Chapter 3876: Difficult

The atmosphere became tense during their encounter. The spectators on the other shore watched with bated breath.

In fact, this wasn’t their first meeting. They have sparred before but outsiders didn’t know the result.

Some believed that they became good friends after fighting each other. Others disagreed and claimed that “friendship” was an exaggeration; they merely appreciated each other’s skills.

“Are they going to fight?” This became the question. A fight between these two would be quite interesting because the results of the previous fights were unknown.

In the south, the young generation believed that their top three geniuses included the wild child, Three Slashes, and Righteous Scion. They also assumed that their abilities were relatively even.

“I’m sure this fight will help with everyone’s dao comprehension. It’s beneficial to watch.” Someone from the last generation commented.

In this scenario, the most important factor was the two’s saber mastery. It would definitely open everyone’s eyes and give them a deep insight into this dao. The saber users here would have a great harvest.

Thus, the crowd stared intensely at the two, hoping for a fight.

In fact, when they exchanged glances, their eyes flashed sharply as well as if they had swung their blade. This lasted a split second and only the two of them knew the result. After all, they fought before and knew each other’s strength and grand dao.

The wild child slowly raised his hand to touch the saber on his back. Three Slashes did the same and grabbed the hilt by his waist.

The atmosphere intensified and everyone became nervous. They could feel the blades flashing before the actual draw. Saber energies seemed to be contending already, ravaging everything nearby like inescapable nets.

The process was extremely fast yet the spectators found it quite slow. Every little action stretched for what seems to be years.

“Who will win?” A spectator asked.

“Of course Young Lord Biandu. His saber techniques have been unequaled since his debut. There’s a reason for his title.” A genius from Black Wood supported Three Slashes without any hesitation.

“Not necessarily.” An expert from the last generation disagreed: “The wild child’s talent isn’t inferior to Three Slashes. His clan is equal to Black Wood Cliff too. Moreover, rumor has it that his technique is from Mad Blade Guan Tianba. If this is true, he is absolutely at the top.”

“Right, who in our southern region has a better saber dao than Mad Blade? If he had received this art, it would be incredible.” Another big shot agreed.

Guan Tianba has taken this era like a storm. Those who have never seen him have still heard of his peerless Mad Blade techniques. If the wild child had access to these arts, one would be hard-pressed to find a stronger youth.

During this climax, the wild child suddenly put his hand down and smiled: “Brother Biandu, we can fight whenever outside, there's business to be done here.”

“Very well, I agree.” Three Slashes stopped holding the hilt as well.

They restrained their impulse to fight, deciding to focus on the treasure instead. Both walked together towards the rock embedded with the black metal.

They walked slowly, not only paying attention to the metal but also remaining vigilant of each other in case of a sneak attack.

Many became disappointed as a result. They wanted to witness a fight between two saber prodigies. 

They stood in front of the metal then exchanged glances, reaching an implicit agreement. They circled around the rock several times before stopping. Both had no idea what it was.

They then used their divine intent but this was stopped by an invincible force.

“So what the heck is this treasure?” One spectator became curious. This was the only thing notable in Dark Abyss. Was this the fortune that helped Eight Stallion Dao Lord?

“It doesn’t matter what it is since it belongs to one of them now.” An expert replied.

Others agreed as well. No one could make it to the dao platform except them.

“What now?” Three Slashes spoke.

The wild child stared at him and smiled: “You can go first, Brother Biandu. Then if it’s not meant to be yours, it’ll be my turn?”

No one expected the wild child to be so generous. The treasure was right before him yet he wanted to let his rival go first?

Normally, before a fortune capable of turning someone into a dao lord, nothing else mattered. Morality, face, and relationship weren’t worth a single coin in this scenario.

These two weren’t friends either so this choice was surprising.

Three Slashes took a deep breath and cupped his fist: “I wholeheartedly appreciate your generosity, Brother. From now on, you are a friend of the Biandu. Your problem will be our problem.” 

The crowd thought that he was a grateful and straightforward person after listening.

“I appreciate it. It is an honor.” The wild child laughed heartily.

Three Slashes cupped his fist again and came closer to the metal, reaching for it with one hand.

The crowd thought that this metal was his for the taking. His power could move mountains and oceans, let alone a tiny piece of metal like this.

However, his grip couldn’t move the metal at all regardless of how much force he added.

“Let’s go!” He roared and released his mighty vitality. Torrents of energy emanated from his body. This was still not enough to move the metal a little bit.

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