Chapter 3877: Unconvinced

Three Slashes mustered all of his strength only to fail at obtaining the metal.

The crowd couldn’t believe it despite watching with their own eyes. His power was at the heir level. It wouldn’t be difficult for him to lift numerous mountains at the same time.

Now, his face was red with bulging veins yet the metal didn’t move even an inch. He simply refused to accept this and decided to form a summoning mudra.

“Clank! Clank! Clank!” Thick armor plates materialized on his body. The style and edges were exaggerated. The shoulder plates had two wings pointing upward. The chest plate was carved to the shape of a rhinoceros head with its mouth open.

Three Slashes became massive like a man of steel after putting on this armor set.

“Skyraiser Force Carapace, a famous armor of the BIandu.” A big shot from Black Wood instantly recognized it.

“It’s known for its strength and explosiveness. Its user’s physical strength will be a hundred times greater.” Another expert added.

“This should be enough to move the metal, right?” The crowd exchanged glances and one asked.

His own power was already considerable so with this boost, it was a hundred times greater.

“Clank!” He clasped the metal with both hands and roared: “Up you go!”

The armor became blindingly bright and a beam shot to the sky. The rhino head in front of his chest seemingly came back to life and absorbed chaos energy. This great being seemingly took over his body and granted him endless power.

The metal still didn’t move at all while the armor plates issued loud clunks from the pressure and grinding.

“Activate!” Three Slashes became furious and channeled all of his vitality into the armor. The light on the armor became replaced by flames.

Nine divine halos pulsed from the armor and served as nine levels of firmaments, granting him another boost.

The spectators felt the world shaking by his ultimate power. Space and time were affected as well. They all thought that he would absolutely be able to push up a falling sky.

This empowered state was still proven to be futile. The tiny piece of metal wouldn’t move an inch.

“Boom!” Eventually, he lost his grip from adding too much strength and fell over backward, nearly rolling off the platform. This scared the hell out of him; beads of sweat dripped down.

“I can’t believe it.” Eyes widened in disbelief as a result.

The wild child shared the same sentiment. How could that metal not move under the pressure of such power?

“Can something that heavy exist?” One ancestor quietly said.

“It might not actually be heavy, it’s most likely some suppressive force.” A different ancestor disagreed: “That platform can’t float under that theoretical weight.”

People started wondering the reason for the metal’s immovability. Was it due to its weight or some external interference?

“I can’t get this metal.” Three Slashes put away his armor and spoke: “It’s your turn, Brother.”

He confirmed that given his strength, he had no chance of taking this metal away regardless of the reason for failure. This metal was just too bizarre.

“Okay, I will give it a shot. Don’t laugh now.” The wild child smiled and walked forward.

A while ago, he was still on guard against Three Slashes. Now, he felt free to give it a real attempt.

Three Slashes had no intention of attacking either. He was more curious about whether his rival could do it or not.

“Boom!” The wild child grasped the metal piece and released his vitality. His bulging muscles looked like hills.

He turned into a wild warrior brimming with power and empowered by dragons within him. 

“Up!” He used this hundredfold power to move the metal. His face turned red but the metal still didn’t move. This was akin to a mortal trying to take down a tree with his bare hands.

“How strange.” He eventually let go, knowing that this was futile.

“This isn’t over yet.” He changed his strategy and took out a grand hammer.

This hammer was larger than him and had a golden fire. One could hear the sound of thunder after he took it out.

These thunderous explosions horrified the listeners. This weapon seemed capable of turning everything into ashes.

“Thunder Blast.” An expert from the east said: “A treasure from Spark Kingdom, wielding enough power to destroy all things.”

“You’re exaggerating a bit but it’s true that it’s quite strong. Few things can stop it.” A big shot shook his head.

“You’re mine!” He roared and smashed the hammer forward, wanting to break the rock keeping the metal in place.

“Boom! Boom! Boom!” Lightning bolts surged outward and formed a current. The current struck the metal and the rock then instantly exploded in a devastating manner.

Alas, both the rock and the metal were untouched. On the other hand, the backlash from the explosion sent the wild child flying.

In this crucial moment, Three Slashes grabbed his arm and pulled him back, saving him from being a victim of the abyss.

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