Chapter 3889: Two Moves Have Passed

Even heavenly gazes couldn’t see through the dark water. Cultivation didn’t matter here. It became difficult to see one’s own hands while stuck in the currents.

Under normal circumstances, cultivators could see in complete darkness. Once they became stronger, they could even chase the darkness away. This didn’t apply to this special tsunami.

The ancestors had a moment of reflection and thought that they wouldn’t be able to block the dual slashes. As for the top Heavenly Sovereigns, they could stop it but injuries were unavoidable.

“Impressive.” One sovereign in the shadow took a deep breath and emotionally said: “Peerless saber dao, at least when compared to their peers.”

“Yes, they’re at the top of this path right now.” Another big shot nodded.

“They’re too strong, no one will dare to fight them after this.” A youth regained his wits and was stricken with fear.

“The mad slash is absolute brutality, capable of breaking all defenses. The tsunami slash is relentless, capable of seeping through all gaps and openings to deliver the fatal blow.” One genius deduced: “I saw a top defensive treasure unable to stop the tsunami slash. Its user was left with countless holes.”

“The guy is dead for sure, he’s mincemeat now.” A local youth was certain of this.

“Maybe the metal can save him from that pitiful state but I’m sure he’s dismembered in some way.” Another youth agreed.

“That’s what he gets for opposing the wild child and Three Slashes.” A fan snorted with disdain.

The fans thought that Li Qiye had no chance of surviving the two slashes.

“First Mad Slash.” Yang Ling saw the technique earlier and asked: “This is one of the eight variations from Senior Guan Tianba? Is it really that strong?”

“It’s a child playing with the saber.” The old servant shook his head: “It’s not qualified to be called First Mad Slash. Feeble, powerless, and pretentious.”

“What does the real thing look like?” Yang Ling became surprised since she was impressed with the wild child’s attack.

She became curious because she had never seen the eight variations before. Nonetheless, everyone heard about it before.

The old man only smiled and didn’t respond.

At this point, the dark tides slowly receded, revealing the floating platform and Li Qiye again.

They saw him holding the black metal. The interesting part was the saber energy strands emanating from it, looking like leaves scattering to the wind.

It was as if he was standing beneath a massive willow tree. Its branches and leaves served as armor, fully nullifying the two slashes prior.

He seemed relaxed and carefree while holding the metal, not feeling the slightest pressure from the previous onslaught. Furthermore, this metal seemed weightless in his hand.

The duo had channeled all of their vitality and energy, still attempting to push down with their blades. Alas, the thin saber energies from the metal stopped them completely.

“I can’t believe it!” A spectator exclaimed. Those two were red from exerting all of their strength yet couldn’t break the thin strands.

In fact, these strands looked feeble and light enough to be sent away by someone’s blowing. This simply wasn’t the case, resulting in a bizarre scene.

“What kind of power is this?” Youths became confused.

“I'm convinced that this metal is unstoppable.” One ancestor said.

“If I have this metal, I can stop the wild child and Three Slashes too.” A prodigy said.

“That’s two moves. One more then it’s time to end this.” Li Qiye said.

The duo became aghast and pulled their blade back to retreat again. They pointed their saber at him while realizing the monstrous nature of this metal.

In this crucial moment, they could sense death coming for them - something they haven’t felt before. They exchanged glances, wanting to come up with a plan.

“There’s no hope for you.” Li Qiye smiled: “Looks like you don’t live up to your title.”

By this point, the two no longer became angry at Li Qiye’s dismissive comments. Their eyes narrowed since this situation had deteriorated. Fear reared its ugly head.

As top geniuses, they had enough intuition and awareness to spot danger. Unfortunately, it was too late to turn back.

“We’ll end this with this next move.” Three Slashes uttered coldly.

“Don’t be so confident now, the victor is yet to be decided.” The wild child laughed.

They gritted their teeth, ready to fight to the very end. Of course, they would never beg him for mercy either. This wasn’t in their nature. Their unyielding courage played a large part in their current achievements.

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