Chapter 387: Nine Celestials Enlightened Being

Chapter 387: Nine Celestials Enlightened Being

The lady in blue became a housewife and cooked for Li Qiye. She never revealed her name and background, and Li Qiye never asked.

She didn’t ask for his origin as well, not even his name. It was as if the two of them preferred to keep it mysterious.

In this way, the two of them stayed together in a strange and mysterious atmosphere. Others would actually think that they were husband and wife. The male was hard at work while the girl maintained the house; a talented groom and a beautiful wife — a match made in heaven that was living in seclusion on this small island.

The lady in blue staying with him didn’t affect Li Qiye at all. He still harvested the resin in the day and cultivated at night.

The lady in blue acted like a virtuous young wife. The meals were always ready for her husband when he came back home.

This peaceful lifestyle continued for a short time. The two had a tacit understanding to maintain this harmonious and mysterious situation.

During one night, the lady in blue was deep in her meditation, but she suddenly heard loud explosions. In this instant, energy crazily surged as if a monster in the shape of a man was devouring the worldly essence in this area.

With a shocked expression, she immediately dashed outside and saw an astonishing sight. Li Qiye was sitting in the meditative pose on a hill with his Fate Palaces out in the open. The Kun Peng True Fate had its wings opened and covered the entire island as it frantically swallowed worldly essence.

Moreover, Li Qiye’s True Fate was not the only thing sucking up worldly essence. His six Fate Palaces turned into a vast domain that was filled with primordial chaos and, like a god opening its mouth, they sucked in all the energy of this world.

“A six palaces Royal Noble!” Seeing Li Qiye’s six Fate Palaces, the lady in blue was quite amazed. Having six palaces at this realm meant that he was a genius amongst geniuses.

“Ommm—” Amidst her daze, the nine heavens suddenly became bright. The starry sky promptly ushered forth countless celestial lights in the form of a magnificent galaxy onto Li Qiye.

However, these lights were not absorbed into his body. Instead, a supreme universal law chained them down. The surging tide-like lights were locked by Li Qiye’s dao foundation in the sky as his True Fate used an unparalleled technique to craft them into stars.

After some crisp sounds, nine dazzling stars were suddenly created and hovered around Li Qiye.

At this time, Li Qiye carried a majestic air like the ruler of the universe as he emitted a peerless aura.

“Nine celestials!” Seeing the nine stars, the lady in blue lost her colors. She then took in a deep breath and murmured: “Impossible! Nine celestials Enlightened Being — someone like this has not appeared for a long time!”

Above Royal Noble was the Star Plucking realm, and cultivators of this realm were called Enlightened Beings. This realm directed the stars from the nine heavens in order to craft one’s own stars. Only when one could seize the stars would one be able to also seize the universe!

For ordinary cultivators, seven stars were the limit.

If one could create eight stars, then it didn’t matter if this person only opened three Fate Palaces in the Royal Noble realm. A Royal Noble with only three palaces had a very limited potential and couldn’t reach Ancient Saint, let alone Heavenly Sovereign and Heavenly King. The more palaces, the greater the potential.

Of course, if one couldn’t open the fourth palace in the Royal Noble realm, then there was still a chance to surpass this limitation if they could create the eighth star in the Enlightened Being realm!

This eighth star was the key to unlocking the door to Heavenly Sovereign, Heavenly King, and even Virtuous Paragon. Thus, Enlightened Beings with eight stars were also called Heaven Riders.

In fact, crafting the eighth star was far more difficult than opening the fourth palace. Many people with four palaces could not create this eighth star. As for those who couldn’t even open the fourth palace, don’t even dream about creating the eighth star.

Naturally, through the endless ages, there would be exceptions. Some lost their chance in the Royal Noble realm, but they suddenly showed their talents in the Enlightened Being realm.

An eight celestials Heaven Rider was an amazing miracle; they had a key to unlock their path towards Virtuous Paragon.

One shouldn’t even think about nine stars. Very few since time immemorial were able to create the ninth star.

Nine stars meant Eternal Prestige! Having nine stars was a very terrifying thing. Legends say that those with nine stars could easily pick either the Path of the Heavens or the Path of the Grand Era and would have a high chance of becoming a tyrannical Immortal Emperor or an invincible God!

Currently, Li Qiye had six palaces and also created nine stars. Thus, this suddenly shook the lady in blue. She was an incredible genius that was matchless in the younger generation, and she was very confident in her gifts and cultivation. However, with Li Qiye reaching six palaces and nine stars, she suddenly became eclipsed since there was an uncrossable gap between them!

“Even if I am too handsome, don’t swoon over me so much like this!” While she was still in a daze, she suddenly heard a nonchalant voice ringing by her ears.

With a shiver, she immediately calmed down and saw Li Qiye standing before her. He revealed his white-as-snow teeth and smiled: “I know that I am unreasonably handsome, but it is wrong for you to be so obsessed with me like this.”

The angry lady suddenly had the urge to stomp this egomaniac to death as she bitterly said: “Bah, your face makes me want to die. Who would ever want to look at you!” Finished speaking, she stormed back into the hut.

Li Qiye couldn’t help but laugh after seeing the lady’s attitude, and the lady who had just gone inside ground her teeth after hearing this laugh. There would be a day when she teaches this brat a good lesson!

This kind of life lasted for half a year. At this time, Li Qiye finished collecting resin, so he laid out his runic arrays across the islands. His supreme formation was finally created.

At this time, he began to refine the harvested resin. Collecting this resin was not just an excuse, he actually needed it. It had a magical effect unbeknownst to others besides Li Qiye.

Although the old tale from the lady in blue seemed a little ridiculous, it indeed had some secrets that were purposely hidden to outsiders. These secrets had something to do with both the Thousand Islands and the Ghost Locust Trees.

At the time of refinement, Li Qiye took out the Myriad Heavenly Cauldron and shouted, causing the cauldron’s flame to furiously burn as it turned into a gigantic cauldron. This giant fire seemed to be able to melt everything in an instant.

“Pour all the resin inside.” Li Qiye commanded his assistant, the lady in blue, who was standing to the side.

She immediately poured all of the resin in. After such a long time of harvesting, the resin weighed more than ten thousand pounds.

The lady who was assisting him felt a bit confused. She had never heard of any effects that this resin may have, so she was full of curiosity.

“Zzzz—” A melting sound appeared. All of the resin instantly melted away after it was poured in.

Right after everything was melted, Li Qiye activated the cauldron and, in just a split second, the powerful fiery contraption suddenly turned into a tornado of flames, causing the wind to fiercely howl. All of the resin was spun up high as the fiery dragon-like tornado crazily flung them about, resulting in a spectacular scene.

The lady in blue had seen many alchemists, including Legendary Alchemists, but she was stunned when she saw Li Qiye’s technique. This alchemy style was a bit too violent.

However, such a brutal technique instantly separated the impurities from the resin. These impurities were instantly brought to the primal flame and became incinerated in just a moment.

The separated resin was now clear with a faint smell of wood. At this time, they seemed to be condensing into a jewel-like stone.

Li Qiye had a serious expression as he took out a box. He very carefully took out a leaf that was surrounded by golden lightning.

“What is that?” Seeing this young leaf that resembled a jewel surrounded by golden lightning, the lady in blue emotionally asked.

“This… this is the legendary young leaf of the World Tree!” After a long time, she finally managed to identify the origin of this young leaf and was instantly rendered breathless. Even her sect would not be able to come up with such an item.

In fact, it wasn’t just her sect. Any other faction in this world would not be able to take out such an item because the young leaf of the World Tree only belonged in the legends. Essentially, people had never seen it before.

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