Chapter 3884: You Can’t Handle My Demand

Both Wild Child of the East and Three Slashes of Biandu had tempting offers for Li Qiye. The crowd became interested in his decision.

For the majority, they would pick the wild child’s decision. The eight kingdoms were removed from the rest of the world.

If they could have their own land there with ample resources and treasures, they would be able to live like kings in the mortal world - a life filled with pleasures and devoid of worries.

Of course, they knew that this metal contained dao information, perhaps enough to help them become a dao lord.

Nonetheless, there was only one dao lord in each generation. Effort and luck alone weren’t always enough.

In history, top experts and peerless geniuses traveled towards this goal. In the end, only one would find success.

This path was filled with thorny briars and unknowns. Most would die horrific death and become paving bones for the future winner.

The ones here knew that they were relatively ordinary. Becoming a dao lord was unreachable. Thus, they rather picked a realistic aim. For example, a regional lord that could act with impunity. Therefore, Three Slashes’ offer seemed inferior in comparison.

“Just say yes already, what is he waiting for?” One youth fantasized about being in Li Qiye’s shoes. He would agree right away without thinking twice.

Another expert nodded and murmured: “The wild child’s offer is excellent. It would be harder to find a more generous soul.”

“Enough with the conjectures. The reality is that he will never say yes since it’s not his nature.” A big shot from central spoke: “He’s different from everyone else and operates with his own set of logics.”

People watched with bated breath, still waiting for a response.

“I actually do have something on my mind, I wonder if you can satisfy my wish.” Li Qiye smiled.

The duo briefly stared at each other before nodding at the same time. The wild child said confidently: “As long as it is something we have, we’ll offer it to you with both hands.”

“I feel the same way.” Three Slashes nodded as well.

“Really now? Don’t regret your decision when I say it.” Li Qiye smirked.

“A man of virtue never goes back on his words.” Three Slashes spewed out a proverb, looking a bit impatient.

Other treasures might be precious but absolutely couldn’t compare to this metal. Its value couldn’t be overstated. Exchanging ten treasures for it was just fine.

The crowd started wondering about Li Qiye’s wish. What items would be worth it in exchange for the metal?

“Your heads.” Li Qiye smiled.

A silence stemming from shock briefly took over before a furor broke out.

“This joke isn’t funny.” One youth shouted.

A fan of the duo was furious and shouted: “This Li guy is ridiculous. They are being so nice to him yet he wishes to court death.”

“Looks like he has no intention of handing the metal over.” A big shot speculated.

Another important character added: “A battle is inevitable. Both sides don’t want to give it up, it’s just too important.”

In reality, the clear-minded members of the audience understood that this has always been the case. This was especially true for the duo since they had the ambition of becoming a dao lord.

Their expression became frozen after hearing Li Qiye. They then glared at him, unhappy with the humiliation.

“Brother Li, you are out of line. We are coming from a place of sincerity yet you insult us!” The wild child raised his voice.

“Stop, don’t pretend to be a cat mourning over a mouse. Everyone knows that you two will do anything for the metal. We can drop the charade right now. The metal is in my possession, come and get it if you dare.” Li Qiye waved his hand.

Li Qiye directly broke all pretenses and made it exciting for the spectators.

“It’s about to happen.” Someone said.

“As you wish, Brother Li.” Three Slashes has been waiting for this opportunity: “Seems like you are eager to fight us, we shall entertain you then.” He cupped his fist afterward.

Not trading anything for the metal was the best-case scenario. In other words, robbing Li Qiye.

However, he had qualms about doing this due to his and the clan’s reputation. Others would criticize the clan for doing so.

Now, this was no longer the case after Li Qiye’s provocation. The reason for the fight was to correct Li Qiye for his impudence, not to rob him.

“Come together to save time.” Li Qiye told the two.

Fury ignited inside the wild child. He had never been treated with such contempt before since his debut.

If an ancestor or a top master were to talk to him like this, it would be relatively palatable. After all, these beings were qualified to fight him. Now, this junior with no cultivation to speak of dared to look down on him?

“Seems like you’re quite confident in your ability.” The wild child no longer used honorifics as he glared menacingly at Li Qiye. [1]

“Always.” Li Qiye replied.

“Such audacity, I can’t wait to see how many moves you will last.” The wild child grabbed his saber hilt.

“You should be asking yourself this.” Li Qiye replied: “In my opinion, maybe one move is still too much.”

“What?!” The listeners back in the first area couldn’t believe it.

The young geniuses became infuriated, let alone the duo. 

“He’s gonna bite his tongue one day from all the bullshit.” One of them snorted.

Many were fans of the duo; some have lost to them before in battle. Nonetheless, they thought that it was still an honor.

That’s why Li Qiye’s insult towards the two could be construed as insulting them as well. Li Qiye immediately became an eyesore for the majority.

1. The you here is informal, not polite speech

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