Chapter 3882: See? Easy

Li Qiye’s narrowed eyes lit up brightly. Everyone thought they heard a loud boom afterward despite it clearly not being real. They still heard ringing in their eyes.

In this split second, Li Qiye shot out two rays towards the metal.

“Boom!” An explosion finally came alongside a blinding flash. 

Everyone became temporarily blinded from the boundless radiance akin to the explosion of a billion suns.

This happened without warning and disappeared just as fast. One could describe it as the strongest lightning bolt flashing then dispersing.

The sudden nature of the process made everyone feel as if it was only an illusion. Once their sight adapted to normalcy again, they saw Li Qiye simply standing there without any impressive aura.

However, his eyes became profound and focused. The spectators didn’t notice a faint flash deep within these eyes. 

“Did you see something flashing earlier?” One expert asked his friend nearby.

“You saw it too?” The friend said with uncertainty.

Others began talking. Since everyone shared the same experience, they were certain that the flash really happened.

It simply happened too quickly and blinded them, leaving them in confusion and unaware of Li Qiye’s actual move.

They put this bizarre development aside and continued staring at Li Qiye, wondering about his choice. Would he want to use brute force to take the metal just like the duo?

The metal reacted by sending out delicate laws. These strands were awfully convoluted and complicated, seemingly made from countless parts and dao runes.

If they were fully derived, they would be as vast and enigmatic as oceans. Each could support an entire epoch - a testament to their unimaginable perpetuity.

They moved as if they were alive, squirming back and forth and brimming with curiosity about the outside world. They wanted to leave the metal for a better look.

The spectators couldn’t fathom how this piece of metal was containing so many dao laws.

The metal itself looked rather evil and frightening, akin to a dark entity with thousands and thousands of tentacles.

 Some spectators found this a nauseating sight. The problem was their lack of understanding. The big shots didn’t feel the same way and couldn’t avert their gaze.

They knew that these tiny things contained supreme grand dao. Just understanding one would be a lifetime of benefits.

Li Qiye slowly raised his hand forward, not to grab the metal. This looked like a gesture beckoning someone to give him money or something back.

The tiny laws became frozen after seeing his hand. It was an awkward situation to be in, having someone ask for money without a valid reason.

Li Qiye moved his hand a bit closer after seeing the laws’ reaction. Now he looked like a child asking for a red packet. However, the adult, in this case, seemed hesitant.

The laws pulled back to show its unwillingness, wanting to refuse him. The entire metal seemed to have its own consciousness. Unfortunately, the metal’s feeling didn’t matter in this case. Li Qiye left no room for refusal.

The crowd was surprised to see this strange interaction. They thought that the metal was only a naturally-formed treasure without sentience. This didn’t seem to be the case. It might actually be a living form, just different from the conventional type.

When Li Qiye made a demand in this manner, none could refuse him. The laws slowly returned to the metal.

“Buzz.” Light materialized around the metal in the form of two wings and started lifting it up.

“What the hell?!” Everyone’s mouth became agape in astonishment, including the duo nearby.

They tried everything earlier and couldn’t move the metal an inch. It seemed to be the heaviest thing in the world. Now, it actually floated on its own accord, looking rather light.

To make it worse, it decided to fly closer to Li Qiye and landed on his palm. It clearly acquiesced to his demand.

“How can this be?!” Some started shouting in disbelief.

Li Qiye didn’t put in that much effort at all. All he did was raise his hand and gesture for the metal to come, nothing more.

“That’s far too easy.” A hidden big shot was astounded.

His group thought that Li Qiye would use an earth-shattering method or something bizarre to obtain this metal. Alas, the result was anything but complicated.

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