Chapter 3860: Immortal Weapon

A secret existed in Black Tides that would only appear during tidal recessions. Few were privy of this knowledge, only the powerful ancestors. Some entered Black Tides searching for it, dao lords included.

It pertained to an immortal weapon far superior to dao lord weapons, perhaps on the same level as the nine heavenly treasures. Of course, the nine only belonged in the legends; no one knew if they were real or otherwise.

On the other hand, people were sure that this immortal weapon was there in Black Tides, hiding in some unknown location.

Its name and origin remained a mystery. The top dao lords and supremes themselves had no idea.

Conflicting opinions existed historically. Some believed that no one had ever seen it; others said that certain dao lords were fortunate enough. Either way, information regarding its shape and origin was never made public.

The ancestors and reclusive masters from various sects were sure of its existence. The biggest reason was the phenomenon just now - the resonation of every weapon within a ten-million-miles radius.

They thought that this immortal weapon must have shown itself, resulting in the resonation.

All eyes were on Black Tides, focusing on the source of the light earlier. They thought that it should be the location of the weapon.

The weapon resonation on a mass scale eventually stopped, allowing cultivators to breathe easy again without the fear of losing their treasures.

Suddenly, buzzes and lights emerged in various locations in Black Tides. Red, platinum, black lights… They only flashed for a moment before dimming down outside of certain places.

“What are those things?” The lights attracted the attention of many.

“Treasures are appearing.” A big shot from the last generation replied.

“So Black Tides really has treasures?” A young outsider asked since she didn’t know much about Black Tides.

“Yes.” The big shot nodded: “Numerous masters died in Black Tides throughout history. They left behind their weapons and treasures there. Moreover, Black Tides itself has secret treasures too. They usually show up during the tidal recessions.”

“Really now…” The young ones’ excitement grew.

Their seniors gave him the side-eye and said: “Look, so many important characters have gathered here. Are they all here to help Black Wood? Of course not, some merely came for the treasure in Black Tides. Each tidal recession is a terrible disaster but for some, an opportunity.”

“We gotta go then!” Some lost their patience and wanted to rush in.

They were late to the party because many big shots had already secretly entered a while back. The public had no idea that they were here since their target was the legendary immortal weapon. Some among them were actually famous supremes.


During this night, Li Qiye also observed the ocean while standing on the ancestral peak of the Biandu.

The old servant accompanied him alone since the vivacious Yang Ling had gone outside to watch the show.

Li Qiye had a smile while looking at the lights. On the other hand, the old man looked solemn as he focused on the deepest areas of Black Tides.

The old man eventually broke the silence: “Rumor has it that there is a peerless immortal weapon in Black Tides. What is your opinion on it, Young Master?”

“You’ve gone inside already, no?” Li Qiye smiled.

“Yes.” The old man smiled wryly. There were various reasons for his entry in the past. One of them was definitely this immortal weapon. He sought it and hoped to turn it into his own - a weapon that would be immortalized in history.

“I knew about this weapon’s appearance during tidal recessions but I had nothing but confidence back then. I rushed in early and never saw anything, nearly throwing my life away in the process.” He revealed while shaking his head.

Black Tides was just too dangerous, especially with the blood water compared to its dried version.

The old man didn’t make it to the last area of Black Tides. He knew that it was time to give up instead of being suicidal.

“It’s there indeed.” Li Qiye nodded.

The old man shuddered since this made the rumor true. The immortal weapon really existed.

“What type of weapon is it? It’s from an immortal beyond the sky?” He took a deep breath and asked.

“You’re overthinking it, they don’t exist but if they do and are actually here, I’ll be the first to take them down. Eight Desolaces can’t handle the existence of an immortal.” Li Qiye smiled.

The casual comment contained high-level information for the old man. Those with more knowledge would become emotional after hearing this. Waves ran rampant in his mind as he tried to digest it. Words couldn’t describe how he was feeling.

It took a while before he regained his composure and asked softly: “Tell me more about this weapon then, Young Master. How does it compare to the nine heavenly treasures?”

“No need to use them as a gauge. Putting aside their amazing nature, not all are weapons.” Li Qiye shook his head.

The nine treasures only existed in the myths. All the stories surrounding them were confusing and lacked details. Not all believed in them being real.

“As for this one, it's just scrap metal. Of course, scrap metal can be useful and valuable too.” He added.

The old man smiled wryly. Even dao lords in history desired this immortal weapon yet Li Qiye used “scrap metal” to describe it.

“Looks like you want it.” Li Qiye smiled at the old man.

“A top weapon is reserved for the fated ones. I came before and didn’t obtain it, so it’s not meant for me. I’m sure the person is none other than you, Young Master.” The old man replied.

“You’re too old for flatteries.” Li Qiye shook his head: “It’s not that I want it. It’s just that someone else does and it can be useful.”

The old man then understood that this immortal weapon had been claimed.

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