Chapter 3859: Praetor

Both main portals in Black Wood remained busy with newcomers.

“Buzz.” On the same day, another portal suddenly emerged on the shore next to Black Tides, effective enough for mass teleportation. A gigantic army with millions of men marched out of the portal and waited by the shore.

This was a magnificent scene indeed, akin to a heavenly army descending from above. Its momentum seemed unstoppable.

Their armor was different from anything seen in the holy ground or all of the south. This type looked ancient, perhaps from millions of years ago. Nonetheless, the fact that they were still intact was a sign of their power. Only capable weapons and armors could withstand the test of time.

The experts back in Black Wood became emotional after seeing the fluttering banners.

“The insignia of the eight kingdoms.” Both the locals and the soldiers in the Guardian Legion became tense.

The eight kingdoms have been invaded by Righteous Sect and Buddha Holy Ground before. Peace came later along with trading.

Nonetheless, the sudden appearance of this great army still frightened the crowd. Some sects actually struck their gongs and prepared for battle.

The Guardian Legion and the Biandu didn’t go as far. Nonetheless, their commanders still ordered the troops to remain vigilant.

During this tense atmosphere, a messenger from the eight kingdoms came to state their intention.

The Biandu and the legion then allowed this army to camp here as well.

“The army of the east is here to aid Black Wood Cliff against the incoming disaster!” This information eventually spread.

The experts in Black Wood heaved a sigh of relief. They worried that this army might have come to invade Black Wood during this crucial moment. They would be fighting multiple fronts then.

Another message came subsequently from the eastern army: “The Praetor himself is leading the coalition army. We swear to push back the monsters of Black Tides!”

Most have never heard of this Praetor. However, those familiar with the eastern kingdoms shuddered after hearing this news.

“The Praetor himself? The kingdoms are truly wanting to help us!” One expert rejoiced.

“If the Praetor is here, it shows that their top ancestors are unanimous in wanting to help us. Maybe the legendary God Monarch will show up too.” Another added.

“What God Monarch?” Those nearby didn’t know the situation in the eastern kingdoms due to a lack of contact.

“Crystal God Monarch of the Celestial Crystal Race.” Someone from the east elaborated.

“The legendary being only second to the Ancient Empress?” Most were extremely shaken after hearing this title.

“That’s him.” The man from the east confirmed.

Crystal God Monarch was a renowned existence, rumored to only be second to the Ancient Empress. In fact, some believed that their cultivation was equal. It’s just that the Ancient Empress had greater status, beloved by the eight kingdoms.

He came from the Celestial Crystal Race. They were famous for possessing an indestructible diamond law, allowing them to be undefeated.

“I heard that the monarch was able to withstand three moves from South Conch Dao Lord’s patrimony weapon. Is this true?” Someone else brought this up.

“It’s true.” A powerful cultivator from the east confirmed: “The crystal race’s indestructible diamond physique is the strongest defensive merit law. This shouldn’t be surprising.”

“Yes, their indestructible diamond physique is incredible. What a feat it is to survive three attacks from a dao lord.” A big shot from the last generation said: “That’s why the monarch is only second to the Ancient Empress.

“The current Praetor has been taught by the monarch. The monarch has a high evaluation of him.” The powerful cultivator from the east added.

The eastern coalition armies were mighty. As the Praetor in command, this cultivator must be exceptional. His cultivation wouldn’t be inferior to the four grandmasters.

“Nothing can be better if the monarch and maybe even the empress come to help.” Someone from the holy ground said.

“Yes, imagine if Worldly Immortal comes too.” His friend said with excitement.

The members of the holy ground harbored these hopeful ideas, even the experienced big shots. Their legions alone weren’t enough to stop the tides so external help was necessary.

If Crystal God Monarch, the Ancient Empress, and Worldly Immortal were to come, then it would be more than enough. After all, Worldly Immortal was comparable to any dao lord.

“I hope so.” A big shot said, albeit with pessimism. The current holy ground lacked a leader capable of directly asking these great beings for help.


As armies gathered on the shore, Three Slashes and his group secretly entered Black Tides during the night.

“Buzz.” Suddenly, a radiant beam from the depth of the ocean illuminated the seafloor.

“Hmm, do you see that?” Outsiders had no clue what was going on.

The light suddenly converged back to its origin and disappeared. “Boom!” A powerful force emanated in all directions, wielding the affinity of destruction.

Within a ten million radius in Black Cliff, all weapons - whether they be carried by personnel or stored in treasuries - started resonating. They seemed to be summoned by a higher existence.

“Clank! Clank!” Cultivators needed to hold their weapons back since they wanted to fly away.

“What’s going on?!” The astounded members grasped their weapons tightly.

“The mythical weapon is appearing again.” An ancestor quietly responded.

“Weapon?” The young ones nearby became curious.

Meanwhile, many big shots hidden in the shadow were gazing at Black Tides.

“Here again, who will be able to obtain this weapon in this generation?” A mighty ancestor murmured to himself.

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