Chapter 3863: Wild Child Of The East

The wild child’s appearance caused quite a stir. The younger geniuses took a deep breath while staring at him.

“The wild child is here, now if Righteous Scion comes too, then all three great geniuses will be here.” One youth became emotional.

Wild Child of the East, Righteous Scion, and Three Slashes were considered supreme geniuses. However, the wild child rarely showed his face in the holy ground or Righteous Sect.

Because of this, he wasn’t as famous as his peers. Nonetheless, his power was definitely on the same level. His saber skill wasn’t inferior to Three Slashes.

He had a prestigious background as well, being the son of the Praetor who was currently in charge of the eastern coalition armies.

This was impressive enough but he had another earth-shattering status.

The spectators stared at his saber and its rampant energy waves. It demanded attention so they focused more on the saber than its master.

“You know, I’ve heard that the wild child is the disciple of Mad Blade Guan Batian. Is this true?” Someone asked softly. 

Those nearby shuddered after hearing this title. Ancestor-level characters would definitely have the same reaction as well.

Mad Blade Guan Batian was known in all of Eight Desolaces, not just the southern West King.

The current southern region had plenty of hidden dragons and crouching tigers. Some sects had ancient existences that are slumbering.

Currently, Buddha Supreme and Righteous Supreme were at the apex. The slumbering existence wouldn’t challenge their authority without a good reason due to the risk.

However, Mad Blade Guan Batian was known as “The Third”. For a long period of time, people believed that he was as strong as the two supremes.

He dominated with his saber during his youth, sweeping through West King uncontested. Though he never fought the two supremes before, most believed that he had an equal chance of victory.

Some took it further and even referred to him as the third supreme after the era of Eight Stallion Dao Lord.

Alas, at the peak of his notoriety, he suddenly disappeared from the public. No one had a clue of his whereabouts.

Thus, they gradually forgot about him. Nonetheless, the wild child potentially being his disciple was still startling.

For example, Righteous Scion has been taught by Righteous Supreme before, but they weren’t master-disciple.

Therefore, the wild child would have the biggest advantage in terms of background versus his two rivals.

“Are you sure?” A skeptical genius asked.

“It would be foolish to make this claim, it has to be true. Who would dare pretend to be Mad Blade’s disciple?” An expert replied.

This was indeed the case. Mad Blade was known to be arrogant and aggressive. Pretending to be his disciple might result in clan extermination.

The wild child might be the Praetor’s son but his father wouldn’t be able to protect him from Mad Blade. Moreover, his background was already prestigious enough. There was no point in lying.

“It’s plausible. There was a rumor about Mad Blade entering the eight kingdoms during his prime. That’s when he disappeared so he might have chosen to live there in seclusion.” A big shot from the last generation joined the conversation.

“No way, why would Mad Blade pick that place? It’s desolate and barbaric.” Someone from the holy ground disagreed.

“That’s right, our supreme genius wouldn’t go there.” Even older cultivators shared this thought.

This was understandable because Mad Blade came from the holy ground. To be more specific - Metropolis Division and Duality Academy.

Why did regular people care about Mad Blade’s choice? Because if he was still around, it meant that the holy ground would have two supremes. This would automatically put the holy ground above Righteous Sect.

That’s why the claim of him being in the eight kingdoms instead made it sound as if he had changed his allegiance. No one from the holy ground would be happy to hear this.

“Mad Blade really went to the east. However, his goal was to find the Ancient Immortal Kingdom.” A big shot from the east said with absolute confidence. [1]

“Why? Did he want to challenge Worldly Immortal?” Hushed discussions sprung up right away.

There was a misconception about the Ancient Immortal Kingdom. The general public assumed that this was one of the eight kingdoms to the east.

This was actually not the case. Only those from the east knew otherwise. This kingdom was definitely located to the east. However, its actual location remained a mystery.

The eight kingdoms treated it as their leader and that their mission was to protect it. This mirrored the position of Sacred Mountain for the holy ground.

As for the legendary Worldly Immortal, few had the privilege of meeting this being. Even dao lords weren’t always qualified.

The wild child never stopped after entering the ocean, eventually disappearing from sight.

“Does he have a clear target?” Some tried to follow him but couldn’t keep up.

All in all, it was an exciting period for the adventurers in Black Tides. Today, Li Qiye’s group came as well.

Of course, he didn’t care for the treasures here. Unfortunately, Yang Ling kept on blabbering about wanting to find some treasures. He had some free time and decided to entertain her.

They saw adventurers successfully digging up treasure. The excited Yang Ling pulled Li Qiye around, loudly demanding that they must find some too before leaving.

“Is Wild Child of the East really Senior Guan’s disciple?” She also saw this genius crossing through the sky and heard the gossip: “I don’t believe he would pick an eastern barbarian for his disciple.”

Her prejudice in this case was normal. Guan Batian came from Metropolis and the academy just like her.

She took pride in having him as a member of the community and would be vexed by his change of allegiance.

Li Qiye only smiled and didn’t respond. The old servant chuckled: “There are always people who toot their own horn. Learning just the basics yet claiming to be someone else’s disciple, wanting the entire world to know about it. This is rather common.”

“Wait, so he learned the legendary Mad Blade techniques?” Yang Ling found this surprising.

Guan Tianba’s saber technique was known as Mad Blade, hence his title.

1. Ancient Immortal Kingdom used to be Ancient Kingdom of Immortals.

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