Chapter 3853: Scram

The butler’s mood worsened from the repeated transgressions from the arrogant Li Qiye, especially in public.

Others exchanged glances, thinking that Li Qiye was indeed pushing it from not responding.

As the saying goes - one may ignore the monks but still need to give Buddha some face. Li Qiye’s attitude would only sour the relationship between him and the Biandu.

“You’re pushing your luck.” The butler said sinisterly: “It’s not too late to follow me lest my masters show their wrath. At that point, you would pray for death…”

There was no need for him to hold back anymore. Since Li Qiye refused to give him face, it was time to teach the guy a lesson about the true lords of Black Wood Cliff. It would also serve to show everyone else the fate of those who dare to oppose the Biandu.

His threat fell on deaf ears once more. Li Qiye paid attention to nothing but his task.

Anger brewed inside the butler from the contemptuous treatment. “Go, flatten that palace and capture them all. Kill whoever tries to resist.” He uttered murderously.

People thought they could hear his teeth grinding furiously. Nothing would please him more than cutting Li Qiye to pieces.

“Go!” The disciples who followed him separated into two groups. One rushed for the palace while the other surrounded Li Qiye.

“Brat, be obedient or I’ll cut off your limbs.” One of them said while all readied their weapons.

They pointed their swords and sabers straight at Li Qiye. If he were to resist in the slightest, they would instantly make mincemeat out of him.

The spectators watched with bated breath since a battle was about to start.

“Make them scram.” Li Qiye still didn’t bat an eye despite the precarious situation and ordered.

Others became confused because they didn’t know who he was talking to.

“Rumble!” During this confusion, the group who headed for the palace was suddenly sent flying.

“Ahh!! Ahh!” Some screamed in pain. These disciples suffered various injuries - broken legs, crushed rib cage… They vomited blood before slamming into the ground.

Once the spectators calmed down, they realized that the assailant was a wild boar. It attacked the group from behind and caught them off guard. Its incredible speed didn’t diminish its precision. It easily crushed the bones of its enemies.

They took a good look at the boar - its mane had empty patches; one of its tusks was half-broken as well.

“Kill that thing!” The group that surrounded Li Qiye saw this and immediately rushed over towards the wild boar.

Blade flashed and treasures emerged - all aiming for the boar. Unfortunately, they did nothing to the boar.

“Rumble!” The attackers were sent to the sky; more bones were broken. Most couldn’t get back up after falling down.

“Enough, beast!” The butler shouted after regaining his wits.

“Boom!” He summoned a treasure disk that spun around like a millstone. Alas, the result was still the same.

The disk was flipped over by the boar. It moved forward and slammed onto the butler. His chest instantly caved in. He fell down and a puddle of blood could be seen.

It only took a few seconds before the forces of the Biandu were taken down. They screamed and squirmed on the ground. Their leader suffered the same fate.

The spectators who came for the show couldn’t believe it. They stood there, speechless.

Once they calmed down, they looked around in astonishment. This felt like a dream.

Of course, for the members of the Biandu, it was a nightmare. They had no idea how they got blown away. Their powerful merit laws and weapons were simply useless before the boar.

The spectators looked again and saw the boar digging the dirt beneath a tree, seemingly looking for a good meal.

To the other side of this tree was a dog with yellow fur, looking quite sickly and malnourished. It glanced contemptuously at the boar as if wanting to make fun of it for bullying some juniors.

The boar ignored the dog and continued to dig more dirt out.

No one would believe this unless they saw it with their own eyes. In fact, the crowd was still in doubt. How could this wild boar defeat that powerful group? Were these animals Li Qiye’s pets? They didn’t look like pets at all.

Li Qiye didn’t bother watching that fight at all. He either didn’t notice or didn’t care enough. He was in a state of complete concentration.

It was as if he was a virtuoso working on his finest piece. Each action was deliberate and meticulous in order to avoid unnecessary mistakes.

“Scram already.” Yang Ling then shouted.

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