Chapter 3885: Black Tides Blade

“One move.” Three Slashes lost his cool gradually throughout the conversation.

“No one has ever defeated me with one move.” He uttered coldly.

As a gifted cultivator, he was famous alongside Righteous Scion. His current abilities were nothing short of impressive, especially his saber dao. He fought evenly against those from the last generation, let alone younger cultivators such as Li Qiye.

“Hahaha, I can’t wait to see a technique capable of defeating me in one move. I doubt one exists!” The wild child laughed from being too angry.

Other youths started voicing their support. One shouted: “Wild Child, an ignorant brat like him deserves to have his head roll on the ground!”

“Rid him of his dog head!” A local cultivator bellowed.

Few believed that Li Qiye could beat these two with one move, especially in a one-on-two scenario. Even those who thought highly of Li Qiye found this implausible.

An ancestor would definitely lose to the duo. As for Li Qiye’s claim? Even the supremes might not be able to do it.

“We won’t be unreasonable.” Three Slashes held his saber and declared: “If you can survive three slashes from me, I will leave this place without uttering a single word.”

His eyes were stern and flashing sharply. These rays seemed eager to cut off Li Qiye’s head already.

“So confident in your saber. Fine, since people say no one can withstand your slashes, I'll give you the chance to use them first before death.” Li Qiye smiled.

Three Slashes and Wild Child nearly vomited blood from anger. Three Slashes’ stipulation stemmed from confidence on top of wanting to give Li Qiye a chance to survive. Now, Li Qiye made it sound like he was doing them a favor.

“Three slashes it is then.” The wild child agreed.

“Blades do not have eyes, watch yourself.” Three Slashes became bloodthirsty. His aura engulfed the area and lowered the temperature.

People shuddered as they have been turned into a sieve by countless blade thrusts.

“The murderous intent comes before the release, he wants to see blood.” An older expert murmured.

“Li Qiye brought this upon himself. He’ll be decapitated soon enough.” A prodigy from Black Wood showed disdain towards Li Qiye.

“Show me the saber arts that you two have so much pride in.” Li Qiye taunted with a hand gesture, once again annoying the crowd.

They had no appreciation for his haughtiness and contempt towards all.

On the other hand, the duo took a deep breath to calm their emotions. They wanted to fight while having the best mental state and concentration.

The ancestors saw their composure and became impressed. Most cultivators, once enraged, wouldn’t be able to do this as well as them.

Both held their saber, still sheathed. They channeled their vitality and the two sabers became brimming with chaos true energy. 

“This saber is from Black Tides so I gave it the same name.” Three Slashes introduced: “It has three techniques engraved on it.”

There were conflicting stories about how he obtained this saber. The first said that he came across it by chance during his youth. Another stated that it has been in the clan for millions of years. Since Three Slashes was so gifted, the ancestors in the clan bestowed him this important treasure. 

Putting that aside, the saber really came from Black Tides. Three Slashes’ main techniques and saber dao all originated from the saber.

“There’s no stopping that saber.” Someone who has fought him before was still traumatized.

“Yes, I only made it to the second slash and saw nothing but despair.” A top genius from Black Wood couldn’t forget the defeat.

“My saber is named Wild Hunt.” The wild child introduced his saber as well: “It is created from the dao bone of a primal godbeast and refined by top materials from Frontier Peak. It is extremely sharp.”

A primal godbeast is a high heaven-level primal beast, very warlike and rare.” An old master became startled.

An ancestor from the eight kingdoms slowly elaborated: “The materials from Frontier Peak are the best in the east as well. The annual production is pitiful, usually only two ingots are usable so it’s very precious.”

Others took a deep breath. The eight kingdoms were large and had plenty of treasures and metals. The wild child’s saber must have been infused with the best type of metal possible.

“As for my techniques, I have trained with Senior Mad Blade’s saber art with a total of eight variations. I only know the bare surface.” He added.

“So the rumor is true!” This sparked numerous discussions since this was a popular rumor.

Others respected Mad Blade for his skills. However, why did he pass his legacy down to the eight kingdoms instead of the holy ground?

Most were skeptical of this claim but they didn’t doubt the genius.

“Why did Senior Mad Blade pass his techniques to the eight kingdoms?” A powerful ancestor from the holy ground had to ask.

The wild child had a solemn expression and shook his head: “This is not something I can comment on. I am not Senior Mad Blade’s disciple and he never taught me before. Nonetheless, I have nothing but respect for him. I view him as my master.”

Others exchanged glances. So if these two weren’t master and disciple, what was their actual relationship?

“Looks like he really came to the far east back then.” A member of the last generation considered this a confirmation of previous events.

Alas, no one had an answer as to why Mad Blade left his techniques to the eight kingdoms.

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