Chapter 3878: The Grand Dao Within The Black Metal

The wild child panicked after landing on the ground. That was nearly the end for him.

He regained his wits and cupped his fist towards Three Slashes: “Thank you, Brother Biandu. You are a friend now.”

“You’re being too polite, we’re on the same boat right now.” Three Slashes slightly bowed his head, looking quite cool.

The spectators gave him a thumbs-up for this. Some felt admiration because of his character.

These two were still rivals and the competition was always fierce. In fact, the wild child’s death could be a cause for celebration. That’s one less powerful rival in the future. However, Three Slashes still decided to save him.

“You see the temperament and style of a dao lord in him.” Someone from the last generation praised: “He is talented and will be benevolent and magnanimous in the future. Others will want to follow him.”

Others nodded in agreement, clearly impressed by his commendable act.

The two geniuses stared at the black metal. They realized that taking it away was impossible.

“Time to focus again, trace its source.” Three Slashes said.

The wild child nodded in agreement, looking both serious yet somehow relaxed. The two of them sat in the meditative pose to the left and right of the metal.

“Buzz.” They started glowing and runes appeared around them.

These two have entered a state of zen in order to comprehend the mysteries of the dao.

“They’re studying the metal.” Others knew what they were doing.

“They’re following the path of Eight Stallion Dao Lord. I’m sure this is what he did back then too.” A high elder from one country commented.

The fortune obtained by the dao lord must have come from understanding this metal. Perhaps he had tried to take the metal away at the start just like these two. After realizing the futility of this act, he took a step back and began to research the metal. The fortune that stemmed from this served as the foundation for his future path.

“The metal contains a supreme grand dao.” A hidden big shot started coveting the metal.

No one could resist the allure of this metal. It had the potential of helping someone become a dao lord. Thus, if a country or sect were to have it, they would be able to produce a dao lord every generation.

This was the ultimate treasure but unfortunately, both the youths couldn’t take it away.

They have reached a mutual understanding and decided to learn instead. This put them in a defenseless state.

Normally, cultivators in meditation were afraid of being attacked. A sudden ambush on these two right now had a high chance of success. Nonetheless, they trusted each other enough to do so.

“Buzz.” The two’s forehead lit up at the same time. Bright halos appeared and pulsed around them next.

“Pop!” The golden rays from the metal seemed to be attracted by the two. One tiny ray each entered their forehead, seemingly wanting to communicate with their mind.

“Look, they’re successful.” The crowd clamored after seeing this.

As for the hidden big shots, one in this group took a deep breath: “Looks like there’s a chance of them getting the grand fortune.”

“That’s the top geniuses for you, no one is as talented as them. They got a reaction after such a short time. If it’s the main one, it’ll serve as an incredible foundation for their path towards becoming a dao lord.” People became envious.

Of course, some felt deep jealousy as well. These two were already strong and gifted enough to surpass their peers.

If they were to find the grand dao embedded in the metal, no one would be able to catch up.

“Is this the supreme grand dao to become a dao lord?” Yang Ling was surprised to see a reaction.

“They’re talented indeed.” The old man replied: “It’s not surprising to see them gaining something. However, becoming a dao lord requires more than just understanding one grand dao or two. There’s a reason why certain supreme geniuses in history fail to become dao lords.”

“I see, so there is a chance of them getting it.” Yang Ling nodded. 

Li Qiye standing nearby looked up then down at the abyss. He said: “It’s about time, let’s go.”

Having said that, he walked towards the edge.

“Hey, it’s Li Qiye.” Others noticed him right away.

“What is he going to do this time? Gonna shock all of us again…” An expert from the central region became frightened.

“Is this brat really that strong?” The locals and eastern cultivators have never heard of Li Qiye. His rise to fame was too recent.

“Just watch, he’ll scare the hell out of you soon enough.” The expert laughed boisterously.

“What are you doing, Young Master?” Yang Ling was afraid that he would jump into the abyss.

Li Qiye stared at the platform and said: “I’m going over there, it’s getting late.”

“This brat wants to go too?” Some experts exchanged glances.

A local youth snorted: “Easier said than done. Only Young Lord Biandu and the wild child have been able to do it so far.”

This was indeed the truth. Out of all the adventurers, only those two made it to the platform. The rest either died or were brought back to the first area.

“I don’t think anyone else present understands the system, let alone a junior like him.” Another ancestor shook his head.

Many ancestors and high elders have tried and failed. There was no way that Li Qiye could get over so fast.

“How long will this take, Young Master?” Yang Ling asked.

“Just a few steps, I’ll be back in no time at all.” He replied.

“Hahaha!” A local genius laughed right away.

Though Li Qiye wasn’t talking to them, they still found his answer to be annoying. This was especially true for the younger cultivators.

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