Chapter 3874: Impossible To Cross

The black metal had strands of light playing around it as if they had consciousness. They resembled tentacles more than regular rays of light.

Upon closer inspection, the texture of the metal was different as well, resembling both gold and jade. When using a heavenly gaze they would see that there were billions of thin layers.

Experts didn’t see anything special and thought that it was only a special type of texture. However, the masters found that each layer was a separate merit law or grand dao. Thus, the whole thing contained an incalculable potential.

But at an even higher level, the true supremes and top existences saw something else as well. These weren’t only layers of grand dao.

After a full inspection, they saw that these layers also contained celestial formations and temporal circulation. This meant that there was a complete revolution in each one. In other words, the layers were actually epochs.

This level of compression was frightening. The incalculable layers implied an incalculable number of epochs. Nothing could be more precious than this metal. Thus, the top existences got palpitations and cold sweat while staring at it. 

Unfortunately, the rest of the crowd didn’t have the same evaluation. The regular experts and masters took note of the layers but not of the implicit profundity.

Thousands were merely here for the hype and the legend regarding the great fortune at Dark Abyss. They became disappointed after seeing this piece of metal.

“This is it? Isn’t it too simple to be the legendary fortune?” One youth couldn’t help but say.

By this point, some people have been trying to get across the abyss by using the moving boulders. One cultivator waited for another boulder closer to the platform to touch his own boulder before jumping over.

“Why is he doing that? Just fly over to the platform.” One spectator commented.

The actual distance was rather large but they were cultivators. Anyone with a little bit of training and skill could fly over.

Because of this, one expert standing by the edge leaped forward for the center platform. 

“Ahhh!” Unfortunately, he started falling right away and began to scream. He utilized various merit laws and treasures in order to stay afloat. Alas, this was all useless. His treasures fell down with him. His screams echoed from the bottom before disappearing altogether.

Some of the newcomers were astounded to see this.

“What an idiot. Three Slashes and the wild child would have crossed over long ago if flying was possible. That’s why they’re using the boulders too.” Someone from the last generation sneered.

Sure enough, these geniuses were standing on boulders, waiting for another to get close enough.

However, the boulders flew randomly without a single pattern. It became impossible to predict its movement.

One expert followed the process but eventually lost his patience. He decided to use his own power to change the boulder’s direction.

“Ahhhhh!” The moment he added strength to his feet, a mighty power from the abyss dragged him down.

“Why is this happening?” Most spectators were confused.

“Any power interfering with the rules here will be devoured by the abyss.” One ancestor said.

This wasn’t the only frightening factor at work here. The experts standing on the boulders wished to go to the center platform.

Alas, once they got up there, they felt their vitality and lifespan passing by. They clearly felt the abyss devouring their life force.

The older big shots suffered more compared to the older youths. Their hair started becoming white.

“No, I-I have to go back!” An ancestor has been stuck on a boulder for too long. Not only was his hair white, but his vitality had also been drained so he became all skins and bones. Death wasn’t far off.

“No…” He let out one last lament before the last second of life, becoming a dried corpse on the floating boulder.

The experts and ancestors stuck on the boulders were horrified to see this.

“Not like this…” Another ancestor also died from old age a while after.

“What do we do now?” The young ones on the boulders finally became alarmed. Alas, they couldn’t come back even if they wanted to.

“Don’t panic, you’re young and vigorous, you’ll be able to handle it long enough to reach the other side.” Their seniors shouted words of encouragement.

“That depends on how many years they have. According to calculations, they need at least five thousand years of actual life span. Otherwise, it’s a waste of time.” One ancestor standing by a corner spoke.

“That’s an ancestor of the Biandu.” Everyone looked over and someone recognized the old man.

His words had considerable credence because his clan knew the most about Black Tides. Moreover, they were the ones who found Dark Abyss too so they should be prepared.

This didn’t mean that with enough time, one would be able to reach the center platform. Some were brought back to the starting side and immediately jumped off.

“What’s going on?” Some were surprised.

“There are rules, not all boulders can reach the center platform. It has to be the right ones.” One big shot has been observing Three Slashes and the wild child.

He noted that they didn’t pick every single boulder that got close enough. A clear choice was made each time.

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