Chapter 3875: Rising Excitement

Three Slashes and the wild child were the calmest out of those standing on the boulders.

They stopped moving and looked like statues. Nonetheless, their eyes were rapidly scanning all the boulders.

No one knew what they were thinking. Many speculated that they were busy calculating the movement and pattern of the boulders.

Because of this, they made it the farthest and left everyone else in the dust. Of course, they were also the first to get here so this made sense.

“It can’t be random.” A high elder said with uncertainty after seeing the two. They haven’t made a wrong choice so far that would take them in the opposite direction.

“Right, there are patterns and rules.” An ancestor hidden in a black robe from Divine Ghost Division said: “The movements of the boulders are interconnected and dictated by an integral order. Moreover, one can’t rely on a single boulder to reach the platform.”

Thus, the spectators began searching for obvious patterns and rules. Nonetheless, the majority didn’t have the ability to do so.

A few ancestors and high elders noticed some clues but the entire system was immensely complex. One couldn’t derive the entire thing in a short time.

“There’s no hope for old people either.” A different ancestor added: “Think about it, the previous generation doesn’t have five thousand years of lifespan left. We’ll die before getting to the other shore.”

These ancestors have been deterred after seeing the death of their peers. Some had successful derivations so far but didn’t want to take the risk. The loss of lifespan was beyond their control. This ominous force was unstoppable.

By this point, both the wild child and Three Slashes had gray hair. They looked like middle-aged men now.

Given their cultivation, they should have more than ten thousand years of life - far from reaching the middle years. Alas, they relied on their vigorous vitality to hang on and still had years to lose.

“Young Lord Biandu knows the system.” A big shot commented after seeing the young lord moving ahead of the wild child. Nonetheless, the wild child was only one step behind.

The big shots gathered around the Biandu ancestor. Someone from Black Wood asked: “The wild child knows quite a bit, right, Fellow Daoist?”

This ancestor had to speak because some powerful masters were hidden here, maybe even the grandmasters. The Biandu alone couldn’t face the wrath of the masses.

“I’m not sure.” He shook his head and said: “It took us several thousand years of research before seeing some patterns.” He spoke the truth without revealing too much.

“Your clan has done a good job of keeping this a secret. I’m sure you’ve found Dark Abyss’ location long ago.” The ancestor from Divine Ghost spoke.

He had to respond: “Our ancestor asked Eight Stallion Dao Lord for guidance and he corrected our mistakes.”

Though he didn’t say which ancestor, a being capable of speaking to a dao lord and gaining insight should be quite amazing.

“The eight kingdoms are incredible too. I guess they do have some supreme existences.” Another said while staring at the wild child.

It was surprising for him to understand the patterns as opposed to Three Slashes. Nonetheless, maybe this should be expected because the eight kingdoms had Worldly Immortal, the Ancient Empress, and Crystal God Monarch.

His father, the Praetor, has received guidance from the monarch before. Perhaps this was the source of the wild child’s comprehension of the patterns here.


“How strange.” A genius returned to the first shore and said: “I followed the young lord’s steps, why am I back to the beginning?”

“The floating boulders’ directions are always changing. You have to see through the mysteries in order to get there.” One ancestor explained.

Many youths have tried so far but currently, only Three Slashes and the wild child have found success.

“Grandpa, do you see the system here?” Yang Ling didn’t want to bother Li Qiye so she asked the old servant instead.

“No.” The old man has been watching the abyss the entire time in order to derive the innate laws and patterns: “I can’t derive the laws so quickly. The complex nature of this makes a quick derivation impossible regardless of one’s talent and knowledge.”

“Then can you still get over there?” She continued inquiring.

The old man tilted his head in contemplation. However, Li Qiye smiled and answered instead: “It’s not worth losing five thousand years for him. He’ll only comprehend more dao at best and can’t take it away.”

The old man shifted his focus towards the metal piece and nodded: “I can handle the five thousand years but I won’t have much left. The gains don’t outweigh the cost here.”

“Unless you can take it with you.” Li Qiye said.

“I’m afraid I can’t.” The old man concluded while staring at the metal.

“So what is it?” Yang Ling was curious. She observed it for a long time but only knew that it was extraordinary and seemingly contained immense power.

“I see the grand dao.” Fan Bai interjected.

“The young me couldn’t hold a candle to your talent.” The old man sentimentally said: “That’s all I can see right now too.”

“It’s not talent.” Li Qiye chuckled and said: “Her firm dao heart allows for a virtually infinite extension. Unfortunately, it’s still not to the limit.”

“Incredible.” Yang Ling only knew that they were praising Fan Bai and said with admiration.

“He did it!” Suddenly, loud cheers could be heard.

Three Slashes became the first to reach the platform. This wasn’t too surprising since he was ahead from the start.

Three Slashes was ecstatic. Though it appeared that he did it effortlessly, the clan and he himself expended untold effort for this goal.

“Another too.” The crowd exclaimed again.

Sure enough, the wild child also made it up there.

“Brother Biandu.” “Brother Wild Child.” The two of them nearly spoke at the same time.

Three Slashes stopped and stared intensely at his rival. The latter did the same.

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