Chapter 3887: Not Much To It

The result of being sliced and diced by millions of blades was obvious. Only tiny pieces would be left of Li Qiye in the blink of an eye. What’s left of him might even move for a bit after reaching the ground, akin to a flopping fish.

In fact, the wild child was confident in both his speed and accuracy. He believed that each piece removed from Li Qiye would have the same size.

“There’s no getting away!” One girl shouted.

However, the target of the slash didn’t move an inch. Li Qiye had no intention of dodging the attack and simply rubbed the piece of metal as if attempting to brush dust off.

“Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!” Gusts could be heard stemming from numerous dao laws shooting out of the metal. It pierced through space with unfathomable speed. The top masters could only see tiny shadows darting forward.

“Rumble!” A magnificent scene came next - the laws aimed at the sabers and crushed them to pieces that scatter downward.

“Boom!” The wild child smashed into the ground as if an invisible hand had just struck him.

The crowd became astounded right away. The whole thing seemed too easy even though the wild child used one of the eight variations.

Mad Blade Guan Tianba used these techniques and massacred armies before. Now, Li Qiye instantly defeated the wild child by just rubbing on the metal.

“Clank!” Three Slashes didn’t give up and took advantage of this opportunity. The moment people heard the blade moving through the air, it was already inches from Li Qiye’s neck.

Even the older cultivators didn’t see the actual attack, only the flashing of the blade. Most victims would only feel a cold breeze by their neck before being decapitated by this move.

“Such a fast move!” An ancestor became frightened by this attack.

Time came to a halt with the saber on the verge of decapitating Li Qiye. The dark blade exuded a black glimmer, seemingly capable of severing any existence.

People felt a sharp pain in their chest the moment they saw this light, causing them to groan.

“Li Qiye lost!” The spectators shouted since just a bit more and this would be over.

“Told you, the young lord would only need one move to take his head.” A youth from Black Wood celebrated.

“Young Lord, kick his head down the abyss!” Another started gloating.

“Right, he won’t be haughty anymore!” Others started chiming in.

Strangely enough, Three Slashes kept his saber there without taking down his opponent.

In the beginning, many big shots thought that Three Slashes purposely stopped there in order to show mercy, waiting for Li Qiye to give up.

However, this didn’t seem to be the case so they took a closer look.

“No, Li Qiye stopped it.” A keen-eyed cultivator claimed confidently.

“With that?” The ones nearby asked right away.

“Another tiny law.” His friend, a powerful ancestor, became startled after noticing it as well.

With this new information, the spectators observed closely and saw one tiny law blocking the saber.

It hovered right in front of Li Qiye’s neck and had no problem stopping the blade despite its humble size.

“Hmph, this thing can’t stop the young lord, he just needs to add more strength to cut it down along with Li Qiye’s hea-…” A youth scowled.

However, he stopped before finishing the sentence. Once they shifted their attention from Li Qiye’s neck to the young lord, they saw his face being red with his vitality surging.

Even a fool could tell that he was giving it everything he got but the saber still couldn’t sever the law.

The slash was brilliant - swift and mighty. This made the whole thing even more unbelievable.

He eventually pulled his saber back and retreated to a safe distance. He gazed at his opponent, afraid of a counter attack. Alas, Li Qiye still didn’t make his move.

The scene became eerily silent. Both the wild child and Three Slashes’ offense couldn’t be criticized.

Unfortunately, they failed to injure Li Qiye while the wild child was forced to the ground.

The wild child finally got up. The duo exchanged glances then stared at the metal in Li Qiye’s hand. The crowd also did the same.

They noted that the metal stopped the offense, not Li Qiye. Its power was unfathomable since Li Qiye didn’t need to activate it at all. 

“What kind of supreme treasure is this?” The ancestors and high elders took a deep breath.

With one touch from Li Qiye, it displayed a dreadful power. They couldn’t imagine what it would be like once fully activated.

“If it’s mine…” They started fantasizing while salivating.

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