Chapter 3856: Ebbing Tides

The crowd couldn’t come up with a more arrogant response than Li Qiye’s just now.

“I don’t think anyone else dares to say the same thing, the Biandu has been around for ages.” Someone murmured.

“He’s courting death, things have escalated too far.” Another expert shook his head.

“That’s already decided the moment he took over the ancestral peak, he can say whatever he wants now.” A big shot from the last generation said flatly.

Some started to imagine Li Qiye’s demise. Perhaps one slash from the young lord out of anger? 

Three Slashes had plenty of patience but still thought it was ridiculous. Li Qiye’s disdainful attitude offended both him and his clan.

“Fellow Daoist. You are way out of line, apologize now before it’s too late.” Three Slashes’ expression darkened as he spoke.

“Unsheath your saber then, let’s see if you are as powerful as your title.” Li Qiye waved his hand and smiled.

The hand wave was dismissive and nonchalant as if he thought nothing of Three Slashes. Even the average cultivators wouldn’t accept this treatment, let alone a famous genius like him.

“Young Lord Biandu, cut down this egomaniac!” One youth felt indignant for their young lord.

“One slash is more than enough to kill him!” Others urged him to attack.

“Ignorant junior, clean your neck in preparation for decapitation!” A genius shouted.

Li Qiye’s repeated transgression infuriated the young fans of Three Slashes. He himself could hold back no longer.

It had nothing to do with pride. Given his power and status, even the ancestors needed to address him as “Young Lord”.

Now, this outsider refused to use honorifics. Putting that aside, the guy went as far as blatantly disrespecting him in public.

He took a deep breath and slowly grabbed the hilt of his saber. The crowd watched his hand carefully, not wanting to miss a single detail of his supreme slash.

“It’s about time…” One expert murmured.

“Boom!” Suddenly, everyone became discombobulated by a deafening explosion. The entire cliff started shaking; the world was being flipped over.

“What the hell?!” Some immediately fell down on their butt while screaming.

“Boom!” The second explosion was even louder, akin to the start of an apocalypse.

The world turned dark to the horror of the crowd. These explosions had nothing to do with Three Slashes.

He wasn’t strong enough to have this effect. On the other hand, it was due to a massive wave hitting the cliff.

This wave was high enough to reach the stars, acting like an evil entity wishing to swallow the sky vault.

“Boom!” The third wave nearly crushed the entire cliff. 

The region became feeble like a boat amidst a raging ocean. By this point, many cultivators were paralyzed on the ground.

“What’s going on with Black Tides?!” Even the big shots turned pale.

The locals were no strangers to the waves from Black Tides. However, they have never seen a tsunami before.

“Boom!” The fourth carried an earth-shattering force. Countless cultivators were sent flying in the air.

“Save me!” Cries could be heard everywhere from both the mortals and cultivators.

“Get in the house!” 

“We need to get inside!”

“Boom!” The fifth smash was brutal. Some heard a cracking sound as if the cliff was starting to crumble.

The Biandu was caught completely off guard. Ancient ancestors who have been slumbering for millions of years immediately woke up. They sat up, stricken with astonishment.

“This is it, it’s the end…” Doom and gloom took over Black Wood. 

However, unbeknown to the horrified victims, a buzzing light emerged in the deepest area of Black Tides.

A supreme power forcefully grasped the incoming tides and pulled them back into the ocean.

“Rumble!” The tides didn’t relent and wanted to continue the assault on Black Wood. Alas, this supreme power had a firm grasp. The tides struggled and roared to no avail.

Therefore, the next waves actually hitting Black Wood became weaker and weaker until a full stop.

“Splash! Splash!” Cultivators were still confused but time didn’t wait for them.

An unbelievable scene manifested before their very eyes - the water of Black Tides suddenly receded from the shore.

The waves certainly resisted but this was futile. The supreme power was overwhelming.

The ocean’s size was immense but due to this mysterious power, the water ebbed at an incredible rate. The seabed gradually became visible to those in Black Wood.

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