Chapter 3886: Mad Blade Eight Variations

The eight variations were renowned and notorious in Eight Desolaces, playing a large part as to why Guan Tianba was considered the third supreme.

Those who have seen it in action had nothing but praises for it. Some considered it to be the finest saber art, hence the crowd’s reaction after learning about the wild child’s experience with it.

“I wonder how much he had learned.” One expert said softly.

“Just fifty percent will allow him to be unbeatable among the young generation.” An older master speculated.

Few have seen Mad Blade but virtually everyone has heard of his title before. Saber users, in particular, were fans of the eight variations. To see them in person today would be truly exciting.

“No youth can stop those two together.” This sentiment was nearly unanimous.

Whether it be Three Slashes or the wild child, either had dominated with their saber skills. The two of them together should be matchless.

“I don’t think our old bones can stop them either, let alone a younger cultivator.” A big shot from the last generation commented.

Most assumed that Li Qiye wouldn’t be able to stop the slashes, meaning that his death was certain.

“Daoist Li, ready your weapon.” Three Slashes uttered coldly while staring at Li Qiye.

Both wanted to cut down Li Qiye due to their anger. Nonetheless, they maintained the style of a prestigious clan’s successor. They would never attack without warning before giving their opponent ample time.

“No need, I’m fine like this.” Li Qiye patted the metal and said.

His opponents’ expression grew ugly from the repeated transgressions. They calmed their emotion in preparation for the fight but anger reared its head again.

“Is he serious? Wanting to fight them without using a weapon? Ignorant fool.” A young spectator shouted.

“Have it your way then.” The wild child said: “Show us what you can do!”

“Let’s get started.” Three Slashed said, not hiding his murderous intent.

“I’ll let you two attack first.” Li Qiye stood there without a defensive stance.

“Boom!” Both the youths released their vitality and energy. Powerful waves emanated outward like hurricanes at first, eventually culminating into boundless oceans.

The spectators were stirred by their display of might.

“They’re definitely at the heir level.” One youth murmured.

“This has been the case for a long time now.” An expert aware of their situation revealed.

“Boom!” Once they gathered enough power, the oceans of energy turned into kingdoms.

Their physical size didn’t grow but they felt enormous to the spectators, looking like two gods. Visual phenomena emerged as they became empowered by their kingdoms, accepting the blessing and respect of numerous living beings within. This granted them destructive capabilities - just one hand wave would be enough to annihilate everything.

“Clank!” The wild child slowly unsheathed his saber from the sheath tied to his back.

The freed blade had a blinding illumination. Others felt a sharp pain in their eyes as if the rays were piercing them.

“Incredible!” Many shouted after seeing this. They also retreated in order to avoid needless trouble.

“Clank!” It took a while before he unsheathed it completely. Next came a loud explosion. The energy waves from the blade manifested in a frightening manner. The wild child’s hair started fluttering as a result.

The saber intent turned him into a crazy state, capable of boosting his power exponentially. He intimidated the crowd even before an actual attack.

On the contrary, Three Slashes still looked calm. He stood there with his eyes closed; however, he had a firm grip on his saber with both hands.

He looked like a statue, lacking energy waves and oppressive intent when compared to his ally. Strangely enough, people found this to be scarier.

They could smell a stench of death as if he was a reaper ready for the harvest. The moment he showed his blade, his foes would definitely make a visit to the yellow river.

The atmosphere became extremely tense. Some spectators’ legs started trembling.

“Die!” The wild child stepped forward and howled: “Torrential Obliteration!” 

He slashed vertically and released millions of sabers. Time came to a halt as these sabers came out of nowhere. They weren’t illusions and images either but actual physical blades.

The storm of blades could mince the world and its inhabitants to little pieces. The crowd became horrified right away.

“Torrential Obliteration, one of the eight variations!” A big shot blurted.

“He really does have access to this art.” A hidden master murmured after seeing the slash.

This confirmed that he had trained in Guan Tianba’s saber techniques.

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