Chapter 3890: Fatal Slash

“Start.” Li Qiye smiled and touched the metal.

“Buzz.” The metal shook a bit and the manifested saber energies came together.

“Clank!” They started twisting and intertwining together to form a saber. It looked rather ordinary, lacking radiance.

It was a whole blade without any carving and polishment. The edge wasn’t sharp either - the opposite of the blades it was facing.

Nonetheless, when Li Qiye held it, it became an extension of his hand. 

The common cultivators didn’t notice this extraordinary phenomenon, only the older experts. Nonetheless, they couldn’t pinpoint a reason or explanation for this.

Only the top ancestors and hidden big shots noticed something special about this saber.

“It feels as if the entire universe is in his grasp.” One big shot solemnly said.

“This metal is so strange, is it omnipotent?” His friend quietly replied.

By this point, the metal was clearly amazing even at the surface level. It transformed into a saber right away. Could it take whatever form its user desired?

“Resembling nature itself, this slash will be wondrous.” The old servant said.

He was a true master of the grand dao. His vision far exceeded those hiding in the shadows so he became emotional while staring at Li Qiye.

The guy didn’t pose at all, making people wonder if he had ever learned how to use a saber. However, the old man knew that Li Qiye was untouchable right now, standing at the apex of the saber dao. Other saber users would only be displaying their slight skill before him.

“Third move.” Li Qiye casually held the saber and told his opponents.

The duo had a dignified expression. As saber geniuses, they naturally understood that something was different about Li Qiye and this saber.

Their insight wasn’t as accurate compared to the old servant's. Nonetheless, they felt that they were facing a saber guru.

Li Qiye lacked rampaging saber energies and his saber lacked sharp gleams. Nonetheless, he seemed to be one with the saber dao - a natural sensation that came from ultimate mastery.

The two found this inconceivable. They trained for decades before reaching the current level. As for Li Qiye, how could he resemble a true expert given his weak cultivation? This made no sense.

Unfortunately, time didn’t allow them to keep on thinking about this issue. They strengthened their grip and focused on the battle at hand.

“Boom!” The wild child’s vitality soared to the next level, looking like a tsunami devastating the world. Everything else seemed like dried branches.

“Raa!” Within his oceanic vitality was a monstrous creature - a primal godbeast.

Grand dao laws circled around the creature and issued loud clunks. They swung around and crushed the surroundings.

“Activate!” The wild child roared. His saber erupted with radiance. The strands of light resembled individual slashes, ready to take down the galaxy above.

“Raa!” The godbeast roared furiously and harmonized with his saber. He then raised the blade above his head.

The blade became extremely sharp. Each glint emanating from it could sever the yin and yang along with the reincarnation cycle. People found it difficult to keep their eyes open.

The wild child looked like a supreme god. His saber became an arbiter, ready to judge the world and its inhabitants.

“Mad Tenth Slash!” An ancestor recognized this technique and shouted: “Mad Blade used this to annihilate an entire sect back then.”

Meanwhile, Three Slashes’ saber started buzzing as well. He added all of his vitality into the blade, causing its color to change from black to a ruby red. 

“True blood? No, it’s his longevity blood!” A spectator gasped.

The saber emitted a stench of death. He became a reaper and one slash could reap billions of lives. His eyes gleamed with a dark pink light at first then it turned into a blood red. 

“The third slash.” Others shuddered after seeing his frightening state.

“This is the third slash, Extermination.” A genius who had fought Three Slashes before turned pale.

“Extermination!” Three Slashes uttered the name of the technique and thrust his saber forward. Everyone felt their soul leaving their body after hearing his voice.

The blade cut through everything on its path and appeared next to Li Qiye’s throat in the next moment. Even the ancestors gasped after seeing this.

“Mad Tenth Slash!” The wild child swung his saber at the same time as well, fully blinding the spectators with its radiance.

“Crack!” The fabrics of time were severed, leaving behind a deep scar in the sky.

The crowd roared after seeing this destructive phenomenon.

“Their strongest technique, no one can stop this!” An ancestor from a large sect claimed.

In this split second, Li Qiye also swung his saber in a natural and free manner. It didn’t follow any pattern and technique. Nonetheless, it seemed to be outside of worldly confinements and shackles.

The casual slash surpassed all laws and saber techniques, freezing time and space after the swing.

Three Slashes’ Extermination and the wild child’s Mad Tenth Slash were both ruthless and overbearing. However, they seemed to be formless and non-existent compared to Li Qiye’s swing.

They didn’t manage to slow Li Qiye down for a second. His slash completely bypassed both, doing whatever he pleased.

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