Chapter 3883: Intimidation And Persuasion

No one dared to imagine the metal giving up that easily to someone. The duo standing nearby had no idea either; this also applied to the big shots hiding in the shadow.

Why would it listen to Li Qiye? Everyone racked their brains and couldn’t come up with an explanation.

“To hell with this.” Three Slashes couldn’t help cursing despite his calm demeanor. He didn’t think that Li Qiye was stronger than him. He had confidence in his ability.

Moreover, Li Qiye’s cultivation was obviously low as well, far from being on the same level as their team. This just didn’t make any sense.

“Indeed.” The wild child agreed as well: “This entire thing is the stuff of sorcery.”

Those from the central region have been telling people about Li Qiye’s miracles. Alas, the others didn’t buy it until now.

“Why is this happening?” A young genius asked his senior.

The younger crowd doubted Li Qiye earlier so his success truly humiliated them.

His senior had no response while shaking his head. The older cultivators were just as confused.

“See, the creator of miracles never disappoints.” An expert from the plateau murmured: “This title is completely warranted.”

“Hmm…” A hidden big shot started pondering. Those at this power level had a good idea as to why the metal accepted Li Qiye’s demand. It must be due to that flash earlier.

“Do you know what happened?” Yang Ling asked the old servant who thought about it for a bit.

He didn’t understand the entire thing either. The gap between Li Qiye and him became increasingly clearer.

“I don’t know.” He eventually responded: “I just know that at the very least, the young master knows what it is and its origin.”

Yang Ling started thinking after hearing this. Everyone knew about the tale regarding Eight Stallion Dao Lord and Dark Abyss. Three Slashes and the wild child tried to copy this dao lord’s success.

As for this metal and the origin of the abyss? Perhaps even the dao lord had little clues.

The only one privy to this information was Li Qiye. That’s why the metal became his in no time at all.

He smiled and looked at the metal in his hand then turned around to leave. However, the duo immediately got in his way.

The atmosphere became tense for the spectators.

“Okay, they’ll definitely fight this time.” Someone read the situation.

“Well, those two have enough resources and help to keep a top treasure like that. Otherwise, it might fall into the wrong hands.” One genius said.

It was abundantly clear that these two wanted to rob Li Qiye. Alas, some of the crowd tried to twist the narrative.

Robbing Li Qiye would be considered dishonorable by anyone. Nonetheless, the metal was precious enough for the duo to ignore the loss of reputation. 

“You want it?” Li Qiye smiled at the two.

“This item can change the direction of the holy ground and help its people. We can’t let it fall into the wrong hands…” Three Slashes took a deep breath and began.

“Stop, no need to try and justify this.” Li Qiye waved his hand: “Just say that you want it. A man should have the courage to stand behind his action, don’t claim to be a virgin when you’re a prostitute.” 

Three Slashes turned red after hearing this. Sure, everyone knew that he wanted to rob Li Qiye. However, his clan was the lord of this region. There was no other justification to do this either. Thus, he came up with a noble goal.

Unfortunately, Li Qiye interrupted him in a vulgar yet effective manner, leaving him in a tough situation.

“Brother Li, I want your metal.” The wild child, on the other hand, didn’t beat around the bush: “Just tell me what you want. I, no, our kingdoms will do our best to satisfy you. State your demand, we can handle anything.”

The crowd exchanged glances. The wild child’s condition was tempting indeed. He was the son of the Praetor and the number one genius in the eight kingdoms. His high status there couldn’t be questioned.

“Really?” Li Qiye smiled.

“Yes, in exchange for this stone, you’ll become our most distinguished guest. Treasure, artifacts, merit laws, territories, beauties, servants, all will be yours and you’ll live like an immortal in the east afterward.” The wild child laughed.

Though his choice of words was crude, he was smart enough to pick the right aspects to tempt a man. Who didn’t want a life consisting of wealth and women? The crowd felt their heart beating faster after listening to him.

“Our clan can also satisfy your demand, Brother Li.” Three Slashes thought that Li Qiye was tempted and decided to catch up.

“Will he do it?” Someone murmured.

The young ones were easily tempted. They desired the life painted by the wild child’s tongue and would absolutely trade the piece of metal for it.

“Only a fool wouldn’t.” One youth answered with haste.

“Only a fool would.” Someone from the last generation glared at him and said: “That thing can turn you into an invincible dao lord. All of Eight Desolaces will be in your grasps then. The eight kingdoms alone are nothing.”

Though Three Slashes tried to change his method, the wild child still had the better offer.

All eyes were on Li Qiye, curious about his final decision.

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