Chapter 3873: Fortune At Dark Abyss

Some were sure that the Biandu had been searching for this abyss the entire time. Three Slashes was lucky enough to see it in this generation.

This was the culmination of their research in Black Tides after millions of years. Perhaps no other power had a deeper understanding of this region than the Biandu. 

To say that they knew it like the palm of their hand would be an exaggeration. Nonetheless, it seemed apt in this scenario.

After learning about the dao lord’s encounter, they became more interested in this abyss. Some speculated that they knew about it beforehand but couldn’t find the exact location.

The dao lord required the guidance of the Grand Seer before finding it. The Biandu themselves have asked the Grand Seer about this topic. Ancestors from the clan personally came seeking the answer.

Unfortunately, the Grand Seer didn’t give them any face and revealed nothing.

In Black Wood, the Biandu had absolute authority, perhaps to the point of tyranny. However, they didn’t dare to do anything against the Grand Seer.

They had to rely on their own knowledge in order to find the abyss. They used their maps as a basis and the ancestors began researching the potential locations in depth.

This time around, Three Slashes himself led an expedition to secretly enter Black Tides. Their effort was rewarded since he found this legendary area.

They wanted to keep it to themselves. Unfortunately, opening the abyss resulted in a shocking phenomenon. Everyone saw the light clearly and came running, hoping to become the next dao lord.

Once they got to the spot, they saw a vertical burrow that was once hidden by the mountains here. However, the mountains have exploded, revealing the burrow’s entrance.

While looking down, one would only see darkness and nothing else. It seemed to be a pathway to hell, impossible to get back up once fallen. This resulted in a frightening sensation for the spectators.

Normally, most would be careful and not jump down. Now, they knew that the abyss was right below so many jumped without any hesitation.

Li Qiye’s group eventually arrived, later than most experts who were in a rush.

“So deep!” Yang Ling gasped while looking down.

“Let’s go.” Li Qiye smiled and jumped down. The others did the same without any hesitation.

Its actual depth still shocked Yang Ling. As they were falling, they saw nothing but darkness. This took a while and she was frightened the entire way since it was her first time doing something like this.

Fortunately, it wasn’t bottomless. Once they landed, they looked around and saw that it was far larger than expected.

The entrance to this burrow was exceptionally wide but at the base, it only resembled a small window at best.

There were only cliffs surrounding them. The place was packed with cultivators as well from all over the world.

The presence of the big shots made the atmosphere awfully tense. Some of them didn’t want to reveal their identity so they wore black outfits or used certain stealth methods to conceal their appearance.

For example, a group of monks was shrouded in a Buddhist light. It was impossible to tell which temple they hailed from.

Another group had fog lingering around them while wearing black robes. They seemed to be from Divine Ghost Division.

One ancestor had auspicious clouds completely hiding their appearance and race.

Moreover, there were big shots who didn’t show up at all, choosing to use stealth techniques. Their peers naturally noticed them but didn’t point this out.

“So many big shots, even the prime minister of Celestial is here.” An old master looked around with a serious expression.

Normally, the young geniuses acted haughtily as if they were the most important characters. Now, reclusive masters and ancestors have shown up. The young ones found it difficult to breathe normally in their presence.

They lacked power and experience despite their talents. Their legs trembled as a result. Only Three Slashes or the Wild Child of the East could challenge these older masters. 

“What about the Monk of Wisdom and Eight-tribulation Blood Monarch?” Some started wondering.

Dark Abyss was tempting enough to force these characters to come out.

Meanwhile, the big shots focused on the center of this cavern. Where they landed wasn’t the bottom, only another area.

At the center was another hole. This one seemed to be deeper than the previous drop. Staring at it for a long time would result in the darkness staring back. The spectators felt as if their souls were being dragged downward. Its ominous nature was obvious.

A dao platform levitated in the middle of this abyss. It looked as stable as can be; nothing in the world could move it.

Numerous other boulders floated around it as well, looking coarse and most likely formed by nature. The main difference was that the boulders continued to move like duckweeds in an ocean being dragged around by the waves.

The thing that stole everyone’s attention was a boulder situated on the dao platform. It also had the same natural look like the others with one exception - it had an embedded piece of metal smaller than a fist. Though it was black, it still exuded a bright radiance.

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