Chapter 3850: Climbing The Ancestral Peak

The shattering of the crystal ball shocked everyone.

Three Slashes also had a visual phenomenon earlier that was quite impressive. Alas, it paled when compared to Li Qiye’s.

“Did anyone see that? Why did the crystal ball break?” A youth asked.

The young generation had a hard time seeing the crystal ball due to the blinding radiance earlier. They couldn’t activate their heavenly gaze.

“It got crushed by the divination images.” A top genius among them managed to see.

However, his peers remained skeptical. Another said: “How? So many tried and none broke the ball.”

“Right, even Eight Stallion Dao Lord back then didn’t break it. Li Qiye has no cultivation to speak of, that's impossible.” Another added.

“A fate too great for words, simply unfathomable.” Another cultivator mused.

Li Qiye had said something like this before. It seemed like he wasn’t kidding.

Of course, most didn’t buy it, thinking that it was only a shocking coincidence.

“You know, he might be the heavenly genius?” Another thought about recent developments and asked.

The first to react was Three Slashes; his expression soured right away but returned to normal in the next moment.

“That Li guy?” One youth didn’t believe it: “I don’t see how, no special aura or prestigious bloodline, weak too. He’s as average as can be.”

Others agreed with this, even those who had no ill-will towards Li Qiye. It was indeed the truth. Li Qiye was average in all aspects, whether it be his appearance, cultivation, or aura…

When he stood next to Three Slashes, everyone would assume that Three Slashes was the real heavenly genius. People couldn’t be blamed for judging a book by its cover in this case.

Young Lord Hutuo snorted and said: “If that guy is the heavenly genius, then Young Lord Biandu is an eternal existence or the high heaven.”

“Right, Li Qiye doesn’t look the part, too ordinary.” Someone from the last generation felt the same way.

Nonetheless, what happened earlier was too bizarre and astonishing.

“Venerable Grand Seer, may I ask about what happened earlier?” An ancestor inquired.

All eyes were on him, waiting for his response. This was especially true for Three Slashes.

He worried that this seer might actually appoint Li Qiye as the heavenly genius. That’s not a good development for him and Black Wood.

The Grand Seer merely glanced at the group before waving his sleeve and leaving. The crowd was disappointed but didn’t dare to stop him.

Some heaved a sigh of relief because, at the very least, he didn’t say that Li Qiye was the heavenly genius. 

Alas, they questioned Li Qiye’s visual phenomena. What was the meaning behind it? Perhaps only the Grand Seer knew.

“The divination ceremony ends here.” A while later, Seer Watch made this announcement.

This ceremony wasn’t a success for the mass. The Grand Seer didn’t reveal enough information, only bits and pieces. Alas, just the fact that he was involved was a miracle.

Everyone started leaving with questions looming in their mind. A minority thought that the mysterious Li Qiye could be this heavenly genius. Most assumed that it was only a coincidence.

Ultimately, groups began paying attention to Li Qiye. After all, he was confident and arrogant despite being an outsider. There must be a reason for it.


After they left the peak, Wei Qianqing bowed towards Li Qiye and said: “My legion’s garrison is right outside of Black Wood, just say the word if you ever need me.” 

“Okay.” Li Qiye nodded and accepted the gesture.

She didn’t ask why he came because he would tell her if he wanted to. She bowed again and left.

Li Qiye brought the group to another peak in Black Wood. Most referred to this one as Biandu Peak. The reason for its name was simple - it served as the ancestral peak of the Biandu.

In reality, the clan didn’t originate from this place or even Black Wood Cliff. Their patriarch followed Buddha Dao Lord on an expedition against Black Tides. He eventually stopped and guarded this place for generations.

No one knew why this peak became their ancestral ground. Rumor has it that this peak was the first landing area of the patriarch and the legion. Thus, future generations established this place as their ancestral ground out of respect for their patriarch.

The previous name of the peak became lost with time. Strangely enough, there were no members of the Biandu guarding this place.

After all, this peak was majestic and stood opposite of the one belonging to Seer Watch. It was high enough that while standing on top, one could see all of Black Wood Cliff.

Thus, from a strategic viewpoint, the Biandu should have garrisons here or at least some patrols. It was still known as their ancestral ground.

Alas, the Biandu never revealed their lack of attention to this area. This, in turn, created some rumors.

One stated that there were some bizarre occurrences here in the past. Initially, the clan had powerful disciples staying here. One night, they all died from unknown causes. Thus, the clan stopped sending members here.

Another speculated that there were powerful blessings and augmentations on the peak. The future descendants couldn’t handle this pressure.

One more believed that since the Biandu had total control of Black Wood, no one would dare to trespass this area even though it was empty. This was a sign of the Biandu’s confidence in their power.

Regardless of the reason, no other sect has ever tried to take over this peak despite its geographical advantages.

It was covered in healthy trees and vegetation. The pinnacle was flat with plenty of weeds and grass.

“This isn’t bad.” Li Qiye picked the peak.

“The patriarch of the Biandu has keen eyes. It’s a shame that his descendants are useless.” The old servant nodded: “Well, maybe Buddha Dao Lord guided him.”

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