Chapter 3861: A Gift From Heavenly Dragon Temple

On the same night, an unexpected guest visited the ancestral peak - Golden Cicada Buddhist Child.

He bowed then took out a treasure box with both hands, presenting it to Li Qiye: “Under the instruction of my master and the other ancestors, I am here to respectfully give you this dao bone. We have been keeping it all this time and hope that you will find it acceptable.”

The box’s tattered nature made its old age apparent. Numerous Buddhist seals covered the surface. It seemed as if many high monks had personally performed a blessing of protection - this was indicative of its value.

The blessings weren’t to stop thieves and robbers, only to keep the thing inside at bay. As time passed, there was a chance that it could escape, hence the need for continuous augmentation.

The old servant stared at it in admiration: “An incredible base, an heirloom of Sangharama Buddha. I didn’t expect Heavenly Dragon Temple to have this old relic.”

Golden Cicada glanced at the old man then cupped his fist and said: “How perceptive you are, Senior. Yes, Buddha Dao Lord gave it to our founder.”

Sangharama Buddha was the founder of Heavenly Dragon Temple. He was the dao lord’s direct disciple and served as a general.

It has been years since the dao lord’s era but the temple still had kept this relic around.

Li Qiye had talked about wanting this dao bone previously so Golden Cicada reported this to his sect.

Outsiders all thought that the temple had a top-grade dao bone. Some believed that it was a king-level dao bone. Some disagreed and took it to the next level, a priceless emperor-level dao bone.

The temple didn’t try to trick Li Qiye either. They offered their very best dao bone to him. It was harvested by Buddha Dao Lord from a top chaos primal beast. It was then bestowed to Sangharama Buddha as a reward for his military contribution.

Sangharama didn’t refine it into a weapon and kept it in his temple. The future descendants did the same because this dao bone was just too precious.

Nonetheless, the temple was decisive enough to make the decision of giving it to Li Qiye.

He glanced at the box and smiled, not intending on taking it.

“This dao bone is precious but I can’t use it.” He said.

“Young Master?” Golden Cicada became confused due to Li Qiye’s change of heart.

“I’m not someone who takes treasures from others. I was just playing with you that day.” Li Qiye shook his head.

Golden Cicada had an awkward smile. He was an open-minded person but Li Qiye’s joke really caused him a lot of trouble.

This priceless dao bone was the jewel and the legacy of their temple. Nonetheless, he still asked for it. They had a terrible time making this decision. The ancestors nearly went crazy during the deliberation. Now, he refused the dao bone?

Others would be furious for his inconsiderate frivolity. Alas, Golden Cicada remained cool.

“I thought you wanted to craft a weapon.” He asked.

Li Qiye smiled and revealed: “I am. This dao bone is good but it’s far from being able to meet my requirements.”

“...” He naturally wouldn’t say that Li Qiye was putting up an act. 

He wouldn’t claim that this dao bone was the best. However, it came from a mighty beast. Using it for crafting would result in something comparable to a dao lord weapon.

“If I use it for my weapon. How do you think it compares to a dao lord weapon?” Li Qiye asked.

“It will definitely be just as good.” Golden Cicada pondered for a bit before seriously answering.

“Flattery sounds even better when done in a deadpan and earnest manner.” Li Qiye seemed amused.

Golden Cicada chuckled awkwardly after hearing this. 

Li Qiye then continued: “This would be too much trouble for a dao lord weapon. If I wanted one of this level, I could just grab some from Sacred Mountain or Righteous Sect.”

Dao lord weapons were considered to be the apex of weaponry. Any sect would treat one as their ultimate treasure. Now, Li Qiye revealed how he thought nothing of them.

What moved the monk was Li Qiye’s intention of creating something even greater. Who could possibly do something like this?

Nonetheless, he knew that Li Qiye wasn’t messing around. It’s just that he had a hard time imagining the end product.

He was aware of Li Qiye’s refinement on top of Myriad Cauldron Peak. This made him even more curious about the crafting process.

“Amitabha, I hope you will find success, Young Master.” He lowered his head and placed his palms together.

Li Qiye nodded and said: “Heavenly Dragon Temple has always been a staunch pillar of the holy ground. The holy ground will do just fine without Vajra or Divine Ghost Division, but if there’s no Heavenly Dragon, there’s no Buddha Holy Ground.”

“Amitabha, it is an honor to be praised by you, Young Master. Heavenly Dragon Temple will stand with the holy ground, always.” The monk replied.

The changes in the holy ground and the leading dynasty didn’t matter. The monks of Heavenly Dragon always supported Sacred Mountain and served as the pillar of this system.

Naturally, Sacred Mountain also trusted Heavenly Dragon Temple. Because of this, it bestowed numerous dao lord merit laws and weapons to the temple, allowing it to have the second greatest treasury in the holy ground.

“Your sect’s old geezer is here too?” Li Qiye said.

“Young Master, my master is here but he doesn’t wish to offend you by coming uninvited.” The monk said.

“Please.” Li Qiye waved his hand: “He’s probably busy looking for that immortal weapon.”

The monk smiled without responding.

“Tell the old monk that the future holy ground requires capable supporters.” Li Qiye ordered.

“I will, Young Master.” The monk didn’t expect this serious comment from Li Qiye but still bowed.

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