Chapter 3862: Treasures Appearing

Cultivators were drawn to the treasures in Black Tides, especially the young ones who became impatient.

“Gogo, the treasures are buried beneath the seabed, finders keepers!” A young one rushed into the ocean.

Some others formed groups before going. They remained wary of the dangers and rather picked a safe option.

Of course, the older cultivators did the same. The only difference was that they kept a low profile instead of being rowdy like the young ones. Some took their juniors there with the greatest speed.

They knew that showing off wealth was a quick way to die in these circumstances. Being too arrogant and showing off might result in death.

The ones who traveled the most quietly were the ancestors and reclusive masters. They rarely came out and didn’t want to be reckless. They needed reliable intelligence before taking action, unlike the youths who started digging everywhere.

These old beings’ goal wasn’t the regular treasures. They had their eyes set on the immortal weapon in the legends.

Throughout history, many ancient ancestors and supremes have been looking for this weapon. They never showed themselves to the public and always kept a vigilant eye out for any changes in Black Tides. This was their opportunity.

In just a short time, people from all over the world arrived and strutted into Black Tides.

In the beginning, they came under the mission of helping Black Cliff. But now, before the incoming battle, they wanted to test their luck and see if they could obtain some incredible weapons.

They wouldn’t dare to do this when the black water was still around. That would be a swift death. But now, the place has become safer in the water’s absence.

It was true that this place contained numerous treasures. They came from two sources - the masters that have died here and the naturally-formed ones. This abundance birthed a plethora of good news.

“Clank!” Everyone saw a radiance shooting outward. Some rushed over but it was too late.

“Young Noble Qi of Black Wood found a regalia left behind by a dao lord. I think half of it is torn off but its defensive capabilities are still impressive.” News of this nature traveled far.

“A dao lord regalia, huh?” Most sighed with admiration. Even a damaged regalia was still extremely precious and rare.

As more lights emerged in Black Tides, more adventurers found treasures in the seabed or the deep trenches…

“Oddcloud Elder found a strange conch in the trench. After an appraisal from the Biandu, it turns out to be a Soundless Night Conch. This species is only found in Black Tides. If he refines it, it can put the opponents to sleep.”

“The young lord of Stallion Pagoda caught a fish too, as white as snow from top to bottom. The Biandu identified it as a Dark Loachdragon, a species transformed by the water here. Using its blood for medicine can increase one’s cultivation by a huge margin.”

“The princess of Lianshan got a tiny golden pagoda of unknown origin. People actually say that it has the same origin as Young Lord Biandu’s saber.”

News kept on coming back about treasures, some of which were incredible. This only emboldened cultivators to take more risks.

“We need to dig and excavate all the treasures underground!” One excited soul exclaimed.

Of course, not all were lucky. Some screams happened where the lights appeared along with the sounds of battles.

This resulted in bad news. For example, disciples from Spirit Monastery were ambushed by a monster in the trench; their seniors came to help but all were massacred. The young lord of Journey School dug out an evil treasure and instantly lost his life.  As for Star-rain Princess, she was pursued by an eight-legged insect for thousands of miles…

The listeners became more careful. Of course, some knew that they needed to be vigilant after obtaining the treasures.

Monsters weren’t the only problem. Other cultivators might covet their possessions and view them as prey.

Strangely enough, the Biandu who was the most familiar with this region remained passive.

In the previous tidal recessions, they always sent out forces to find treasures. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to call them the bigger winner each time due to their knowledge. Some even called them the harvesters of Black Tides.

According to the rumors, they had a detailed map of this ocean - a treasure map of sorts. This was a difficult feat considering the ocean’s size. Nonetheless, the clan denied the map’s existence.

Thus, their lack of movement this time was rather strange. All they did was acting as appraisers for others’ treasures.

Only a few perceptive cultivators took note of this. Most adventurers were too preoccupied with finding treasures to worry about the Biandu.

For example, the ancient ancestors and Heavenly Sovereigns paid attention to the clan’s actions. They speculated that the clan might know something about the legendary immortal weapon.

These powerful beings believed that the Biandu had the biggest shot of finding it because they have lived here for generations.

In reality, right after the tidal recession, the Biandu had secretly sent a group into the ocean. Alas, due to the size of the ocean, even those who spotted this group would lose them eventually.

“Clank! Clank! Clank!” The adventurers’ task was suddenly interrupted by a weapon resonance.

This both frightened and excited them. They thought that a treasure was causing this harmonization.

However, it was just because of a youth crossing through the sky.

“Wild Child of the East!” People looked up and became startled after seeing him.

He wore leather; his long hair draped down his shoulders in a messy manner. He gave off the impression of being a savage living in the wilderness.

The most conspicuous part about him was the saber hanging on his back. It was covered by leather as well and lacked decoration. It exuded a wild and domineering aura.

This aura ravaged the air without holding back. The crowd found this similar to the aura of a beast out of its cage.

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