Chapter 3891: One Slash Is Plenty

The slash lacked any offensive potential and flashiness, looking as unique as can be versus other saber techniques.

The saber simply followed Li Qiye’s heart and will - this was his saber dao. The dao intent consisted of untethered freedom and an absolute necessity to kill.

This seemed rather unbelievable and impossible yet he was one to do whatever he wanted.

Extermination and the tenth slash suddenly stopped after the connection with his blade. Both suddenly dispersed into smoke and disappeared from existence.

Footsteps from the duo could be heard as they staggered backward. The crowd became slack-jawed as a result.

“Clank! Clank!” The wild child’s saber and Three Slashes’ Dark Tides suddenly broke into two halves and fell to the ground.

“Ah-” The wild child’s mouth was agape and twitching. He seemed to be trying to speak but couldn’t muster a single word, only incoherent groans.

His head fell to the ground. The cut was clean and smooth, akin to a piece of tofu being cut by an extremely sharp knife.

“Ssss!” Blood splashed from his neck like a spring. As his head was falling down, he saw his body slamming into the blood-stained ground. His wide-open eyes eventually closed.

Meanwhile, after staggering backward, Three Slashes shouted: “Incredible saber technique-”

These were his last words since his body became split in two and fell down. “Bam!” His internal organs oozed outward.

Three Slashes actually died before the wild child and didn’t even realize it. The cut was clean and similar to the wild child’s wound.

Both the young and old along with the hidden big shots were left speechless. None of them thought that they could stop the two slashes earlier, not even the Heavenly Sovereigns.

However, Li Qiye’s casual slash nullified these saber techniques and easily killed his foes.

At their power level, killing them wasn’t that easy. Their true fate could still survive and escape after the total destruction of the body.

However, Li Qiye’s slash also took down their true fate, instantly ending their life. The whole thing required zero effort from him. It was as if he had merely brushed some dirt off his shoulder or sliced some tofu on the chopping board.

In the present, only Righteous Scion could match these two. They have defeated plenty of geniuses and even ancestors before. Those who have fought them had nothing but praises for their cultivation and skills.

A while ago, if someone said that they could kill the two geniuses with one slash, others would laugh incessantly - especially younger cultivators. They would think that this person would die to the duo right away.

Now, the crowd witnessed it with their own eyes and had no choice but to accept the reality of the geniuses being killed with one slash.

Mouths and lips were quivering and twitching but no words came out. Invisible hands seemed to be gripping everyone’s throat.

It took a while before they could breathe normally and regain their wits.

“That’s terrifying.” Some were scared out of their minds. A few youths dropped flat on their butt.

Those who made fun of Li Qiye earlier trembled with fear, thinking about the potential consequences if he were petty enough to pursue this. They turned pale and wanted to run away. Alas, the frightening event sapped their strength completely so they couldn’t even stand.

“Hmm, is it his own power or the saber, no, the metal?” One ancestor asked.

“It’s mainly due to the metal, I’m sure.” A powerful peer responded.

They all saw Li Qiye not exerting any strength at all from start to finish. First, saber energies protected him then it did the killing as well.

Li Qiye didn’t channel his vitality or used a powerful merit law at all. The metal did all the work.

“The metal is all you need to dominate.” Someone else murmured. 

Their fear eventually became replaced with greed as they stared at the metal. Nonetheless, they still had a sliver of rationality, knowing better than to do anything right now. The duo just now was the best example.

“Didn’t I say one move was enough?” Li Qiye smiled at the corpses.

“His prediction came true as well, he said that Three Slashes would die to the saber.” An expert from Black Wood quietly recalled.

Others exchanged glances. He did make this prediction back in Seer Watch. However, no one believed him back then.

“Rumble!” Their conversations needed to wait because of sudden explosions stemming from the abyss.

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