Chapter 3888: First Mad Slash

The two supreme geniuses didn’t show any mercy. Their slashes could take down ancestors, let alone a youth like Li Qiye.

However, Li Qiye easily blocked it without exerting a minuscule amount of effort. Virtually everyone assumed that it was due to the black metal, not his power and cultivation.

“Just what is the origin of this treasure?” The hidden big shots became enamored after seeing the metal’s magical property.

If it wasn’t for the abyss standing in the way, some would have rushed over to pry it from his hand.

No one could resist the temptation of this wondrous artifact. Reputation, morality, and honor didn’t matter. They would do anything for this piece of metal.

“Leaving the dao lord thing aside, just obtaining that metal is enough to make one invincible.” A Heavenly Sovereign in stealth mode quietly said while staring greedily at Li Qiye.

This was the case for virtually everyone. The hidden big shots all wanted that metal right now.

The duo started thinking as well. They came here knowing the magical properties of that metal. One could find a supreme grand dao there, extremely useful for the dao lord path. This metal was a hundred times more precious than any merit law and manual. 

Surprisingly enough, they still became astounded at how amazing it was after seeing Li Qiye using it. The metal, in and of itself, appeared to be an unbeatable artifact. If a clan or sect could get it, they could loom over all of Eight Desolaces.

It became imperative to seize that metal. Their eyes became determined; no means would be too wretched for the sake of getting it.

“If these crappy saber techniques are all you two got, it’s time to rethink about getting the metal from me.” Li Qiye smiled and shook his head.

The crowd didn’t take it in stride. The two geniuses’ were known to be the best of their generation. Now, Li Qiye showed no respect for their attainment in the saber dao.

Nonetheless, the duo managed to restrain their anger in order to fulfill their goal of taking the metal.

“Let’s not be hasty, Fellow Daoist. Our agreement is three moves.” Three Slashes gripped his saber tightly enough to have bulging veins on his hands.

“I’m waiting for the second move.” Li Qiye waved two fingers.

“This battle will only end with death on one side!” The wild child pointed his saber at Li Qiye and aggressively declared. Saber energies rampaged the area right away.

“Your side.” Li Qiye nonchalantly responded, seemingly amused.

“Let’s go.” Three Slashes didn’t waste words. A frightening glint could be seen in the depth of his eyes.

His Black Tides has yet to leave its sheath, building power for a sure decapitation.

“Buzz.” On the other hand, the wild child’s saber energies continued to run rampant, creating more oppressive sabers in the sky.

“Clank!” A clear saber hymn could be heard. Listeners felt as if their heart had just been pierced by a snow-white saber, leaving a chilling hole.

The hymn lasted for what seems to be an entire era. It was because Three Slashes finally unsheathed his saber.

Earlier, it was a quick draw and no one saw his slash. This time around, the process happened at a snail’s pace. Each inch required millions of years. Dark tides materialized out of nowhere, ready to drown the world.

“That’s the water of Black Tides?” The crowd became shaken. They were too familiar with the dreadful water.

Only death awaited those caught in the water. Even the strongest cultivators would sink to the bottom and drown.

The crowd’s sabers and swords started resonating with the saber hymn and shook violently. The wild child finally created another ocean of sabers to hover above Li Qiye.

“First Mad Slash!” He roared furiously and the individual blades came together to form a radiant divine saber. The energies stemming from it reached the next level, capable of killing the strongest gods and devils.

“Die!” Meanwhile, Three Slashes finished the unsheathing process. 

“Boom!” A dark tsunami with a corrosive nature rushed forward to swallow Li Qiye.

Both the geniuses attacked at the same time. First Mad Slash was capable of severing anything into two halves regardless of its toughness.

As for the tsunami, it actually contained numerous blades as well. Once trapped in the currents, the blades would tear the victim apart.

“Boom!” The dual-pronged offense struck Li Qiye at the same time.

Because of the dark tsunami, the spectators had a hard time seeing the result. Nonetheless, its destructive capability was palpable.

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