Chapter 3870: Play With Fire And Get Burnt

The flames from the dragons and the cauldron itself have been swallowed by the jade piece. Their power - though mighty - was useless in this case.

“Poof!” The jade piece didn’t stop there. Its sucking force intensified and it forcefully dragged out the flames inside the cauldron itself.

“Damn!” Young Lord Tuhuo noticed that something was wrong and immediately recalled the flames.

Alas, the suction force was too much and the young lord couldn’t stop the transfer.

“This jade treasure can do more than just defend.” Some ancestors and high elders became astonished.

They assumed that this jade was only a defensive treasure. Nonetheless, they were utterly impressed by its potential since it was at the dao lord level. Now, it had this absorbing property as well? This took it to the next level. What kind of weapon would come from refining this wonderful material?

“Sever!” The young lord decisively cut off his own vitality from empowering the cauldron and halted the absorbing process. He staggered backward from the backlash.

“Boom!” The moment he stabilized and looked up, he saw an inferno rushing out from the jade.

This inferno consisted of the flames and lava absorbed earlier. However, they looked far stronger than before.

It became an all-penetrating beam with a heat capable of refining everything. Though it was far away, the spectators felt pain from the heat so they started running away.

“Go!” The horrified young lord chanted a mantra and laws emerged.

The three fiery dragons immediately got in front of him and spewed out three waves of flames. They gathered together, hoping to stop the incoming beam.

“Boom!” The two sides collided and the jade’s beam had the upper hand, continuously pushing back the other side.

Eventually, the dragons’ flames lost completely and the creatures started melting. Meanwhile, the young lord carried his cauldron and had to activate it again for defensive purposes.

He was drenched in sweat, on the verge of being fully exhausted.

This reversal caught the crowd off guard. They thought that Li Qiye was a dead man due to the cauldron’s flames. No one expected that the young lord would be the one on the verge of death.

“Brat, this is enough. Anyone can make mistakes, forgive when possible.” An elder from the Tuhuo shouted.

Several more released their vitality, ready to attack Li Qiye.

“The young master is busy, scram.” The old servant glared at him.

The elders became furious. Though they didn’t have the same authority as the Biandu, they were still prestigious and wouldn’t accept being talked down to by a mere servant.

“Who are you, old man?!” One elder shouted.

“Just a servant.” He didn’t bat an eye while answering.

“Get the hell out of our way!” The elders wanted to save the young lord and didn’t want to waste their time with a servant. One of them unleashed a palm strike.

“Clank!” A saber slash could be heard then blood splashed in the air.

Heads could be seen flying in the air. They belonged to the elders of the Tuhuo; the eyes were still wide open.

The spectators’ mouth became agape right away at this sight. They had no words to describe their current emotions. This was the same for the victims as well. They didn’t expect to die in less than a second.

They didn’t see how the old man used his saber. It was too late to scream once they saw their body falling down.

Normally, the old servant followed behind Li Qiye and kept a reserved attitude. No one noticed anything special about his aura. They thought that he was only a servant attending to Li Qiye’s daily life. This made the killing extremely shocking.

The powerful ancestors and high elders couldn’t see the saber technique either. It was simply too fast.

“What a monster…” One ancestor took a deep breath.

“Ahh!” By this point, the flames of the jade finally burned the young lord. He no longer had any energy to fight back.

“No!!!” His scream was filled with indignation and unwillingness. It didn’t take long before only ashes were left.

It became difficult for the spectators to comment. They exchanged glances of confusion.

At the start, they thought that Li Qiye had no chance of obtaining the jade piece. Not only did he get it, but he was also able to display its power.

From the start to finish, he didn’t use his own merit law and merely held the jade piece up high. This victory was because of the jade alone.

“Who is he?” However, the ancestors and the prime minister focused on the old servant instead.

He had his eyes closed and wore a cheap gray robe. There was no saber on him; he didn’t have a sharp aura either.

“Who else is as fast as him with the blade?” A sect elder wondered.

Those elders from the Tuhuo weren’t top masters or anything. Nonetheless, they were quite capable and relatively famous.

The fact that they were killed before being able to resist was a testament to the slash’s power.

The ancestors and high elders thought about the current saber masters in this region. They only came up with one name.

However, this old servant didn’t look like this person at all. The latter was always arrogant and overbearing. On the other hand, the old servant looked humble and accepting of his role.

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