Chapter 3879: Blossoming Grand Dao Beneath One's Feet

Li Qiye’s claim seemed insensitive considering the loss of life from the brave adventurers prior. The two geniuses who found success required ample research from their entire sect and clan. That’s why most thought that Li Qiye was being rather ignorant and disrespectful.

“He must be daydreaming, heh.” A young cultivator snorted.

“This brat’s audacity knows no bounds.” An ancestor commented.

However, those from the central region remained optimistic. One big shot spoke: “Nothing has proven to be difficult for Li Qiye before. He can make it there.”

“I’ve gone there too.” Li Qiye stared at the abyss and smiled, completely ignoring the comments.

Who knows who he was speaking to? Yang Ling? Other cultivators? The most likely answer was the abyss itself.

He then took one step forward straight into the abyss.

“Is he suicidal?” Someone shouted since Li Qiye wasn’t waiting for a boulder.

“Idiot, he’s dead.” A youth sneered.

Everyone knew that this abyss could stop all powers. Flying and using treasures were useless. Anyone who tried would immediately fall down.

Some shouted in astonishment after seeing his choice. Others thought that he would join the fallen adventurers down below.

Strangely enough, the boulder closest to him rushed over with lightning speed. It situated itself right on the landing spot of his first step.

For his second step, a different boulder did the same thing. This prevented him from falling down the abyss.

“Are, are you guys seeing this?” The spectators couldn’t believe it. The boulders were practically teleporting to help him.

They thought that he would also pick boulders like Three Slashes and the wild child in order to reach the platform.

This should be impossible because Li Qiye was alone and lacked the ability to understand the mysteries hidden in this place.

No one expected that he would pick a special method, not relying on deriving the movement system of the boulders here. They automatically helped him out.

The ever-changing trajectory rules were broken. Li Qiye didn’t need to pay attention at all, only needing to move his feet forward. 

A new group of spectators has become dumbfounded by Li Qiye’s penchant for breaking common sense. The system of the abyss seemed nullified.

“Impossible!” Another spectator shouted despite being fully aware that it was happening.

“How is he doing this…” An expert calmed down and couldn’t think of any possibility.

“I do not understand this world anymore.” A hidden big shot watched intensely and told his peers.

They no longer wanted to talk about the mysteries of the dao and the order of laws. These affinities and rules had no effect on Li Qiye.

As for the weaker ancestors, they opened their heavenly gaze in an attempt to grasp the situation. Though their gazes could see all things, they didn’t work in this situation. They exchanged glances and thought that this was incomprehensible.

“What sorcery is this?” One expert blurted.

Sorcery and magic were used to describe bizarre occurrences. They thought that this was the only explanation for Li Qiye’s success.

“Who knows?” Someone from the last generation said: “All in all, this kind of thing actually happens all the time with this brat. Just stop using common sense and logic when he’s around.”

Those who mocked Li Qiye before turned red while watching the boulders being subservient to Li Qiye.

They made fun of him for being ignorant and arrogant. Alas, he kept his words and practically slapped their face by proving them wrong.

“Why are the boulders teleporting to help the young master?” Yang Ling asked the old servant. She knew that he would be able to reach the platform but this method was still unexpected.

“He is the law, that’s all.” The old man took a while before letting out a sigh and replying.

Yang Ling and Fan Bai kept on watching after hearing this. It seemed that Li Qiye trumped the laws and order of the floating boulders. The only thing that mattered here was his will.

Because of this, they kept on appearing beneath his feet to help him move forward and acted like generals ready to obey all commands.

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