Chapter 3855: Incoming Battle

The news of the Biandu’s defeat at their own ancestral peak created a tempest in Black Wood.

It has been peaceful for quite a while now. None dared to challenge the Biandu on their home turf in recent years.

The recent development went beyond a skirmish. Their ancestral peak was now taken and they have lost the first exchange. Everyone thought that the Biandu needed to obliterate Li Qiye in order to regain their prestige.

Discussions started regarding how the Biandu would mobilize in order to capture Li Qiye. Perhaps they would rely on torture in order to make an example out of him.

“A dragon will still die when facing the Biandu at Black Cliff.” Most harbored this thought.

“I’m sure their ancestors will come this time around.” Another said.

Despite his strange and flawless victory, people still didn’t think Li Qiye had a chance. The Biandu has plenty of disciples and mighty ancestors. In fact, they might be strong enough to contend against Vajra.

The consensus was that the furious Biandu would gather thousands of disciples for another assault and that their ancestors would be furious after hearing the news.

However, the clan was silent after the escaped disciples returned in shame. No mobilization and no ancestors showed their face either. The passiveness was rather strange.

“Is the Biandu letting this go? No way.” Someone thought. Those who have provoked them in the past have been destroyed.

“They can’t spare Li Qiye like this, he’s still occupying their ancestral peak.” Another said.

Ancestors from the other sects shared the same sentiment. The Biandu had to do something unless they wanted to give their peak to Li Qiye.

On the second day, Three Slashes and two elders from the Biandu appeared.

“Young Lord Biandu is personally going.” The spectators kept a close watch on this development since it was quite entertaining.

“This is their answer, letting their young lord kill Li Qiye.” A young expert said.

Others nodded in agreement. Three Slashes was mighty on top of having two elders with him. No one else from the young generation could do this. In fact, an ancestor alone would have a tough time.

“Less than three moves is all he’ll need to decapitate Li Qiye!” Another exclaimed.

“Yes, he alone is more than enough to kill a junior like Li Qiye.” One expert agreed.

All in all, most were ready to see how Three Slashes would kill Li Qiye. They finally understood the lack of reaction from the clan.

There was no point in being angry because their young lord would take care of it.

“We can finally see him in action now. It’s a good learning opportunity.” An excited youth stated.

Everyone knew the famous three slashes from this young lord. Each slash was brilliant and worthy of admiration. Both the young and old at the cliff didn’t want to miss this opportunity.

Three Slashes carried his saber in a cool manner while hiking up the peak. The two elders walked right behind him with a serious expression.

Meanwhile, tens of thousands of cultivators followed a bit farther behind. They thought that Li Qiye was a dead man.

“How many slashes will it take?” A speculator wondered.

“Just one, that’s it.” To which someone else responded: “I heard he only used three slashes even against the Wild Child of the East.”

The wild child was famous alongside Righteous Scion in West King. The group thought that it was Li Qiye’s honor to die to Young Lord Biandu’s blade.

It didn't take long for the three to reach the top to see Li Qiye.

“We meet again, Fellow Daoist.” Three Slashes bowed towards him.

The spectators found his humility to be admirable. This was the style and manner of someone from a prestigious clan.

If anyone else had their peak taken by Li Qiye, they would have been overwhelmed with rage - unable to hold back. It wasn’t easy to be as calm as Three Slashes right now.

“What is it?” Li Qiye nonchalantly said.

This wasn’t the first time the crowd saw his overbearing attitude. They were naturally annoyed but this wasn’t their fight.

“I come today to ask you to leave, Fellow Daoist.” Three Slashes calmly responded.

“Why?” Li Qiye didn’t bat an eye.

Some members of the audience felt the urge to come and kick this annoyingly arrogant guy in the face, let alone Three Slashes.

“Did he just ask why? How is he acting like this when he took over their ancestral peak?” A spectator murmured.

“This place is our clan’s ancestral peak, a legacy left behind by our patriarch so outsiders aren’t allowed inside. Please leave.” Three Slashes cupped his fist.

“Oh? Who owned it before your patriarch?” Li Qiye smiled.

Three Slashes didn’t expect this question, neither did the listeners.

Everyone knew that the peak belonged to the Biandu, that’s it. The history prior to that was unknown. No one could answer this question.

How could they know something that had happened so long ago? There were no records of it.

“Ages have gone by so it’s impossible to find out.” Three Slashes said: “But in the present, it belongs to our clan. That’s enough of a reason.” 

He restrained himself from unsheathing his saber because he wasn’t completely confident.

“I see. Well, henceforth, it belongs to me now.” Li Qiye casually said.

The listeners exchanged glances after hearing the domineering statement. Three Slashes’ expression changed as well. There was no way they would ever accept this.

“Fellow Daoist, leave instead of making more mistakes. It’s not too late to leave.” Three Slashes cupped his fist again.

“If your clan wisely leaves now, it’ll prosper for generations to come.” Li Qiye glanced at the youth.

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