Chapter 3892: Emerging Monster

The area started shaking so everyone had a hard time maintaining their balance. The ground seemed to be on the verge of splitting.

“What’s going on?” The startled crowd wanted to run away.

Dust-storms suddenly came from the bottom. Something massive was rising up. Its movement caused dust to go everywhere.

“Here we go.” A big shot in the shadows became alarmed.

Once these words came out, something detonated from below. Next came darkness spewing upward like a whale spraying water.

“Boom!” A skeletal claw suddenly reached out of the abyss and grabbed the edge of the cliff, causing broken boulders and debris to roll down while leaving a deep print. This one looked like an eagle claw.

“Boom!” A second claw resembling that of a tiger grabbed the edge next.

Loud noises continued until they saw an enormous monster climbing up the cliff. The abyss was bottomless yet this creature appeared so suddenly.

The thing consisted of only bones at this point. The skull was large enough to push up the sky; all cultivators looked as tiny as ants.

The frame looked quite strange, perhaps an unknown creature that no one here had seen before.

The shape of the body looked like some type of lizard with a long tail. Its sharp claws near the chest area looked like snow-white sabers. The ground would be torn apart like a piece of paper once clawed.

The skull was relatively similar to that of a lion and an alligator as well. Upon closer inspection, one might conclude that it seems more like a dinosaur skull.

It was entirely covered in dust and appeared to be damaged. Some parts had rotten flesh left on it as well.

Most importantly, it wasn’t the bones of a single creature. It seemed to be an amalgamation of different bones.

For example, its bulky thigh consisted of different bones assembled together. This was definitely the case for its spine and its long tail as well. There seemed to be human and beast arm bones…

All in all, someone most likely gathered strange bones from all over the world before assembling them together.

Thus, despite its brutal and ominous presence, the skeleton looked a bit funny and out of place. But from another perspective, this made it even creepier.

“Oooo!” It raised its head and let out a roar similar to that of a wolf howling at the moon to summon its friends.

“What the hell is this?!” The majority of the crowd had never seen a skeleton like this before and became frightened.

“That’s a monster from Black Tides.” A Heavenly Sovereign hiding using a stealth technique announced: “They’re coming.”

The listeners exchanged glances after hearing this. Most had a vague idea of these monsters. Everyone knew that they would eventually come after a tidal recession and attack Black Wood Cliff.

However, they never saw these monsters before. Their impression and knowledge were limited to their seniors’ stories and ancient scrolls.

“... Shit!” An expert looked up and was horrified.

The skeleton was now looking down at them as if they were worms. The bones have dried up long ago but everyone still felt as if the skeleton was alive and sentient.

It had a faint, dark red glow in the sockets instead of eyes - this made it look even more intimidating.

“Run!” The sovereign shouted before escaping from this place.

The skeleton didn’t give them any time before a slash. Due to its claw’s size, several hundred cultivators were caught right away.

“Ah!!” A few were instantly crushed to death right away, akin to an insect being crushed by a man.

Some among them were famous masters but they didn’t have the chance to escape. 

“Vile creature, enough!” An ancestor saw his disciples being captured and unleashed a formidable sword slash.

“Clank! Clank!” The sword ray struck the skeletal hand, resulting in fiery sparks. Unfortunately, it only left a small nick.

“Crunch-” It tossed the survivors into its mouth and started chewing. Blood splashed out along with terrible screams.

Blood flowed down from within and stained the lower bones to the horror of the spectators. No one expected this skeleton to have a penchant for eating men.

Judging from the composition of the bones, this thing didn’t use to be a wild beast or anything. The amalgam of bones shouldn’t have any lingering intent or hunger. Moreover, it should be feeble and break right away from the first touch.

On the other hand, it seemed to be alive with a gluttonous desire on top of being extremely strong.

“Zzz…” After eating several hundred cultivators, flesh began to grow from the dried bones. This was an insignificant amount.

In order to be full again, it would most likely need to eat a hundred thousand cultivators or so.

“It’s trying to regrow its body by eating us!” Many shouted in astonishment.

“We need to take it down!” The experts and ancestors summoned their treasures for an onslaught.

“Rumble!” A pagoda the size of a mountain came crashing down. A cauldron soared across the sky and released an endless inferno…

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