behind small nicks. Only one or two treasures managed to crack a bone.

The bony amalgam should have been feeble since it didn’t have any divine bone. However, some unknown force was holding it together, rendering all offenses useless.

“Poof!” The skeleton opened its gigantic mouth and unleashed a raging black matter with fiery sparks scattered throughout.

“Ahh! Ahh-” More screams resounded as cultivators were reduced to ashes by this special flame.

Some took out their strongest treasures made of divine metals to block the black flame. Unfortunately, the flame destroyed the treasures as well. 

A mightier ancestor’s treasure managed to stop the flame for a moment, buying him enough time to run away.

The crowd started panicking after seeing the strength of the monster. Numerous cultivators have fallen along with several ancestors.

They began scattering like birds and beasts while screaming. Some ancestors no longer gave a damn about face and fled with haste. A loss of reputation was still better than dying to this skeleton.

“These monsters are wicked and dangerous, they’ve killed so many of us back then, we need to get away now.” A runner shouted.

“Get back to Black Wood, let everyone know that the monsters are coming!” Another ancestor ran for Black Wood.

Unfortunately, not everyone got away, evident by the continuous wails and shrieks. The monster continued grabbing hundreds of cultivators and eating them. It gained more flesh and blood afterward.

“This is the end of the line for you, monster!” A high monk wearing a shroud finally took action. Despite purposely concealing his appearance, everyone knew that he was from Heavenly Dragon Temple.

He waved his hand and sent out a flying kasaya. It took root in the ground and created a colossal wall. Images of monks and Buddhas appeared on top and started chanting.

They exuded the power and light of Buddhism, wanting to stop the skeleton.

“Bang! Bang!” The skeleton began smashing the wall.

“Run now!” The valiant monk still couldn’t stop the creature.

After two smashes, the massive wall had cracks all over. The monk couldn’t handle it anymore but still tried his best to keep the monster at bay.

Eventually, the wall crumbled and the monk was sent flying while vomiting blood. He used this momentum to run as well.

“Don’t look back!” Everyone else wished they had more legs in order to run faster.

“Rumble!” The monster has fully gotten out of the abyss, aiming to pursue the cultivators for more food.

The ancestors and experts looked back and saw the moving behemoth. They turned pale and mustered everything they got to run.

“Clank!” A saber hymn sounded, prompting the monster to suddenly stop.

The old servant was now standing in front of its path while holding his saber. The monster clearly stopped because it felt a potential threat.

He had a calm expression yet his hair and sleeves were fluttering despite a lack of wind.

His saber was wrapped tightly by a thick gray bundle of cloth. Its actual shape remained unknown. It seemed that it hadn't been used for a long time because the cloth was old and dusty.

He had no aura and saber energy to speak of. Nonetheless, he resembled an invisible wall capable of stopping the monster from taking half a step forward.

He changed his posture by straightening his back. When he stood upright in this manner with his hair fluttering, the few remaining spectators found youth returning to him. He was no longer an old man with one foot on the grave but rather, a vigorous middle-aged man.

His eyes narrowed as he gazed at his foe. A saber god seemed to be awakening since the rays from his eyes could execute anything.

Yang Ling became emotional. She knew that he was remarkably powerful but didn’t have an actual gauge. Now, she could only use one word to describe him - invincible.

Invincibility was indeed the impression he gave to the spectators. This might not actually be the case but when he had his saber, no one should think about stopping him.

A while ago, the wild child and Three Slashes emitted magnificent auras and saber energies. The crowd was lost in admiration.

Now, their flashiness seemed rather childish and weak compared to the old man’s stance. Unfortunately, everyone was running away and didn’t get to witness his impeccable style.

“Ooo-” The skeleton roared and smashed with one hand. It didn’t have any technique and merit law, only tyrannical strength.

“Crack!” Time and space cracked - a sign of its wondrous strength. This smash alone could instantly sink a city.

“Boom!” The old man retaliated by raising his sheathed saber up horizontally, easily stopping the smash.

The shockwaves immediately destroyed the ground around him and issued violent quakes. Anyone else would have been turned into meat paste.

“Yes!” Yang Ling and Fan Bai cheered loudly.

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