Chapter 3864: Entering Black Tides

“Just to a superficial level.” The old servant smiled.

“That’s still pretty amazing already, Senior Guan’s Mad Blade is a supreme technique that was considered the best in the world once…” Yang Ling replied.

“Best in the world? Maybe to the frogs under the well.” He shook his head.

“But he really defeated all of his opponents.” She retorted since Guan Batian was the pride of Metropolis and Duality.

“It’s only because the true masters didn’t bother to take action. Otherwise, his insignificant cultivation wouldn’t be considered number one. A firefly can’t compete with the bright moon.” He said.

“That’s an overstatement. Senior Guan is still the current third supreme, definitely on the same level as Buddha and Righteous Supreme. He might not be truly unbeatable but still an apex existence, not a firefly. If he’s a firefly, then all others are mere specks of dust.” She insisted.

The old man smiled and stopped arguing. Yang Ling also dropped the issue since she was merely curious.

“Young Master, where are we going now?” She asked Li Qiye.

He glanced ahead at the seabed and said: “Wherever.” 

“Let’s go find some treasures then.” She excitedly said: “Let’s hope we don’t meet anything dangerous though…”

“Boom!” The ground quaked before she could finish. More rumbling ensued afterward and dirt splashed everywhere as if an earth dragon was coming out.

“What’s this?!” She became startled.

“Boom!” Dirt shot upward as a gigantic creature drilled out of the ground. Its shadow engulfed the group as they looked up.

It slightly resembled a worm, only that it had a head without eyes, only a mouth as large as its body.

“Raa!” It opened its mouth and revealed its frightening teeth, long and sharp on top of rotating deeper into its mouth cavity. They actually moved around like gears, capable of grinding anything unfortunate enough to be caught.

It also spewed out a black liquid, enough to intimidate the most courageous adventurers.

“What is this monster?” The quiet Fan Bai immediately hid behind Li Qiye, horrified.

Girls usually had a tough time dealing with worms and insects. 

“So nasty…” Yang Ling was disgusted.

“Just a tidal worm.” Li Qiye glanced at it and smiled.

“Raa!” The tidal worm immediately lunged forward to try and swallow the group. “Clank! Clank! Clank!” Its teeth were grinding and clunking.

“Watch it!” Yang Ling’s first reaction was to hide behind Li Qiye as well.

He, on the other hand, didn’t bother to look at the worm.

“Whoosh!” The old man took action instead. A saber slash flashed for a moment before disappearing.

The two girls didn’t even see him move at all, only hearing a saber hymn then seeing a bright flash.

The slash was simply too fast. It didn’t have accompanying saber energy or a bloodthirsty aura. Nonetheless, time seemed to come to a halt. Everything became slow enough to spot.

Once the flow of time became normal again, the worm was cut into two halves. Black liquid and its organs spilled on the ground.

“Boom!” Its massive body slammed into the ground.

The old servant only needed one move to kill this monster. It didn’t even see his swinging motion, let alone resisting the attack.

“So fast…” Yang Ling forgot about fear and the nastiness of the worm after seeing the slash.

She wasn’t a top master or anything but still understood how mighty that attack was just now. She glanced at the old man - he didn’t have a saber in his grasp.

“Senior, you-your attack earlier, what is its name?” She couldn’t help but ask, aware that the old man was a hidden master.

“Just a casual swing, there’s no name.” He smiled.

“Your casual attack is so strong already, so how incredible would an actual technique be? Which saber art do you train in?” She was lost in admiration.

Though she knew that asking for someone’s merit law was potentially rude or even offensive, she still couldn’t help herself.

“Hmm.” The old man glanced at the horizon and shook his head: “It’s too long ago, I’m old now and can’t remember much of it.”

“Even in that case, can your saber art compare to Senior Guan’s Mad Blade?” She became bolder.

He smiled and didn’t answer her.

Li Qiye decided to interject: “Mad Blade is a decent saber technique but it doesn’t compare to his current art. When comparing the two, he would only need three moves to kill Mad Blade.”

“Really?!” Yang Ling wouldn’t accept this if it came from anyone other than Li Qiye.

After all, Mad Blade and his saber art were strong enough for him to be potentially classified as the third supreme.

Who could kill Mad Blade in three moves? Not even Buddha and Righteous Supreme. 

She thought that Li Qiye was most likely correct. Her exclamation was out of shock rather than skepticism.

“Of course.” He smiled.

“Th-that’s amazing.” She glanced at the old man, still looking a little doubtful.

“Just three slashes to cut the dao.” The old man didn’t look complacent in the slightest and seemed to be thinking about something.

She didn’t understand what he was talking about. Alas, these two seemed quite confident in the unbelievable assessment.

She stood there in a daze, shocked.

“Don’t you want to look for treasures? One’s right here.” Li Qiye chuckled.

“Treasures? Where?!” She regained her wits and started looking around excitedly.

“Out.” Li Qiye roared.

There was a pit filled with mud on the seabed in front of them. “Splash!” A round stone hopped out of it as if it had legs.

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