Chapter 3881: Feel Free To Try

“Clank!” A saber intent manifested even though the blade was still in its sheath. It hovered above Li Qiye, ready to cut off his head. 

People couldn't help but shudder at the bone-chilling saber intent - an indication of the youth’s might.

The shouting crowd shut their mouth right away and focused on watching the fight.

“Fine, since you wish to fight, Fellow Daoist, start.” The wild child had a firm grasp on his saber, not hiding his murderous intent towards Li Qiye at all. The sharp waves emanating from him seemed eager to flay Li Qiye.

“Such powerful saber intent.” A spectator said.

Those from the central region and Righteous have never seen the wild child in action before. Nonetheless, they were impressed by his saber intent.

On the other hand, Li Qiye only smiled and didn’t care in the slightest.

This lackadaisical appearance offended the wild child. His opponent was looking down on him.

“Go, to the death.” The furious youth declared aggressively.

“Calm down, Brother.” Three Slashes suddenly interrupted what seemed to be an inevitable battle.

This caught the spectators and the wild child off guard. They thought that Three Slashes would actually join his ally against Li Qiye too.

“What does he want?” A spectator murmured.

“What do you mean, Brother?” The wild child stared at Three Slashes.

“Please wait, Brother.” Three Slashes told the wild child before turning towards Li Qiye: “Fellow Daoist, are you here to comprehend the dao, or do you have other plans?”

“I am taking this metal with me, stand aside.” Li Qiye replied.

“You stand aside!” The livid wild child shouted back. No one has ever talked to him like this since his dao debut. This was often the case for top geniuses.

Three Slashes was annoyed as well but he maintained his composure: “Are you sure you’ll be able to take this metal away? It is incalculably heavy.”

The crowd then realized a key point of this development. Remember, this fist-sized metal couldn’t be shaken by the duo regardless of their effort.. Could Li Qiye actually do it?

“No problem at all. Move.” Li Qiye said.

This imperious style of Li Qiye was hard to accept. Nonetheless, the duo exercised patience this time around.

“Is he serious?” People started talking. 

“It can’t be that easy. He’s blustering.” Another said.

“I don’t think it’s possible. This Li Qiye can’t be stronger than those two.” One cultivator was skeptical of his claim.

“Did you forget how easily he got to the platform? Everyone doubted him earlier too. Just watch, anything’s possible.” A young expert from the central region said.

Others nodded in agreement. Li Qiye had no problem crossing the abyss, staying true to his words.

“You’re right, maybe he can take it away.” A member of the previous generation agreed.

Of course, the fans of the genius duo refused to accept this. One of them snorted: “Impossible, a nobody like him can’t do it when Three Slashes and Wild Child have failed.”

“Same, just let him try then.” Another added.

The big shots and ancestors exchanged glances. Eventually, an important figure suggested: “If Fellow Daoist Li is confident, let him give it a shot.”

“Yes, see if he can take it away.” A high elder from a prestigious clan loudly stated.

They had their own agenda for supporting Li Qiye. Given the circumstances, this metal would be stuck on the platform.

This wasn’t a big deal for the two geniuses since they still had a chance to learn the embedded grand dao. The same couldn’t be said for those stuck at the starting zone. 

However, if Li Qiye could take it away, it would be an opportunity for the rest. Everything would be possible then.

“Yeah, let him try!” The crowd unanimously changed their tone right away, even the supporters of the duo.

They didn’t like Li Qiye but no one could resist the temptation of an ultimate treasure.

“Fine, let him make a fool out of himself.” One genius scowled.

“This won’t hurt anyone.” Others expressed this sentiment regardless of their personal feelings towards Li Qiye.

The duo contemplated and glanced at each other. Both nodded at the same time.

“Okay, Fellow Daoist, give it a shot. We’re not that unreasonable.” Three Slashes smiled.

The wild child smiled as well: “I hope you’re as amazing as advertised, otherwise, hehehe…”

They agreed to let Li Qiye through and had their own plan. The pressure from the crowd had nothing to do with it.

They wanted to take this metal away from the abyss as well. It would be great if Li Qiye could do so since this would increase the chance of them obtaining it. This was their original goal in the first place.

His failure wouldn’t affect them either. They would just need to kill him then continue observing the metal.

Li Qiye ignored the wild child’s threat and moved closer. Everyone held their breath the moment he stood in front of it, becoming increasingly anxious.

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