Chapter 3865: Round Stone

The stone was perfectly round with alternating black and white lines. It didn’t have eyes yet Yang Ling felt as if it was staring at her with cute, round eyes.

“This is a treasure?” Her eyes became brighter.

“Little one, come to me.” She reached for it right away.

A crack appeared on the stone and a smaller pebble shot out, successfully hitting her forehead. She started seeing stars and nearly tumbled on the ground. Her forehead became swollen afterward.

She groaned and grabbed her forehead, finding this astonishing. She was still a capable cultivator with commendable agility. Ordinary experts couldn’t hit her forehead like that.

The injury was far from severe yet she couldn’t dodge it. She didn’t know what happened before getting hit.

“What is this thing?” She asked while holding her puffed-up forehead.

The stone started rolling away with impressive speed, issuing clicking noises.

“Go after it, it’ll lead you somewhere nice.” Li Qiye said and followed it.

“A treasury, yeah?” She became enthusiastic.

He smiled without answering. The group hurriedly followed the stone.

It seemed to be aware of the pursuers and increased its speed, rolling with the speed of a star and causing dust to fly everywhere.

Unfortunately, no matter how fast it was, it couldn’t lose Li Qiye. It was as slow as a crawling baby to him.

In reality, its escape attempt was doomed from the start. Even if it could lose the group, it still left behind a faint trail for the group to follow.

It rolled farther into the ocean until it reached a mountain range. Normally, these mountains would not be visible due to the black water.

Strangely enough, once entering this area, the group saw that there were clouds and mist shrouding the mountains. It was akin to entering a different world.

There were no lush vegetation and trees covering the hills. Nonetheless, one could still get lost due to the lowered visibility once getting higher. It resembled an illusory labyrinth.

They traveled through the hills and peaks by following the stone, eventually getting to the valley in the center. In the middle of this valley was a mound, looking like a natural platform of heaven and earth.

The two girls were amazed to see the scene inside. The entire valley was filled with round stones just like the one prior. They came from all over the place and were packed like seals. It seemed that there was something important for them to do here.

They lined up in a neat order from the entrance all the way to the mound. Each had its own position and wouldn’t roll in an incorrect path. This was a rather cute and funny scene.

There were other cultivators waiting outside the valley too since they followed different stones here.

Yang Ling’s focus fell on the highest spot of the mound. A treasure levitated there - around the size of a face-washing basin, maybe one-third bigger.

It had a slightly oval shape with one end being long and narrow. The material seemed to be made of semitransparent jade. Nonetheless, it lacked the coldness that a jade piece would have.

It issued brilliant particles that flew around like little spirits. They eventually scattered downward and touched the round stones, akin to flower petals hitting the water in a lake and issuing ripples.

These golden ripples were immediately absorbed by the stones. They seemed to be enjoying the process just like seals enjoying the sun rays, looking lazy and comfortable.

Everyone then understood the stones rolled to this place. Their targets were the particles from this treasure.

“What treasure is this?” People started wondering about this jade-like thing.

Even the knowledgeable members of the crowd had no idea. Nonetheless, even a fool could tell that it was amazing.

“It’s mine!” Someone from the last generation leaped forward and landed on the mound, reaching for the treasure.

However, a stone retaliated by shooting off a smaller piece right away. 

The expert waved his other hand and created a gale. His sleeve aimed to block the incoming pebble.

“Bang!” Unfortunately, his forehead still got hit somehow. The spectators didn’t see it clearly.

He shouted in pain before falling off the mound.

“Bang! Bang! Bang!” The other stones didn’t show any mercy and shot more pebbles at his head.

“Shit!” He couldn’t block any of them.

The truth was that resistance was futile. The stones had impeccable accuracy and always struck the right spot.

He moaned in agony while rolling on the ground, trying his best to cover his head. Once he made it out of the valley, he got into the fetal position and sobbed. His face became swollen like a pig head, completely unrecognizable.

Others wanted to laugh but felt bad for him. Some friends came over to put ointment on his face.

Unfortunately, he still screamed in pain as if he had been stung by a thousand bees.

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