Chapter 3867: This Is Difficult?

The treasure taunted them by simply being there yet none could grab it. In its natural form, it could already stop an attack from a sovereign without suffering any damage. Once refined, it would reach an unimaginable level of power.

People couldn’t hide the greed in their eyes while gazing at it.

“We should work together.” Young Lord Tuhuo suggested this to the big shots and the ancestors earlier.

This older group started speculating. One ancestor said: “There’s only one treasure.”

In terms of seniority, Young Lord Tuhuo was not qualified to negotiate with the ancestors and especially with the real big shots from the last generation. However, there was a high elder from the clan standing behind him right now. It meant that he could represent their clan in public matters. In this region, outsiders needed to give face to the Tuhuo.

“Focus on working together first or none of us will be able to get the treasure. Save the splitting for later.” The young lord said.

The older cultivators found this logical. Under these circumstances, no one would be able to grab that jade alone. It required numerous powerful ancestors working together to break through the barrier and stopping the attacks from the stones.

“That’s fine.” The previous prime minister nodded: “Let’s do our best to take this treasure jade.”

Many of his peers nodded in agreement. This was still better than doing nothing at all. The talk about who gets it could wait until later.

“Those who aren’t in our team should leave to avoid needless complications.” The young lord suggested. It would be a shame if someone else were to take advantage of their work and effort.

The ancestors and high elders looked around with a cold gaze, obviously insinuating for everyone else to leave. If they were too weak to join the group, there was no point in them sticking around.

Others became annoyed right away. They murmured with indignation under their breath, not daring to bark back.

Li Qiye lost all interest at this point. He stretched and said: “All of this effort for a piece of crap?”

This naturally offended all the ancestors and high elders. They turned around and saw that it was him.

“Li Qiye.” A big shot took a deep breath.

Those who came from Buddha Emperor Plateau became startled. One asked: “Since when did he get here? He’s joining the fun too?”

Li Qiye was notorious back in the central region for killing Phantom and Hu Ben. Moreover, he sent Sword Hero flying with one hammer smash.

The latter deed frightened the top experts. They all knew that he was a monster, unlike his harmless appearance.

Of course, the locals or those from the eight kingdoms haven’t heard of Li Qiye’s exploits.

“Is he strong?” One cultivator from the east saw the expression of the big shots and wondered.

No one answered right away so an awkward silence ensued. After a while, a big shot quietly said: “Strong, no, but bizarre to the point of being sorcerous.”

Those lacking information didn’t see anything special about this average-looking cultivator.

“You speak as if you can easily obtain this jade piece.” Young Lord Tuhuo already disliked Li Qiye from the previous meeting.

“Of course, but it’s not worth my time.” Li Qiye smiled.

“Bullcrap, this jade is an emperor-level material yet you have the gall to call it crap. I’m sure you’re just trying to hide the fact that you can’t get it.” The young lord snorted in response.

Unfortunately, his team members didn’t share the same sentiment. The ones from the central region stared at him as if he was an idiot.

Not to mention his meager power, even that high elder behind him was far from enough.

He was an exceptional genius in Black Wood Cliff but far from being comparable to Hu Ben and Phantom. Li Qiye would have zero problems killing him.

“Young Master, I want this jade.” Yang Ling noticed the young lord’s disdain for Li Qiye so she interjected while winking at Li Qiye. Her purpose was to toy with this young lord.

“So be it.” Li Qiye glanced at the jade.

Young Lord Tuhuo simply didn’t buy it. Some ancestors have tried before only to fail. He sneered: “The only thing that will happen is you pissing in your pants when those stones hit you. Stop daydreaming.”

Li Qiye ignored him and walked towards the valley.

“Can he do it?” The locals and the eastern cultivators had little confidence in him. The ancestors who attempted earlier ran for their lives and even cried from the pain. 

“This brat is about to do something crazy again.” On the other hand, the big shots from the central region felt the opposite.

“We have no business here any longer, this jade has a master now.” Another high elder said helplessly.

They saw Li Qiye doing even more devilish things before. This was nothing in comparison, definitely not a miracle.

He walked forward while being empty-handed and unprepared.

“Just like that?” Some spectators became confused at his frivolity.

“He’s not afraid of the stones?” The older experts from Black Wood found this strange. They attributed it to him being arrogant and careless.

“Haha, just wait, he’ll have a pig head soon enough on top of pissing his pants, gonna look as sorry as possible.” Young Lord Tuhuo smirked and couldn’t wait to watch the show. He had personal experience of how strong these stones were.

Unfortunately, his smirk turned into sheer astonishment. Others had their mouth and eyes wide open as well.

Li Qiye sauntered into the dangerous valley as if it was just another street. The stones didn’t react or move at all as if they didn’t see him. It finally made sense since they didn’t have eyes.

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