Chapter 3866: Impossible To Enter

“I wonder what these things are.” The crowd shifted their attention back to the valley.

When they lined up in this cute and harmless manner, no one could see their offensive potential. They were mere stones that shouldn’t be able to damage cultivators.

Alas, once they started spewing smaller pebbles, they never missed the mark as if evasion was futile.

“Let me give it a shot.” A younger cultivator activated his armor. Thick plates surrounded him for an impregnable defense.

“Sierra Guard. That’s Young Noble Chongshan from Metropolis.” Someone recognized the armor set and the person right away.

“This armor is extremely thick and unyielding.” Another expert thought that this armored youth would be able to stop the pebbles.

After activating his defense, the youth became bolder and slowly walked into the valley.

The moment he set one foot inside, one stone immediately attacked. “Whoosh!”

“Activate!” The youth shouted. The armor became resplendent and numerous layers of mountains appeared before him. This seemed enough to block anything.

“Boom!” Unfortunately, the flying pebble still struck his forehead. All of the defensive aspects of the armor were nullified.

“Ah!” He fell backward and was horrified. Nonetheless, he endured the pain and started crawling out of the valley.

Nonetheless, he ate another two or three shots and was still screaming after he made it out. His head was swollen, albeit not as much as the first cultivator.

“Got any idea?” The spectators exchanged glances, thinking that this made no sense. How could the pebble still hit him through the layers of mountains?

They thought that both defense and evasion were useless here.

“This doesn’t make any sense.” Yang Ling said. A pebble shouldn’t inflict any pain to a cultivator.

Li Qiye only smiled since he wasn’t interested in this treasure.

“Spatial evasion.” The old man’s eyes became profound while staring at the jade piece on top of the mound. He clearly saw some clues.

“My turn.” Another youth with pulsing flames on his body stepped forward.

“Young Lord Tuhuo.” The locals naturally recognized him.

He stood in front of the valley and roared: “Terra Lava!” 

He formed a mudra and activated his merit law. The flames around him surged to the air.

“Rumble!” Magma from underground rose up and became meteors, shooting straight towards the valley while leaving fiery trails behind.

Many spectators took a deep breath while watching the apocalyptic attack.

“Young Lord Tuhuo lives up to his reputation as a top genius in Black Wood.” Even visitors praised the prodigy.

He took the initiative to go on the offensive instead of worrying about defense, wanting to obliterate the stones inside with lava meteors.

In this split second, the jade on the mound became blindingly bright and created a barrier protecting the valley.

“Rumble!” The meteors slammed into the barrier and stopped in their tracks. The devastating impact and the scorching heat couldn’t break this barrier.

“We’ll see about that!” An ancestor nearby lost his patience and shouted: “Galaxy Storm!”

Having said that, he summoned a treasure. Its sovereign aura immediately ravaged the area. A galaxy emerged above and its stars immediately rained down on the barrier.

“He’s the prime minister of Celestial Country!” A spectator cried out: “His Galaxy Storm took down an army of one hundred thousand before!”

This ancestor served as a prime minister for a powerful country in the holy ground. His attack horrified the crowd.

‘Boom!” Alas, this was far from being enough to destroy the barrier.

“Buzz.” Space suddenly trembled and another ancestor instantly appeared in front of the jade.

He wore a black outfit while appearing ethereal like a flickering flame on the verge of extinguishing.

“Specter Ancestor of Divine Ghost Division!” An expert shouted, not expecting so many big shots to be here.

“You’re mine!” Specter reached forward and firmly grabbed the jade piece.

“He got it!” The crowd clamored after seeing this.

Strangely enough, he couldn’t move the floating jade at all as if it had deep roots somewhere.

He mustered his strength and his vitality erupted brightly. This was proven futile.

The stones on the ground launched their onslaught so this ancestor darted outward with godlike speed.

“Boom!” The first pebble struck his head, making him scream and fall to the ground. As he was making his way out, he ate several more.

Blood spilled from his head; the pain was bad enough for him to sob.

“This valley is so bizarre.” A spectator said since two ancestors have failed thus far.

“That jade piece is unreal, it resisted Galaxy Storm with its own power.” A big shot murmured.

The prime minister said: “This barrier is absolutely at the dao lord level, completely unharmed after my attack.”

“!!!” Everyone felt their heart beating faster.

This jade, in and of itself, was already so impressive. Once refined, it would become an invincible defensive treasure.

The crowd exchanged glances. Everyone wanted the jade but none had the ability to take it out of the valley.

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