Chapter 3854: Grand Dao Bestowment

The frozen butler and the clan disciples heard Yang Ling’s shouting and regained their wits. They didn’t dare to say one word before fleeing from the peak, looking as pathetic as can be.

The spectators needed time to digest this. An outsider has just defeated more than a hundred disciples from the Biandu. It was difficult for them to find the right word to describe Li Qiye - arrogance or domineering?

A youth going against the Biandu in Black Wood Cliff should be described as ignorant and arrogant.

However, from what they have seen so far, Li Qiye was neither. He certainly knew about the Biandu’s strength yet still chose to go against them. He knew that there was a tiger on the mountain but still climbed up. That’s certainly domineering.

He became an enigma in their eyes. Was he just an ordinary cultivator or an unfathomable master?

The spectators weren’t the only ones confused. The defeated members of the Biandu couldn’t believe it either. Someone was actually audacious enough to injure them in Black Wood? 

The butler thought that given his power and his clan’s prestige, a junior would immediately acquiesce. It turned out that they had messed with the wrong person.

Most were still staring at the digging boar. How did this animal defeat all those experts just now?

“A dragon passing by.” Someone from the last generation quietly commented on Li Qiye’s situation.

“Just wait.” Another neutral party responded: “A dragon still has a hard time defeating the local serpent. The Biandu has been around for millions of years for a reason. Numerous outsiders have failed to overthrow them.”

Some agreed with this statement. The Biandu weathered numerous storms and disasters before, always able to defeat their foes in the end.

As for Li Qiye, the main character of this ordeal, he simply focused on removing the barks. He probably wouldn’t stop to look even if the sky were falling down.

“Let’s go.” The majority started leaving. Only a small number stuck around to see what Li Qiye was doing.

They spent half a day and gained nothing, finally concluding that Li Qiye was just killing time.

The rotten barks should have been easy to remove. In reality, they were tough like calluses with numerous layers, serving as protection for the tree throughout the years.

It took plenty of effort for Li Qiye to finally strip the stump clean. He then removed the heavily damaged part to reveal the heartwood around the size of a small bowl. It had an extraordinary presence.

In the beginning, Yang Ling thought that the tree was dead. Once Li Qiye finished the clean-up, she saw that the heartwood still had some life and color left to it.

It was certainly on the verge of death given the state of the tree. Nonetheless, it still felt brimming with water as if there was an ocean stored within. Once released, the water would drown the entire peak. This might be the reason why the stump was able to last until now.

“Good.” Li Qiye patted his dirty hands and returned to the palace.

Yang Ling’s gaze shifted between Li Qiye and the stump. She tilted her head in rumination.

“What does the young master want to do?” She asked the old servant.

“The likes of us can’t fathom his goals.” The old man smiled and shook his head.

He then glanced over at Black Tides and became emotional: “The storm is coming. It will spare no one, reducing the top masters down until not even bones are left.”

Yang Ling thought about the near future as well. Alas, she had limited information and eventually gave up. She then returned to her room.

As for Fan Bai, she sat there and meditated like a statue. She has been unaffected by all outside occurrences. The only thing that mattered to her was cultivation.

She was the purest and simplest among them, at least in this aspect. The old man admired her for this, thinking that he was inferior.

On the second day, Yang Ling woke up early. The moment she got out the door, she saw Li Qiye standing next to the stump again.

“Young Master!” She came over to chat but once she got close enough, her face turned red because Li Qiye was urinating on the stump without holding back.

“Why didn’t you warn me?!” She turned around and stomped her foot. Even her neck became red from embarrassment.

“About what?” He finished and tied his belt again before stretching.

“About what you just did…” The girl showed her bashful side.

“You misunderstood. This is a grand dao bestowment.” Li Qiye smiled and shook his head.

“Grand dao bestowment? You’re messing with me, Young Master.” She didn’t expect this answer.

“Imagine this, what if there are immortals in this world?” He suddenly asked.

“Immortals?” She hasn’t thought of this because there were no immortals.

“Very valuable.” He added.

“Hmm?” She assumed that he would talk about their appearance or incredible auras when appearing.

“Their hair, blood, skin… all priceless treasures for mortals.” He elaborated.

“Right.” She nodded since this was a matter of fact.

The closest example was the true blood of dao lords. Just one bottle alone could drive the world crazy, let alone the immortals in the myths.

“That’s why my urine is a grand dao bestowment.” He concluded.

The content was rather vulgar and casual yet she became frozen.

Once she regained her wits, he was already back in the palace. She glanced over at the stump, turning red once more after recalling his action.

“Is this so-called grand dao bestowment an actual thing?” She asked the old man who has been watching Black Tides the entire time.

He smiled and said: “The young master never shoots without hitting the target, grand dao bestowment it is.”

“I see…” The embarrassed girl murmured.

“He can swallow heaven and earth and devour the myriad worlds. Everything can happen with a whim of his. If he wants it to be a grand dao bestowment, then it’ll be a grand dao bestowment. The actual method doesn’t matter.” He added.

She found this to be quite logical after thinking it through. Nonetheless, this manner of blessing was indeed new to her.

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