Chapter 3871: A Fingernail

Why would that powerful master be Li Qiye’s servant? That’s impossible.

“Looks a little familiar.” An aged ancestor stared at the old servant. He had seen this master before. There were some similarities but the temperament was completely different.

This master back then acted as if he was the very best in the world, brimming with spirit and pride. The old servant ahead had no auras to speak of.

“How strange. This can’t be, no way someone like him would become a servant to a junior.” The ancestor pondered.

In fact, the other top cultivators present felt the same way. However, this old man’s saber skill couldn’t be questioned. Where did Li Qiye find such a person to be his servant?

The old man was strong enough to be a famous cultivator wherever he went, far superior to most. He didn’t need to become anyone’s servant, especially not a junior.

“The young lord was killed by fire.” A local youth realized something and blurted out: “Didn’t Li Qiye predict that the young lord would die in this manner during the ceremony?”

“I think so.” Others recalled the ceremony again.

Young Lord Tuhuo doubted Li Qiye and was given an ominous response. He didn’t believe Li Qiye at all since his clan was versed in fire mastery. How could he ever die to fire? Alas, this turned out to be the case.

Everyone exchanged glances, speechless.

“This is too much of a coincidence, no?” A young expert said.

“Li Qiye got it right.” Another added.

“So he is an actual seer?” A genius became afraid: “Depending on how good he is, Young Lord Biandu might die to the blade too…”

Most thought that he was spewing bullshit on that day but now, one of his predictions came true. What about the prediction for Three Slashes?

“It’s nothing.” One local expert remained skeptical and coldly uttered: “Three Slashes is gifted with the saber, who can actually kill him with the blade? Even the previous generation will find this difficult.”

On the other hand, visitors didn’t care about Three Slashes who had nothing to do with them. They only cared about Li Qiye.

“It’s as if he knows what will happen. I’m sure there’s a reason why he’s here at Black Tides.” A big shot from the plateau had a profound gaze while staring at Li Qiye.

Just too many unbelievable events happened around Li Qiye. This should apply to the developments at Black Tides as well.

“Boom!” Their rumination was interrupted by a loud bang. A bright radiance appeared out of nowhere and illuminated the sky.

They looked up and saw a beam. There seemed to be something small and golden at its center. It had enough sharpness to pierce through everything in this world. The largest star above wouldn’t be spared either.

“Do you see that?” It attracted everyone’s attention.

A powerful ancestor noticed laws circulating around the beam. It became the center of the universe and its light was eternal.

“That has to be a treasure, we need to go now!” One expert immediately rushed towards the source.

The truth was that the powerful ancestors were already on the move after seeing it. They knew that something capable of creating this visual phenomenon was a big deal.

“Can this be the immortal weapon?” An old ancestor wondered while moving forward.

Other big shots thought about this mythical weapon as well, feeling quite excited.

Thus, the valley became deserted once more. Though some coveted Li Qiye’s treasure, this new one seemed even more impressive.

“Take it.” Li Qiye casually gave the jade piece to Yang Ling.

“Really?” She held it while feeling ecstatic. She looked at it for a bit and knew its value. 

However, she calmed down and said: “Little Sister Fan Bai doesn’t have anything, can I give it to her instead?”

She had gained plenty of good stuff after following Li Qiye for so long. She thought that it would be better to give it to Fan Bai.

Li Qiye smiled and shook his head: “For her, external items are not necessary. She herself is a supreme treasure. You are an ordinary person while she’s anything but.”

“Huh.” Yang Ling didn’t expect to hear such a high evaluation from Li Qiye.

Fan Bai didn’t say anything because she was more than satisfied with what Li Qiye had given her. She wouldn’t compete with Yang Ling over a treasure.

“I’ll keep it then.” Yang Ling had no reason to insist any longer: “Young Master, do you know the origin or the material of this amazing jade? Is it a natural treasure created by heaven and earth?”

She didn’t recognize its composition when she took a close look earlier.

“Not a natural treasure, it’s just a fingernail.” Li Qiye replied.

“...” Her mouth became wide enough to fit a duck egg.

This thing had a defense at the dao lord level on top of being able to absorb offenses and send them back. Most would assume that it was a natural treasure of the highest order.

But now, Li Qiye said that it was only someone’s fingernail. This was rather difficult to accept. Of course, they had no reason to doubt Li Qiye’s words.

The old man himself became startled and started imaging the owner of this fingernail.

The reserved Fan Bai spoke as well: “And here I thought it would have an amazing origin or story…”

“It is as amazing as can be already.” Li Qiye chuckled and shook her head: “Look at how strong it is by itself, it doesn’t need a cool story or history for further embellishment.”

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